Santa’s wish list just got more interesting . . .

White DoomsdaySome people are born to create. It’s a compulsion; a deep-seated reckoning that stirs and follows and haunts the individual. Their minds are in constant upheaval as they preside over the revolution of ideas that fill their brains- transforming the mystic into a crazy train of thoughts gone loud.

Mike Lombardo is one of these people. His big talent is on display for all to see as the result of a self professed ‘compulsion’ that won’t let him be. It’s really quite simple with Mike. There’s the work and then there’s misery. He’s been throwing some mean ass heat at the former since he was old enough to get in real trouble. And it’s our great good fortune that Mike is able to harness his madness into stories, like the one me and Linds took in last Friday night at the Lancaster International Short Film Festival.

Hollywood blockbusters are all well and good, but every now and then you hit upon a piece of work that may not be getting that big town pub but is every bit as mighty. And in my humble opinion, infinitely more satisfying.

I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday is Mike’s first full length movie. A quick bite? Why hells yeah . . .

The scene is set in a bomb shelter at the end of the world as a young family struggles to survive. The calendar is closing in on Christmas and it’s the apocalypse, so yanno . . . the mood is bleak. Still, Mike allows us tiny sips of hope throughout: First when the father ventures out to replenish their dwindling store of supplies, and then later when mom follows. And then there’s Santa in a gas mask, who Mike introduces in snippets throughout the movie; trudging across the wasteland in a gas mask. Is he going to save the day? Welp . . you gotta find that out on your own because I ain’t spoiling the dark and twisty tidings.

Mike wrote Doomsday with the idea that it would be a short film and the next thing he knew, it became something else entirely. Thank Santa for happy accidents, because the film is nothing short of brilliant. It’s sorta like two vastly different flicks got to shagging and the baby they created was equal parts The Road and A Christmas Story. Crazy fucking beautiful.

Me and Linds were talking about Mike a few weeks ago when she remarked “He’s going places,”

Fo sho.

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