41 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

      1. Of some interest (to me) is that Zoilo hit 66 HR’s over a four year period, which proved to be his peak years. Small sample of course, but impressive nonetheless for a SS back then. How the game has evolved, huh? Now SS are expected to hit for power! lol.

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      2. I just looked up Mark Belanger’s stats because I know he wasn’t much for hitting. The guy was the anchor of the Orioles infield for 17 seasons in which they were perennial contenders. Went to a few WS and won one. His career totals for HR’s? 20.
        How very much the game has changed.

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      3. And many infielders toed that line! Which is why Bucky Dent’s HR in the ’78 final regular season game against the Red Sox was so special.
        I’m thankful to have grown up loving the game in that time.

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      4. Baseball has had some interesting names. Biff Picaroba comes to mind. Rowland Office, that was different too. One of my favorite baseball names is Otis Nixon. Not particularly out there but it incorporates music and politics seamlessly!

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