Come Fly With Me

By Ali Clark

Your soul is made of stars… I dream in constellations of you.

Your fingers leave trails of stardust; your kisses – black holes.The cosmos dust your cheeks leaving a spattering of freckles to fill my night sky.

Let me dance in your moonlight and swim in your milky ways. I could drown happily in you.

Our galaxies were made for each other, gravity slowly pulling us closer and closer until impact: a supernova upon first kiss.

I count my lucky stars for the fact that I get the chance to bask in your rays, you light up my life brighter than any solar flare possibly could.

Celestial beings bow down in your wake for you yourself were forged from the moon and stars for me to adore.

Just as the moon transitions, so will you.

I will love you wholly no matter your phase… you may wax and wane as you please, my love.

10 thoughts on “Come Fly With Me

  1. dang… this was out of this world. Pun intended – and I took a photo of blue stars (at Ikea) and they come to mind right now – I will have to share a picture.

    This was so beautifully because it was intimate and sensual without being slutty or dirty – if you know what I mean. It was raised to the level of artsy writing with extra things because the intimacy – the closing well wishes and life stages are so universal – and this is masterful (and is another reason why I like blogging – the talent is here to bask in the glow)

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  2. The lyricism here is truly noteworthy, and brilliant. What a great foundation from which to build other writings. I would suggest looking at Claudia Rankine, Ocean Vuong, and Frank O’Hara. Brava darling!

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