3 Days in Woodstock

🕊️-Imma be rolling out a series of posts on Woodstock that will appear on the blog each Sunday until I exhaust all the groovy gravy I supped up on my trip. I'm going with the rather unoriginal title of "3 Days in Woodstock" since I also happened to spend three days inside this mesmerizing state… Continue reading 3 Days in Woodstock

Joe Pesci Book Review: Don Quixote (From the archives)

The following post from the archives settles the bar tab on my vacation week. This post comes from a time when I was writing for The 800lb Gorilla. Imma post a warning ahead of time for those of you who are used to reading the mellow fellow I've become in my advanced age. This post?… Continue reading Joe Pesci Book Review: Don Quixote (From the archives)

A Thank You Letter to Kurt Vonnegut (From the Archives)

I wrote this post on April 11, 2008 on the one year anniversary of Vonnegut's death. It was a rambling ode to his works, his teachings and the lasting impression he had on a generation . . . and a dude named me. Time is hopelessness. Time is mortality’s scratch. Time is inconvenience. Time is… Continue reading A Thank You Letter to Kurt Vonnegut (From the Archives)

Life is an outrage, so think simply

In life, there are questions that never get answered. I know I have scores of questions that will follow me to the wherever after, and I'm plenty fine with that. Because I've always been a believer that not all questions are meant to be answered. Certain questions are simply meant to provoke us into moving… Continue reading Life is an outrage, so think simply