Breaking the News, Beyond Repair

I wasn’t feeling a full throttle post this morning so I decided to put together a list of news items from the week that was with a YouTube video that came to mind. It ain’t Meet the Press but whatevs. That show jumped the shark years ago . . .

Trump dis-invites the Eagles- He stuck out his tongue, took his ball and went home. And I can’t even broach this topic without adding my gusto, so I’ll just say this . . for now. Both sides are wrong. The Eagles for not showing up, being above all the shit being thrown at them and attempting dialogue. And Trump . . for being Trump. The lone voice of reason in this childish back and forth was Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins who pulled a genius Bob Dylan act this week. MJ reminded everyone as to the genesis of these peaceful protests. We need more adults like him in the room.


Andrew Lincoln Bids Adieu to the ‘Dead’- I was feeling a breakup coming on with the Walking Dead anyway. What with Glen and Carl gone, the future looked bleaker than Melania’s Saturday nights. I held on thanks to Negan and Carol, and to see how Rick was going to take out his baseball wielding nemesis. But the truth of the matter is, this show has made an art out of doing just enough to keep us holding on. It might go on forever, as the creators have promised (warned) their fans, but I can’t help thinking five or six seasons of Holy Fucking Shit! would’ve been preferable to this. So next year will be my last as a fan. I’ll miss Carol and I’ll miss the music . . but I just can’t do this any more.

Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA- For one night anyways. I caught the tail end of the Dubs Game 3 win and I’m not gonna lie. KD made me love him all over again with a 43 point hit job on the Cavs that effectively sends the Association into its summer business. Durant will always be my favorite inside this latest gen of players, but lately he’d become a bit of a dick. But his game ain’t care about any of that, and when he rolls the way he did on Wednesday night? He kidnaps my baller loving heart. His three point dagger with a minute left . . . should be set to Opera, and taught in schools and revered forever after. Yeah I’m adding a shit ton of hyperbole to his masterpiece, but that’s what certain players can do to me. KD is top of my list, still.


Walmart has a wine label– Yeah, no. Okay . . . maybe.


Baseball Fan o’ the Week!- W.P. Kinsella would bemoan the dearth of romance in today’s game. Gone are such quaint notions as the hit and run, sacrifice bunts and complete game shutouts. So big thank you to this baseball fan for bringing some old school back to the equation.

The last bit of news, worst. As I learned this morning that Anthony Bourdain took his own life at the age of 61 in Paris.  I was never a fan of the dude, once saying that ‘only women can deal with this guy’, which was really all he needed. Other than peace of mind, which he was never able to truly achieve. And it’s a sad fucking thing when the world loses interesting people. And I can’t think on this for very long or it just gets dark. So Imma end this with something hopeful, because the day asks for it. Every day, in fact.

Peace, love, happiness . . and Joy.

33 thoughts on “Breaking the News, Beyond Repair

  1. Excellent little news “put-together”, B.
    With perfect musical accompaniment!
    TWD… Sigh. I fear I feel as you do. No Rick, no watch. And they were just getting to the point of putting more gore out there than necessary. Dontcha think?
    That chick rocks! Chug-a-lug, baby!
    Wal-Mart + wine labe = no thank you.
    Bravo to Jenkins. As his main card says :You’re not listening!”
    Anthony Bourdain. You may not have dug him (Imma get you to read ONE of his books.. 😉 I’m sad/mad at him for taking his life. I will never understand the pull depression has but hope others will find the help before they get to this limit.
    Ode To Joy. Yes. Bring in joy. Always.f
    Peace, love, joy and chug-a-lug!

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    • Q,

      Dead, I feel, didn’t know what it wanted to be after its initial introduction. Was it the simple Peyton Place At the End of the World that it slowly dragged us through in that season on the farm? Was it Shakespeare? With Shane, Rick and Lori forming a love triangle built on deception and unrequited love? Was it Fangoria, as you correctly point out, where upping the ante on “Kill Shots” prevails.
      I feel there was an incredibly effective middle ground, where characters such as Carol changed before our very eyes, because there was no choice but to change or die. She is my favorite character, as you can probably tell. Negan? He is too often a caricature.
      Jenkins rocked the reply on this one! And good for him. No . . I don’t think Walmart should be allowed to sell water, much less wine. And YES, that is a fan! Baseball needs beer!
      That said about AB, I found him to be brilliant. And it’s too much of a senseless thing to think on for very long because the deeper you dwell, the more questions it engenders.
      So yeah . . music. And a city street transformed into something hopeful and everlasting.

      Peace, love and universe drenched kisses

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      • I think the premise of TWD was (or maybe I thought it should be) how does humanity deal with a situation such as this apocalypse and rebuild. It is a sure thing there will always be those who want to be the leader. It also shows that we humans have learned a whole lotta nuthin’.
        Of course Carole is the BOMB – I didn’t get my hair cut like this for no reason 😉

        Oh yes…. peace, love, kisses that go on forever and let’s go crazy and ask for goodwill…

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        • It was indeed. Dredging up bits and pieces of humanity from the fire, as if collecting precious mementos. And the show had plenty of those moments, and that’s why most of us watched, for those moments. The blood and gore, it had its place, but it was those moments that carried the show.
          And sadly, even though we are equipped with more and more information, we seem to learn less and less, collectively speaking. History has become a cat toy, it seems.
          Ahhh . so THAT’S your secret to sexy success! I understand. Do you umm . . bake? lol

          Peace, love, kisses from the universe, and goodwill, and the craziness of such a wish as that

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          • It really did. I always used to tell people that TWD had nothing to do with zombies, really… Lord of the Flies – adult-style and taken to a whole ‘nother level (maybe I’m wrong).
            Yes… matter of fact, I do…

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          • No, I believe the same thing. It was the ultimate end of the world King of the Mountain story. And to what end would those who ‘won’ truly win back a darned thing? It was so introspective on that level, and I believe there was a fine line the writers were able to navigate adeptly; fleshing out characters without being tedious. Mostly. Didn’t always work but that’s writing.
            I think we all have asked ourselves, what WOULD I be like in such a catastrophic event? We like to think we would be heroic and that we would always make the right decisions, but that’s just the hypothetical self talking. Truth is, we have no blessed idea how we might handle it. Who among us would be Rick, Negan, Glen, Carole et al? It’s why I watched initially.

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          • I do believe somewhere in between. But what nobody can really answer is the most important question of all. Who in the fuck could handle such a dark place for very long?


          • Crap… hit “send” accidentally…
            I love that… “History has become a cat toy.” You really are brilliant, yanno?

            Crazy wishes indeed…

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    • She did the seemingly impossible, she made a Padres game worth being at!
      That flash mob always brings a tear to my eyes.
      And yes, Lebron is definitely the best in the game. But for his dynamically astounding disco performances, KD is my favorite baller going. I mean, NO player in the game but Lebron is taking the Cavs to the finals and I know it full well. As much as I love KD, Cleveland wouldn’t have made the playoffs if you switch out LBJ with him.
      The Natural! That song! And those transformers! Funny observation about baseball movies . . . . Redford is still at the plate when that balls hits the lights. I mean . . . if a batter pulled a stunt like that in reality they would get a pitch in their ear hole the next time up, lol.

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      • Fortunately for Redford’s character, I think that was his last career at-bat. A trivia point about The Natural … I think that’s the old War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo. PS: I’m back to posting.

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          • I love the old stadiums and arenas. I missed out on the old Comiskey Park, which was a dump, but still . . . I can’t imagine it was worse than that antiseptic thing they put in its place. And don’t get me started on Yankee Stadium! Fenway is kitschy. I thought it was a tad claustrophobic. Shea was an eyesore . . but I still miss it. Veterans Stadium in Philly . . n’kay. The old Orange Bowl . . cool. The Spectrum, loved it. The Coliseum on Long Island, a barn. My favorite old arena is in Hershey Pa where Wilt scored 100 for the Sixers.

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          • I got to one game at Crosley Field. I too love the old parks. Years ago I was in Boston. Strolled into Nickerson Field – the Boston Braves played there – but now the football stadium for BU.

            This probably won’t surprise you … but yes – I’ve done posts on several old stadiums. I’ll track them down for you.

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          • I didn’t do as many as I thought, but doing them must have been in my head. Probably even started drafting them – but who knows where the drafts are.
            You’ll enjoy these from my archives.



            You’ll love this series –

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          • Frank,
            I loved this! I went through all of ’em. I didn’t do so hot on the trivia. I guessed 15 correctly, but I missed Jarry Park even though I knew it! D’oh!
            I LOVED that video on Shibe Park. Those dimensions are ridiculous. And I love how those old parks had SO much fair territory. The players could’ve used a GPS!
            And fun fact as per your girly girls post. Cookie Rojas had a huge crush on my Aunt Tere from their days as kids in Havana. He’d come home to play ball and he would bother her to no end, but she wasn’t interested! Years later when he became the Angels manager, I told my Aunt Tere that no offense to my Uncle Mike, but dammit! I could’ve been sitting in the suites! LOL.
            Thank you for sharing this Frank!

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          • Marc,
            Shibe/Connie Mack was ridiculous – then again, most of the oldies were filled with oddies – Crosley’s terrace is one of many.

            Great story about Cookie Rojas! And to think of the seats you could have had … and the players you could have met!

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          • Ugha bugga! I know! LOL.
            But I wouldn’t trade Uncle Mike for any of ’em. Well . . maybe if I could’ve hung out with Bill Buckner who was on that Angels club . . okay no. Uncle Mike still wins.

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