Meta-Monday (A Writers Challenge Prompt!)

Prompts are push-ups for writers. It’s an exercise that tones the creative gut by cutting away the fat. Not all prompts are created equal. There are good prompts that challenge you, and then there are prompts that will leave you balled up in a corner, laying waste to a package of Oreo cookies. I dig the latter, obviously.

Karen Craven from Table for One gained the inspiration for this prompt whilst watching Nature on PBS. So a special thank you to PBS, and your pledge check is in the mail. Check out her post here. And then a certain trouble maker (Ahem . . that means you Dale) from A Dalectable Life took up the challenge and delivered the smoothest Canadian import since Crown Royal. Read her up right here.

Okay, the prompt. Use the 10 words listed below in a post. And to add some hilarity to the occasion, I opened my big trap and exclaimed . . I’ll do it! And then I followed that up with in 150 words! Because I am a tad bit unhinged.

Painted Lady


So, without further ado . . . Metamorphosis.

Here she was, Pamela Gilbride . . the virgin. And she was taking flight, loosing herself from the barbed wire existence of high school senior in the City of Angels. She was saying goodbye to the little girl who gave it up free of charge. Graduation from juvenile pursuits meant taking control of your own destiny and steering your rudder into uncharted territory.

‘John’ would be her first. She could feel his hover in all the places that counted- as if he had an antenna tuned in to her deepest desires, And his touch . . it was a thunder clap that stirred her innocent soul. And so what if all this was make believe? She was a painted lady now, and she was getting paid. Her previous existence as bubble gum posse ring leader had undergone a radical metamorphosis.

“Aaand . . cut! An Oscar’s in your future, Miss Gilbride . . .” Said the director.

196 thoughts on “Meta-Monday (A Writers Challenge Prompt!)”

  1. Dear Marco,

    For once it is you who is “late” to the party instead of me! But oh man, so worth the wait. Bravo on doing a great job in 150 words… Guess you’re ready to partake in the Pegman Challenges or Friday Fictioneers (at just 100) 😉

    I love that you make us believe she is now selling her body for sex… though some think Hollywood is the same as.

    Again, loved it, B!

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    1. Q,

      That was the idea alright. And yes, I thought to myself that acting is a form of selling one’s body for sex, so it wasn’t a great leap after all. It actually worked quite well, seeing as how these two professions could be intertwined, teasingly so.

      Glad you liked!

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      1. And I am not worried in the least about the inevitable investigation that will be conducted, calling into question the accuracy of this prompt post.
        To my readers, I will say simply . . fake news! 🙂

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      2. Q,

        You don’t understand, this is ‘Murica! They are going to come for me with a bloodlust! They will tear me down, rip me to shreds and leave me a whimpering, hopeless remnant of my former self!
        Or maybe they’ll just be like . .’Dude, you went over the word limit’
        Either or.

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      1. The key to bicep maintenance is a quick curling session of anywhere from 36 to 50 reps. In two sets. No putting down the weights. 5 second break between. Followed by 250 curls or more with toners. Then pushups. I go up to 75 and then back down to 30 and make my way back up to 75.

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      1. Karen,

        That seems like a tasty endeavor! Hmmmm. I am lousy at figuring out prompts! But this one I am really digging, especially since it won’t mess with my girlish figure.

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  2. You two chat more than anyone I know! … Oh …. the story. You had me going on the sex thing too, and the twist of acting came out of nowhere. Well done, Marc! …. ok … back to your chat.

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    1. Cincy,

      Dale is a trouble maker, and you know I dig trouble makers.

      So glad you liked the twist! As I was saying to . . you know who . . it’s not easy to differentiate between acting and selling your body for money, so this was a natural.

      Thank you my friend!

      PS- Keep me updated on Cubanos . . .

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    2. Oh Excuse me, Signore…. I seem to recall on way more than one occasion where you and I chatted up a storm… And I’ve seen some of the loooooooong chats between you and Bronx… so, don’t even try to go there! You are just as guilty.

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    1. I had to wrap it up whilst giving y’all the twist. My first take was “Sexy dollar signs, people!” Said the director.
      But that made it seem like it could have been a porn movie. So there’s that.

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  3. The sign read, “Virgin Airways Flight 62 London Heathrow. Although a juvenile delinquent in her youth, she found herself through art. Now, the Painted Lady on her way her first-ever exhibition outside the country. Two hours into the flight, the captain invited her to the cockpit. After hovering over the captain, she took control by grabbing his rudder, which made his head bobble as springy antennae. Weeks later, he discovered he had the clap.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Talk about a buzzer beater! IN THE COMMENTS at that! Frank . . you are the Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds of this prompt business, tell you what. And here I was, all proud of myself for keeping it to 150! And umm . . I might have kinda, technically gone over . . .

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Can’t do it. He also pluralized Antenna… as I did, as Karen did. Plus she also changed a tense. So.. no penalty allowed. Besides. we’ll have to ask Karen. She’s the boss of this one

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      3. Won’t say a word… Brevity, at times, is appropriate, at others, not so much… depends on what your circumstances were so I best not interject.

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      1. And please don’t wear a ribbon that is never explained. Seeing as how I am not a social media aficionado, I am oftentimes clueless when someone is wearing a ribbon whose cause is not obvious. I feel like there should be captions explaining it, yanno?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well of course that makes sense, the butter is melted. But the entire stick of butter is still there! lol.
        I would still try it. But I’d pass on the glaze . . I’m watching what I eat . . .

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  4. All right well this was fun. Moving beyond ding dongs and ho nos, and yes every potential pun is intended. Here’s the deal. Pick a night and time. Each one of us – 4 now – assigns the other a prompt, which can include up to 10 words. Timer is set for ten minutes. Then post. We can go in after and add links, etc. Thoughts?

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  5. It’s been a gas. I had to come back and catch up… I had missed some of the comments… Good gawd.
    Anyhoo…. That sounds like a ridiculously fun challenge.
    Hopefully we’ll all be as kind as you were, Karen, by making sure the words have some semblance of togetherness. Mind you, we all still managed to pump out something totally different.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Of course, my take from that video? The commercials! And boy, did Libby know how to sell Sloppy Joes as cool! I never knew! And Orange Juice from concentrate . . I remember when that was a big deal . .

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    1. Tails,

      I have probably done more prompts in the last couple months than I did in all the years of my previous blog. But there WAS a method to my prompt madness. Really, there was. . . 🙂

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      1. Well it’s funny you should say this because I am currently have a discussion about this very thing with a good friend of mine. A part of me wants to join a weekly prompt group and another part of me digs just winging it. Just going with what I got in ‘me noggin.

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      2. Spontaneous ‘combustion’ seems to work well for my right-brain artistic side. My left side (Virgo über planner) keeps me away at night as I’m waiting for the spark to arrive in logical and methodical fashion. Life is always interesting inside the push/pull psyche.

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