Champagne Girl

Look at your eyes, lighting up a room; effortlessly, flawlessly. Your smile with the given ability to melt even the coldest heart. Your personality; glittering, outgoing, beautiful. The human personification of a Gatsby soirèe. How do I describe your beauty without sounding cliché? A face and body created in the image of Aphrodite. No, no; as you cannot be compared, you are your own unique kind of beauty. This goes far beyond what the eye can see, darling. Maybe it’s in the way you carry yourself, you easily stand out in a crowd. Perhaps it’s the way your heart beats with passion; or the way your mind flows with imagination and truth. You’re new, mysterious and a goddamn sight to behold. Truthfully no orchestration or symphony of words could begin to communicate just how auspicious of an existence you have created for me by entering my life, Champagne girl.

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