Live Monday like a rock concert

Okay, that’s all I got this morning. Be positive, rock Monday hard and pretend the holidays aren’t staring us dead in the face. It ain’t Longfellow, but then again, old Henry is best served up in small sips. And whereas I’m not here to teach you something, I am intent on sharing with you a favorite tune of mine. So in that way, perhaps I am imparting a bit of Longfellow, seeing as how he was a big fan of lyrics.

You’re welcome?

While Rush isn’t one of my favorites from back in the day, they did pen some masterpieces, to which I crushed on mightily. My first Rush album was Fly by Night. With Neal Pert killing it on drums and Geddy Lee delivering up those cat nail pipes? I was sold. I owned a couple of their albums and take it from me, vinyl is the method for this group. Yes, I’m dating myself . . and yes I don’t give a shit.

I didn’t totally understand the Tao of this particular band until I listened to Moving Pictures. I was a fourteen year old boy who wanted to be anywhere but adolescence after I had me some of what they were dealing. I wanted to run away from adolescence, and it was one song in particular that grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and let me have it.

“Tom Sawyer” is an epic tilt. It’s the perfect bookend to the musical revolution of the sixties converging with perhaps the greatest decade in musical history- the ’80’s. It encapsulates every single damn good thing of three magical decades. Pissed off rants? Check. Psychedelic funk? Check. Weaponized synthesizer? Check. It’s no coincidence that a master such as Rob Zombie dropped this puppy into his Halloween reboot back in 2007. If you’re familiar at all with the scene, then you understand the genius that comes with placing a moment with a song and nailing it.

It’s why rock was invented. To subvert the ruling class, to make babies and most importantly . . .

To rock the pants off Monday.

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