Turns out, my lost mojo was on ice


Okay . . maybe it wasn’t lost after all. But admittedly, it has waned over the last few weeks. Blame it on the weather or James Comey’s new tome, but whatever it was . . it was getting to me.

One of the drawbacks to being a passionate individual is that the ebbs that switch out with the flows can be a real bastard. Add to this my inability to budget my thoughts into some neat and tidy semblance of organization . . . because when I preoccupy myself with something, I tend to never mind certain matters that . . yanno, need tending to. So needless to say, there’s a better and worse to this passionate side.

Both of which came out to play yesterday afternoon when I took in a Stars on Ice show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. If you’ve never been to an ice show, I highly recommend it. There are few endeavors that are able to marry sports to entertainment the way an ice show can. It’s like theater met a sporting event and they had this magnificent baby of a performance.


The downfall of my passionate ways is that I tend to jump before thinking, and this can be problematic. So there I was, driving up to Hershey in the early afternoon when it finally occurred to me that “Hey . . isn’t it a little early? What time DOES this thing start?” to which she replied 7:30. Some quick math had me replying with “No seriously . . .” 

Seems we were taking in the whole shebang. From practice skates right up to showtime. Yes, I had bought the tickets. Yes, I had made plans for me to meet up with my sister and niece at the doors at 3 pm. And yes . . I am that oblivious. 


After subjecting my daughter to a litany of questions, which began with “What am I supposed to do for the rest of the afternoon while you guys watch them practice?” and moved into deeper questions regarding life, mortality and beer concession possibilities . . I eventually figured out my shit once I got there.

The girls enjoyed watching the skaters go through their practice routines in front of the small audience, while I lapped the arena concourses to get in my steps whilst making phone calls and texting friends. I even met some of the skaters during a meet and greet later on. So you can say my oblivious nature could’ve done worse.

When the gates opened for the general public at 6:30, my daughter and I constructed our concession strategies. The stand alone beer concession stands were closed tighter than a drum, and this was an unnerving development for yours truly. The food concessions? Still prepping.


This lag time, combined with a giddily excited crowd whose average age is what keeps Taylor Swift in business, resulted in the formation of lines. To everything. My allergic reaction to lines compelled me to find something to do that didn’t involve a line. The men’s restroom was a natural conclusion, seeing as how the female to male ratio was somewhere around 85-15 and there was no waiting involved. Try that at a hockey game . . .

Thirty five seconds later, the lines had grown exponentially. The concessions were still ‘prepping’ so now I had to make the decision as to which line I wanted to join, seeing as how my first, second and third choices- beer only concessions- were apparently unavailable for this performance.

If there is such a thing as hell, I gotta believe it involves waiting in lines. I hate waiting in lines. I hate it so much that if Vera Farmiga was the hostess of a kissing booth and the line was absurdly long, I’d probably ditch the idea. That’s how much I hate waiting in lines. 

The concession line I chose was straight out of Dante’s diary. But they had beer, so there’s that. While my daughter went in search of a nacho stand, I observed the staff. There were like . . a dozen peeps, most of whom were just happy to be there. I don’t like throwing shade at anyone who works with the public, but a hint of urgency wouldn’t have killed them is all I’m saying. The highlight of my fortnight in this line came when a woman old enough to be my grandmother grabbed my ass, twice. She was very nice about it, apologizing both times. I texted Linds B, who exhorted me to knock her out. It wasn’t the worst advice, considering that security personnel would’ve expedited my wait.

I returned to the seats just in time for the opening, after which I had to summon my inner contortionist in order to navigate into my seat. After which I realized that my freedom of movement had been stolen from me. I had my adult beverage, my braided pretzel and my Italian sausage, and that would have to sustain me until the show was over.

So really . . it’s a good thing the show kicked ass. From the get, this thing was a blazing blossom of boom. The entire cast got the crowd jumping to Pink’s Raise Your Glass. And lemme tell you . . there are few connections quite as simple and sweet as the connection between ice skaters and their adoring fans. It’s as if the seats are plugged in to the skater’s every move, and it never wanes. The visceral plunge is an everlasting possession, retrieved from the cradle of simple dreams gone Broadway.


When Jason Brown jumped the place into a mercury risen froth as he skated to Hamilton’s “The Room Where it Happens” . . well, I was every bit as invested as I would’ve been with a Giancarlo Stanton at bat. If you want to know what it means to own a room, look up Jason Brown because the kid was doing it.

A top five  of my favorite Ice moments for the sake of brevity? Okie . . .

5- Anything Jason Brown. The kid is Mike Trout in skates. You stop what you’re doing when he takes the ice, because you know that when God was divvying up talent? He went overtime with Jason Brown.

4- Adam Rippon is a live wire proposition who instigates the crowd into a madness unparalleled. His skate to Adele’s “Remedy” was stronger than a ninety proof selection on a cold night. And the payback just as strong.

3- Maia and Alex Shibutani, aside from being such a lovely couple, are the definition of kismet. They light a fire to the ice, after which they sculpt a starry eyed union into your memory banks. They translate Frank Sinatra for teenagers, and Jay-Z for the old folks with the very same magic. And since it’s my top five list, Imma tuck Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue into this as well. Because their Q and A before the show was endearing, and because they shook it loose to a Rag ‘n Bone/ Beth Hart ditty that left me crushing on their love affair.

2- The boys, led by Olympian Nathan Chen, introduced me to a new song in the very best way. Admittedly, I’d never heard Portugal. The Man until yesterday afternoon during the practice skates. But by the time they cranked it in prime time, I was sold. What a way to discover a song!

1- When Bradie Tennell finished up her evening with a Patrick Doyle score from “Cinderella”, she had thrown a perfecto. Because from the practice skates to the performance, she nailed it. All of it. She is the Queen of the Triple Axle, for good reason. And believe me when I tell you I ain’t serving up no hype jam on this. Because the truth is, I teared up while watching her nail every landing. She got to me, as if I was listening to opera and chasing it with red wine. A performance that leaves you overcome with emotion, well . . you cannot put a price on that kind of thing.

When you see these kids making it happen in the Olympics and the World Championships . . you don’t often get a peek at how that kind of perfection came to be. Because it’s happening inside the quiet hours, where twisted ankles and countless spills are heaping doubt on those dreams of a roaring crowd.

To think, if I had been a little less oblivious yesterday, I wouldn’t have been reminded of all that. And so, it’s why I love my passionate side. Because even when it fails me so, it leaves me somewhere better in the doing.

I’m good with that.

85 thoughts on “Turns out, my lost mojo was on ice”

    1. Boss,

      It really was. It turned into a fantastic day after all. Spent some time walking and talking with my daughter, which is always a special thing. Got to see my sis and my wonderful little niece, who is an amazing writer. And like I said, these skaters are such an inspiration. I mean, when they tell you today’s generation is nothing but trouble, I have a very different opinion on that cynical take. Because the kids are alright. Better than that, even.

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  1. Brady Tennell WISHES she could do a triple axle. The only Americans to land said jump are Mirai Nigasu and Tonya Harding. But I get your point.

    I love ice shows. I haven’t been to one since the Michelle Kwan years ended. It sounds like a lovely time.

    I wish they wouldn’t even sell food at things like this. It used to be you could get a snack. Now apparently you can get a full-fledged fried meal. At least it’s a stadium. They’re starting to become more lax at theaters… the non-movie kind. If that keeps up, I may never see a live performance again.

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    1. T,

      So I missed an axle? Apologies, but when the math starts spinning past zero, I get all gushy and lose track of time and place, and evidently . . axles. That’ll teach me for giving out monikers as if they were participation trophies.
      As for the grub, I just wanted cerveza. It’s all I was asking. I went for more only because I like to eat something when I am drinking anything adult-like. I won’t drink on an empty stomach. Too old for that stuff.

      Thank you for the correction!

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      1. Some days, I am so NOT sorry about being old. And that’s when I usually curse kids for stepping foot on the lawn. Even when it’s not my lawn.

        Okay phew! lol . . .

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  2. B,

    I’m extremely glad you have refound your mojo… though, to be honest, you hid the loss well 😉
    I’m realising that they must have two separate Stars on Ice tours – Canadian and American because when I looked up the list of skaters, I did not have the same as yours. Used to be it was just one company – and a tad more international. But hey, all good. You had as a good a roster as we do.

    As a former figure skater (yeah, I did some of that too 😉 ) I feel I needs must correct your spelling. That fabulous Bradie Tennell, only the third woman to succeed, in competition, the triple AXEL, is truly brilliant. She was fabulous at the Olympics and, though I am a true Canadian fan, could not help but cheer her on 😉

    Sorry you had to do lines (he he he) but them thars life, yanno – good with the bad and all that jazz 😉
    And gotta take those ass-grabs when you can get ’em – even if they are from one old enough to be your abuela (and just think of the thrill you gave HER…)

    Fun post, my friend!

    Peace, triple AXELs and easy access to beer

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    1. Belle of Boom,

      So wait . . axle is foley and axel is skating . . I think I’ve got it now. Not promising I will always be able to stick the landing, but Imma do my best!

      As for the mojo, well . . as I told you earlier, you’re lovely to say so. Maybe I didn’t tell you that earlier, so hey . . you’re lovely for saying it. And mwah!

      I am quite in the dark as far as the productions go. I didn’t know WHO we were seeing until we got there. And then I confused Alex Shibutani with Nathan Chen during an autograph session and was promptly corrected by my daughter.

      Mayhaps she DID get a thrill out of it. Although maybe the second grab was simply to confirm that I have a baseball and not a hockey ass, lol.

      Peace and George Ezra

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      1. Boom, eh?

        Right on, right on…. and I won’t be a brat. You’ve been notified and to err is human.

        You are so good a writer, you hid it well… xo

        And hey, they don’t wear jerseys and you’re supposed to just KNOW who they are? Nah… unless you are a figure skating fan = one who know who’s who, then you get a buy!

        Buahahahah! Maybe that’s what she was checking out… I’ll have to reserve judgment…

        Peace and Paradise

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Boom yes . . like dynamite.
        And as far as the corrections, I don’t mind that in the least bit. As it stands, I’ve already been corrected on the correct spelling of axel as per figure skating and the fact that Ms Tennell wouldn’t know a triple axel if it bit her. You see, I was giving her the extra axel. It’s SUCH a writerly thing to do though, isn’t it? Embellishment, thy name is Writer.
        No matter who the kids were, they were all very lovely and forthcoming with their fans. Gotta love that.
        And I don’t know . . dudes aren’t SUPPOSED to wish for a better ass, are they? I mean . . I ain’t about to get ass injections to boost my booty. I wasn’t born in Hollywood!

        Thanks for the spill, you dynamite thing!

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      3. Alrighty then… Boom it is!
        I didn’t want to argue with you re: who did a triple axel in the women’s category… It was very kind of you to give it to her, I admit.
        That’s what really matters in the end. That they are giving it their all and their fans are feeling it.
        Some dudes obviously do wish for a better ass… however, that said, what is more sexy… arms or butt? Hmmm… all in the eye of the beholder, I should think 😉

        Any time m’dear. By the way, if you listened to the Paradise tune, he mentions “boom”! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Thank you for giving me the tune. I would’ve eventually found it since I was gonna do a George Ezra search. When I copied and pasted the link, it gave me an SNL skit.
        And no . . that baby face ain’t got that voice! Really?!
        And a boom boom heart! Love it!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I hate when that happens! I just don’t understand how a copy/paste does that!

        Every time I see him and hear him sing my head says: “does not compute”…

        Boom boom!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. One of the many mysteries of this world. I guess it’s not for us to understand in this life.

        And no . . it ain’t computing at all! But it’s sensational!


        Liked by 1 person

      7. It is. That young upstart is but 24 years old! And a Brit to boot… Not that that means a damn thing. It was just funny to hear him speak and like… whoa….

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Well those Brits, I’ve long known how they can disguise their accents so incredibly well. But I didn’t think they could adjust the . . yanno . . boom in their voice as well!

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      9. KC and the Sunshine Band! For those of you who only know the group from those financial investment commercials . . please stop reading this thread immediately . . .

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      10. Same here! I have a sweater that is… at least 30 years old. I am not pleased that a hole has appeared.
        And I still have a skirt my grandmother made me. When I was 12. I am NOT letting you do the math…

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  3. For an oblivious day, you surely had a good one! Not sure I’ve ever attended an ice show, but did attend national figure skating championships one year. That was awesome … and I did see Scott Hamilton perform serve times as a junior.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a good day indeed.
      And seeing Scott Hamilton, that must have been amazing!
      Yes, I do enjoy it. My daughter is really into it, which is why I’ve seen more Ice Shows than hockey games in the last dozen or so years.

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  4. Oh my god. Lines. I hate lines. If there’s a line, it simply isn’t worth it. The SF Giants play a game at their AAA affiliate every year just before the regular season starts. Conveniently that affiliate is located where I live. I went to the game this year with some friends. The stadium is packed each year for these games. Every single food concession stand had lines that went … well, I think some of them reached to Timbuktu or maybe Outer Mongolia. Or was it Inner Mongolia? I don’t know. All I know is that I came pretty close to deciding to just go hungry. Lines. Crap.

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  5. If you never wrote this, I probably would never see it. I will now. There is so much happening here, from feisty seniors to lines from hell to accepting the adventure that arriving early invites, and not to mention the Italian sausage. I want to see your stragglers from this. Because there’s a lot that you wrote and scrapped. Taking this experience and writing something that others enjoy and appreciate is a gift. As always, thank you for sharing your gift with the world, passion and all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen,

      It’s good for me to hear that because I forget it all the time. To have ANYONE who looks forward to something I might write is a gift for me.
      I have no stragglers! lol . . . Then again, maybe in the saved drafts option, but really. . . I just went. Sometimes it just goes that way. Other times? It’s like trying to pen something eloquent on a greeting card.

      Thank you KC!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes. They aren’t defending Stanley Cup champs for nothing. Love all hockey teams (except for Vancouver because of the Todd Bertuzzi career ending hit on Steve Moore years ago-and yes I do have a long memory on things like that).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Two time! They can become the first North American team to win three straight since the Islanders did way back in the day. I was a half hour from the old Coliseum back in the 80s, and it was always a fun time to go see those teams. They were such great teams.
        I actually fell for the Blackhawks when I went to see them early on. Those road sweaters . . I loved ’em! And so yeah . . I know about the Pens first go round on the Stanley Cup circuit, because they took out the ‘Hawks in a sweep, with Mario.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ahhh, Mario my man. I was a big fan of him and The Great One. Although the Kid ain’t half bad either. Never understood why they dumped Fleury in the expansion. He’s sure made the Vegas Golden Knights look pretty good in their inaugural year.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I went to see Mario at the Spectrum when he returned from his Hodgkin’s treatments. The Flyers fans gave him a solid five minute standing ovation. It was amazing!
        And man . . WITH Fleury, it wouldn’t be fair! It almost isn’t now, lol.

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