The Bargain Struck By Heaven and Hell

The Holy Day has arrived, and I am giddier than Kirk Cousins’ real estate agent.

Before I rant and rave about the Lucky 17, I gots a top five non St. Patrick’s related thoughts in ‘me noggin this morning.

1- I picked up a shake for my son at Mickey D’s yesterday and I gotta say. It is not a designer shake if all you do is add whipped cream and charge an extra buck for it. It’s just not.
2- When I say hello to someone and they walk right past me as if I’m not there, I always think back to Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense. 
3- I’m sorry, Ms Stormy Daniels, but if you sleep with a guy like Trump . . I have zero sympathy or interest in your story.
4- I found a local place that makes the famed panzarotti. It’s a Jersey thing, but Imma take the plunge and try it manana.
5- You might as well stop watching the NCCA tourney now, because the 16 seed Retrievers beating the 1 seed Cavaliers is as good as it’s gonna get. I mean . . UMBC? I thought maybe that stood for University of Media and Broadcasting or something . . .

As for St. Patrick’s, this here is ‘mah day. It’s a wheelhouse proposition chock full of rowdy behavior, questionable decisions and Gaelic curse words dressed all in green. It is twenty four hours of negotiating your next lease with the heavens above whilst the landlord downstairs tugs at your fledgling common sense.

For yours truly, this day has become the standard by which all other holidays be judged. It is my annual springboard into the deep blue sea of more agreeable temps- where sugar blossomed gardens, frosty bottles of happy, grill nights and provocative fashion replaces earth tones and warm drinks and the less imaginative garb of winter.

The poetic advancement of precious hours will find me bending the elbow with miscreants and rascals, as we play the timeless role of fine young cannibals inside a day made for just such a thing. We shall steal the risen mercury, bastardize the most solemn of thoughts and make Wilde and Beckett and Joyce wish they were around to loose one more shooting star from their mighty quills.

The party will be dressed in shamrock and it will roar as if the progeny of those rolling hills across the sea have joined us for the purpose. The moments will dive into a mayhem whose charter lives for today, and it will dovetail snugly into the grace of simple wishes. We shall scale the frost tipped stars for dreams unkempt and we shall rage against the darkness, whose terrors will not deter our merry march.

And we will dance to the music of a world whose ransom is wicked and whose bill is severe; never minding tomorrow when today is so much more worth it. We will have no reason to beg or borrow or steal, because we will be plenty satisfied with what we have in the right here and now of things.

We’ll toast to heaven while raising some hell. We’ll be proprietors of impropriety; merchants of debauched goods which carry no guarantees except for the ones whose province is a fallen angel’s sonnet.

We will sublime in the ordinary, revel in the same old and plunder all those things into something else entirely. And we will not apologize, not ever. Because you always play the friendly hours as late ones, and you always treat unkindest cuts as reasons, and you never say you’re sorry to what is already here and gone.

Peace, love and harmony



111 thoughts on “The Bargain Struck By Heaven and Hell

  1. B,

    Nothing like having that one day per year where gentility and manners be damned!

    Let loose and let the Irish out! Because today is the day where one puts aside (hopefully) one’s woes and disagreements and become one big happy family dancing a jig and chugging a Guinness (other beers and beverages are of course allowed)!

    Enjoy my friend,

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  2. Oh, man…do I have a bone to pick with you! But I’m gonna leave it at that and get back at you by being cryptic. I jest, but I’m SO SERIOUS. #2…very funny though.

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    • I was like . . . what did I do now? Without evening knowing it? LOL. Was it that I paid attention to the tournament at all after railing on about it? Well . . it was historic. And I don’t hate on the kids, just the system.
      YES. It happened to me yesterday. I am a big hello person, I say hello to everyone. And so this dude just passes right by me. We work together, he’s sketchy with his hello’s. I just don’t understand . . .

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        • Imma have to take your word on this.
          But feel free to lemme have it if you disagree with anything. If I offend, I will explain and by all means apologize. I’m too old to be offensive, excepting to little kids who get in my way, lol.

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          • Oh okay. I tend to rant and rave sometimes, but you can be certain that a stern reprimand puts me in my place. So if I ever write something that offends, call me on it.
            I might be a karate/boxer/runner, but I am a complete teddy bear, truth.
            Too much of today’s climate is offensive, I do not wish to add to it.

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    • DUDE!
      I read where 97 percent of peeps took Virginia. So brackets were busted ALL over the place. That is the one great thing about the tourney, the possibility of something like this happening. I will give them that.
      I mean . . UMBC? What the hell?

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      • 97% may have picked them to win this game, but 97% didn’t pick them to go all the way. Never before had this been possible. Now, it is. You know what I would love to see … just to make it deeper and more meaningful … is that the kids on UMBC use this victory and turn it into a positive that stretches through their lives and touches others. Is that ridiculous to want?

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        • Yes, Virginia wasn’t an overwhelming favorite to win it all by any stretch. They were the overall number one seed because they played a team game all season long. They just had a really bad night at the worst possible time. I feel for those kids.
          And on the flip side, I am thrilled for the kids at UMBC. I mean, what a moment! This is why the NCAA tourney stands alone as far as postseasons go. Because the Retrievers are not going to win it all, and that doesn’t matter. They’ve already won! They made the kind of history we’ve never seen before. And no, it’s not ridiculous to want that. Hey, this moment they made happen, it’s a testament to the old saying that anything is possible if you work hard enough. A one in a thousand chance has no chance at all without working at it. And they did. And there is indeed a lesson to be learned, on so many levels.
          Good call.

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    • Yesterday ended up being a chill one for me. I nixed an invite to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch college basketball. It didn’t seem right to go to a sports bar on the Holy Day, lol.
      I ended up meeting a friend and his wife and a couple other peeps for drinks (I had exactly one!) at an Irish pub, and then got together with my blog padnah Linds B last night for some laughs. Very small and quiet, very chill and fun.

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  3. Good morning … First all, Cincinnatians are in basketball shock after both teams blew double-digit leads with 10 minutes to go.

    You request a follow-up on Saturday night’s ballroom event. Special moments created an off-the-chart event. For instance, I had never danced with this one lady before … and first-time dances usually goes through a period of each person getting used to the other. We connected within 15 seconds. Simply wow moments for both of us.

    Another time I had two first-time dances (of that type) with a lady I had danced with before – and this lady is damn good. … and to think at the end she thrilled at the end. … and then some dances with ladies I’ve danced with before, and we had some wow moments …. and all those examples are about having a strong connection between the partners … and the connection comes from the frame.

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    • The Bearcats pulled an Atlanta Falcons in that one. Up by 22 with 11 minutes to go? You GOTTA close that thing out. As for the X-Men, tough game.
      Tell you what, this is the year of the bracket buster, for sure.
      As for your ballroom dancing, I simply love that dynamic. Of how it is that you can connect with someone inside of no time every now and then. It’s the frame, but are there other variables at play as well? Temperament, personality, etc? I’m asking because I really don’t know.

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  4. Nope, definitely not a designer shake with just whipped cream, it has to have at least chocolate sauce and preferably marshmallows… and I think I’m getting distracted 😉 Wow I hope your St Patrick’s Day was as good as it sounds 😀

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