When Rocky Got Real


In honor of the Eagles Super Bowl win, I broke out my New Years resolution to make a totally new sammy. The rules were simple: It had to be out of this world tasty, super rich . . and it had to be something I wouldn’t mind treating myself to on lazy- non running- mornings now and then. Simply put, it doesn’t make my roster if I wouldn’t make it again.

This particular sammy scored a roster spot. And while it may not be my starting QB, that’s plenty fine. I mean, it worked out pretty well for Nick Foles . . .

Here’s the blueprint for my Winna Bagel: 

Plain bagel, toasted and lightly buttered
Lebanon Sweet bologna
Jalapeno cream cheese
Muenster cheese
Scrambled egg (whipped frothy with S&P and a little Half and Half)
Sriracha honey chicken

I put the sweet bologna on first. Next up was my cheesy scrambled egg, which was gooey in the middle with the cream cheese and Muenster. It had some delectably crunchy cheese nibbles on the edges. I topped that with chicken, bacon and a ‘lil guacamole.

The first thing that hit me was the smoky flavor of the sweet bologna and next came the creamy wave of the scrambled egg. The sweet and spicy chicken played well with the bacon and they danced madly with the guac. Needless to say it was a title winning flavor.

As for the game. best Super Bowl I’ve ever seen.

The back and forth scoring, the trick plays and ballsy calls by Doug Pederson. The middle finger Tom Brady threw at Father Time as he shattered passing records. And Nick Foles, the dude who almost retired a couple years ago, matching Brady and then beating him when it mattered most.

My Top 5 Venti Vents:

5- Defense was either optional, or those squads just decided to get a head start on the off-season.

4- I did not watch the halftime show, because while I dig JT, I don’t dig all the hype that surrounds the event.

3- I have nothing against Chris Collinsworth, but he really annoyed me for some reason.

2- Instant replay was introduced as a way to correct egregious calls. Unfortunately, it has taken out the human element of a bang/bang play that should be left alone and in most cases it STILL gets shit wrong! Even with a million different camera angles.

1- Sense was made of the nonsensical when a football neophyte brought enlightenment to my Super Bowl party.

“If he catches the ball, what’s the problem?” She asked.

“Well, he has to make a football move or it’s not considered a catch,” I replied.

“Oh, so he can prove he’s playing football and not hockey?”

“Well, it’s not that simple,” I insisted.

“It IS simple. And why are they reviewing this catch?”

“To see whether or not he had possession of the ball,” I replied.

“It’s in his arms!! Hell, if it’s enough evidence to get you arrested, it should be enough evidence for a football game!”

Now, if a fan who only watches football on occasion can get it right . . what’s up with the league office?

Other than that . . .

This game was a microcosm of the Eagles season. To paraphrase Rocky Balboa, no matter how hard they got hit, this team just kept moving forward. And in so doing, they exorcised the demons of so many heartbreaking endings. And they settled up with a town whose love for its hometown team would be dangerous if it weren’t so fucking romantic.

Take all that, and add this. I think the team that never won a title before Sunday is going to go down as the team that brought down an empire. Because I think Bellichick is getting out of Dodge, and while Tom Brady will probably continue doing Tom Brady things, it’s gonna be different.

Personally, I think this title tops all the other sports droughts that came before it. The Eagles didn’t have the romance of a ‘curse’ the way the Cubs and Red Sox did. And while Cleveland and San Francisco can most definitely bring the passion and love, Philly is a whole ‘nother beast. Because no town can match the psychosis of a team and its city in this way. And that’s kind of what this marriage has always been, psychotic. Fanatical doesn’t quite describe what Eagles fans truly are.

No less an authority on winning than Giselle pointed out how Eagles fans have waited a million years to call themselves Super Bowl champions. It probably does feel that long for a fan base that didn’t have a dynasty to fall back on. But that’s okay, because if you asked them how it feels to finally get their one, they’d probably all say the same damn thing.

Worth it.



46 thoughts on “When Rocky Got Real”

  1. As a decades long vegatarian and before I stroke out after reading the ingredients, can I just say Cris Collingsworth rose to the top of the short list with his man-crush bias. Finally someone who’s a bigger schmuck than Phil Simms. Oh joy. 😬 Sorry you missed half time, despite the hype, it was pretty entertaining-far more so than the announcing. And if someone can explain to me why we have to review every. single. play. No wonder people aren’t watching the NFL. The constant stream of ads is bad enough, but then there is too much stoppage of play. Thank god, hockey is a nice and lively sport and now we’ll be moving toward PLAYOFFS baby!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And now playing the role of Annie Wilkes . . . Chris Collinsworth.

      Isn’t THAT the truth?! Yeah really, all this talk about what’s ailing the league. Maybe penalty flags on every other down, catch rules that aren’t rules and please, please tell me why it is that the ground can’t cause a fumble? It’s football!!
      There is nothing more exciting than playoff hockey, yes indeedy And a game 7? Better yet . . .

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  2. So how much did that Bagel weigh? Looks scrumptious. You had a lot of winning ingredients. Chris Collingsworth pissed me off so many times I can’t tell you. He made every call on replay in favor of New England. The one that drove me wild was insisting that the touchdown wasn’t a touchdown because the guy catching the ball was still in process of catching the ball and not running. The guy only took four steps toward the end zone and then broke the plane. Chris kept on harping about the play until you wanted to tell him to get out of the box. He also called every hold missed by the refs and guess what. He did that only on the Eagles. Annoying, I would say. I loved your top five.

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    1. Picking up that bagel was like curling a barbell lol. And about CC…I know right?! We were all saying the same thing. The dude loves the sound of his own voice. And he’s the authority on everything…Ugh!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha!

      Jalapeno cream cheese is soooo good. I love to use it in my scrambled eggs from time to time. Good stuff.

      Of course, I decided to partake of this breakfast sammy on a RUNNING day. But I am happy to report I felt no ill effects. Had a really good run actually.

      I won’t make it a habit though . . .:)

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      1. I have a feeling this sit down between Kraft and BB is going to end with their agreeing to disagree. This season convinced me something was amiss, because of all the news coming out of that organization. It used to be harder to get anything newsworthy out of One Patriot Way than out of North Korea. But not this year. Things that make you go hmmmm.

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      2. IF the news breaks? I say Valentines Day. I mean, why not? The breakup of perhaps the greatest coach/QB/owner in the history of the league should possess a Shakespearean flair, lol.

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      3. Apropos.
        Yanno, as a man on the other side of fifty now, I must confess that I am rooting for Tom Brady to NOT act his age for a few more seasons. Inspiration comes from the strangest places sometimes . . .

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    1. It was really good. And I fulfilled one of my NY resolutions which was to create a new sammy.
      That’s right..you follow the REAL football. And yes..Eagles fans here don’t know what to do with themselves now, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hahaha yes- I’m glad you said that for me, cos I’ve said that to a few Americans over the last few days and they got offended 😉 hehe I’ll bet- we had a similar thing over here a couple of years ago when Leicester won the premier league 😉

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      2. hahahaha yes lol! I’ve just been a fan of Arsenal most of my life tbh- it’s a family team 😉 He was… he’s gone now- though I won’t miss him- he’s been sulking for the last half of the season and now we have a couple of world class players who actually want to play for Arsenal (and he’s gone off the Man U- which would be inadvisable to support after being a former City fan- it’s virtually sacrilege!)… as you can possibly tell I’m quite into this 😉

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      3. Yeah, it didn’t used to be as common at big clubs- but sadly all the money in the sport has made players less loyal to one club for their entire career (which used to happen a lot)- but switching to a rival is generally still seen as *really bad*. hehe I don’t know that reference but yes- it’s all very tribalistic 😉

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      4. So you should adopt an American football team. Pick my favorite , the Dolphins..lol. That way you can provide the what’s what on the Gunners and I can do the same with Miami. 😁

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