The Danger In Economizing Words

Can we stop being so easily offended by everything?

Why is it becoming increasingly difficult to behave like a normal human being when it comes to simple language? Why is everything we say put under such a brutal microscope, whose magnification transforms the ‘perpetrator’ into a Machiavellian figure? Can we stop that, please? Because it’s in the sharing of our thoughts that, yanno . . we learn. For the good and the not so good of this thing called life. We’re not control subjects after all, we’re people. And it’s a rather unscientific fact that we all say stupid shit from time to time.

Expecting perfection from a human being is like believing the tides will take a cigarette break. It’s never gonna happen. And I not only don’t mind that fact, I take a measure of comfort in it. What use is a world where passionate discourse and raw honesty are curtailed by individuals posing as behavioral scientists? Will we reach a day when people parse and examine every word they say for fear it might be deemed a crime against humanity? Thing is, when we start asking for perfection from a human being, we’re setting the wheels in motion for an Orwellian scenario in which human beings behave very much like mannequins.

If we attempt to erase our flaws, all we really do is invite more sinister conclusions. Because in case you haven’t noticed? We have an abundance of individuals in this world who know how to lie, really well. And it’s the people with sway and say- the people with money and power and political connections- who stand to gain the most in that kind of world. And maybe that sounds like some really stupid conspiratorial shit, but I ain’t apologizing. Seriously . . that would be counterproductive to this post.

All I know is I don’t want to live in a world where language is screened and tested and altered until it is unrecognizable from its original shape. Hell, we’re already living in a world where the majority of the people are more apt to forgive Wells Fargo and Facebook for fucking with their financial and personal information than they are a simple individual who behaves like a human being. Is it because ordinary human beings don’t have the ability to create those cozy little thirty second spots in which they dress up their ‘mistakes’ with actors posing as moms and dads? All that stupid shit I was saying earlier . . about the people with say and sway, is not quite so stupid if you stop and think about it.

Listen, I’m not saying that everyone should be allowed to go around speaking like gutter tramps. It’s just that, I just can’t warm up to policing an individual’s thoughts when educating and communicating with that individual is so much more sustainable.

There has to be a happy medium where we can coexist peacefully enough. Imperfectly, yes . . but truthfully. Or would you rather have it where dialogue becomes a thoroughly manicured endeavor in which people simply learn how to lie magnificently?

If we’re not careful about what we’re wishing for, we just might get it.


32 thoughts on “The Danger In Economizing Words

  1. Dear B,

    Once again, you voice (write?) what is in my head. I don’t know how many times I have felt myself check my words, making sure I don’t offend. It’s beyond annoying. Everyone has become so friggen precious. Oh, that is not politically correct! Oh my bad… Excuuuuuse me. Get over yourself.

    I have to say I feel really bad for the Paula Deens of this world who found themselves locked out of their earning potential and power because of something they said twenty years before – at a time when it was a more common thing to say, on top of that. It was in the past, she no longer used the said word, she had evolved like all of us. She apologized how many times and yet still, she got shamed and closed down. It’s so hypocritical.

    We are human. Flaws and all. Isn’t that what makes it wonderful to be us? So we fuck up occasionally. We apologize and move forward, continuing to grow and try not to fuck up more. At least not on the same ones 😉

    Excellent choice of music, once again…

    Peace and flaws,

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    • Q,

      I decided against using particular examples but Paula Deen is a good one. Because let’s face it, the scrutiny surrounding that woman was outrageous.
      And you’re right, of course. Rather than shame people into a corner, wouldn’t it prove more educational to us all if we engaged in a dialogue and learned where she was then and where she is now? Wouldn’t it speak to our better angels and our best selves? Or is everything a matter of pass/fail, with no room for the many shades of gray that make up the human race.
      For some reason, this song came to mind immediately when I was trying to think of songs.

      Peace and voices

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      • Marco,

        I had to use her as an example because I was so peeved about the whole thing. There are others in much higher places who have gotten away with much worse.

        Yes, it would be much better.

        It’s funny…. when writing about or creating a movie about another time, there were things that were the normal thing to say… You can’t just become politically correct now in talking about then. Nigger, Retard, etc. all were words that were used at a time – not that it’s okay today but if you are going to portray a period, don’t sugarcoat it.

        You seem to have an inner rolodex of songs…

        Peace and great inner filing system

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        • I agree, to whitewash the forgettable language is not the same thing as learning from it. I was raised by a mother who would have whooped my ass but good if I said either one of those words. I was taught never to demean or degrade or judge another person.
          I lived around people who did so, on a daily basis. But I knew it wasn’t right. And it’s funny, if I hadn’t grown up around people who said all these things, I don’t think I would have come to understand the world and all its imperfections the way I do today. I don’t think these people were evil. Misguided? Yes. Ignorant to certain degrees? Yep. But not evil.
          I have a song for every mood, so yeah, lol

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          • And it’s a good thing she taught you that. And yes, I agree, if you are not taught, you might not learn on your own and then could become one of those misguided, ignorant ones.
            We, especially since the birth of my nephew, have become quite quick at teaching others not to use the r-word. He is dysphasic, on the autism spectrum, not stupid, not dumb, just learns differently. His sisters have been his protectors since birth.
            I’ve no doubt you do…

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          • I think that’s where language should be. It’s not enough to say “Oh, I can’t say that word”. if you don’t know WHY that word shouldn’t be said. Education, respect . . these are kind of important.

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  2. Brother, I could not agree more with this piece!

    Jordan Peterson said it best when he said: “In order to speak you must risk being offensive.” And it’s true! We can not discuss anything of merit without risking offending or being offended, and at the end of the day, no one has ever died from being offended!

    Love this piece!

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    • My dude!

      I mean . . soon to be global author. You gots to hit me up with more details when you get them.
      As far as all this word policing, I just don’t get it. Why? Let it be. Let words and language and the peeps who speak ’em be. When it’s wrong, let’s just go with a straight up education, in which the dialogue isn’t aimed at erasing the thought. Because the thought comes from the past, and the past should never, ever be forgotten.
      Even though it is. Like, all the time.

      Thanks M! Always so good to see you.

      Peace and the peeps (like you) who make it so


  3. “Will we reach a day when people parse and examine every word they say for fear it might be deemed a crime against humanity?” We are already there, Pilgrim. Just try to have a discussion with anyone on the subject of religion, guns, politics, immigration, red, blue, and white. I can just imagine several folks already hackled up at just the mention of these words. Great post today, Marc.

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    • Mike,
      I ain’t crazy about the idea of ‘tolerance’. To tolerate something or someone is not the same thing as understanding and acceptance.
      And yes, why is dissent vilified so? Think of all the history that was achieved, that made our world a better place, as a result of dissent.


  4. So refreshing to read some else’s words that reflect my exact thoughts. The best part of my spiritual/scientific journey is realizing how easily it was to manipulate the western communication system by simply commercializing words. Words are just a vapid expression of the internal value we all wish to communicate. The most rewarding part is creating the communication and words are not necessarily needed:)

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