Coming Soon: The Next Chapter in our tasty “Search” series . . .

Seeing as how the search for the perfect Cuban sandwich was such a tasty success, me and Linds B will be diving back into another “Search” series in the near future.

Our next adventure? Tacos.

Fitness Taco

Figuring out the next food choice wasn’t easy . . . there were countless hours of painstaking research that went into our decision. We conducted a Facebook poll, we asked our friends for suggestions and we even worked closely with a team of taco scientists just to make certain we had hit on the right dish. And lemme tell you, those taco scientists don’t come cheap.

In spite of the complicated process, our requisites for the next food adventure were simpler than Simon’s wardrobe. It had be a summer staple. It couldn’t be another sandwich. And most importantly, it had to pair nicely with beer. Actually, that last count is the requisite we use for just about any food. Even breakfast . . and don’t judge.

Liam Neeson Tacos

Tacos speak the language of summer love. They’re easy without being McDonald’s . . they’re simple without being bologna sandwiches . . they’re fun and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and delicious denominations. And tacos actually pair better with beer than say . .  hypothetically speaking . . . french toast, or oatmeal.


The ground rules in our search for the “Tastiest Taco”? Fine . . .

1- It can’t be convenience store
2- It can be Taco Bell
3- One of the candidates must be seafood tacos
4- No Nutella
5- And definitely no Corona . . .
6- Spicy hot equals good. Spicy hot with zero flavor equals we skip the bill.
7- Number 6 . . was . . . umm . . hypothetical.
8- There will be five taco candidates
9- The Russians will not be involved
10- Unless they’re gonna help pay for those taco scientists

We shall dub the next round of food for thought as our search for “The Tastiest Taco” so as not to confuse anyone who is of the opinion that a score of less than ten means our opinion of the culinary selection left something to be desired. I’m not naming any names, but carajo! This whole first world problems deal really is a thing, isn’t it?

Pumpkin Spice Tacos

And Imma go on record as saying that by selecting tacos, me and Linds B are standing arm and arm with our peeps from across the border in a brilliantly woven message of peace through good food. Oh hells yeah Imma go on record with that one . . even if we never actually thought about it that way when selecting tacos. Still . . the latest search sounds so much more relevant when you throw something like that into the mix, doesn’t it? We’re just a couple of beer swilling ambassadors if you ask me. And . . you’re welcome.

I was asked recently how the whole Cuban sammy search came about with us. I think it had something to do with the fact that I construct a Cubano with the same sacred obligation a lot of peeps put into churchgoing. I’m pretty sure it was inside the conversations borne of my passion for the thing that we decided to go in search of a worthwhile comparison.

There is no such theological application with the taco. If the Cubano was our torrid culinary affair, then tacos will be our platonic sidekick. Which makes it the perfect followup food for us. It isn’t complicated. And in a complicated world, I’m plenty chill with a food that makes Tuesday feel like Friday and the weekend feel like a vacation.

We ain’t asking for perfection when tasty is so much more fun.



56 thoughts on “Coming Soon: The Next Chapter in our tasty “Search” series . . .

  1. The good news is this means you’ll be paying me a visit because the hands down best taco in the land is the regular ground beef taco by Jimboys. Here are there locations: (They also make fish tacos that are almost as good.)

    I do hope you’re prepared to travel for this one. And while you’re here having Jimboys tacos, we can also go to Chandos, which makes the best street tacos and is only found in Sacramento.

    Yeah, yeah, I’m sure there are plenty of other good purveyors of the taco, but seriously nothing beats a Jimboys taco. Nothing.

    Let me know when you’re coming.

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    • King,

      A grilled soft flour tortilla with a light dusting of parmesan? Holy frijoles and rice!
      And of COURSE we’re keeping this local, although I do so love all the 411 I’m getting from all corners of the map as per the taco. And yes, every single one of ’em is gonna beat the heck out of whatever we scrum up.
      Yanno . . with all these taco love letters . . it would be kinda cool to have a tasty taco series of posts from all comers. Just for fun . . and flavor, of course.


      • For some reason, I didn’t go to a Jimboys for about 25 years. Then about six months ago, the wife and I stopped at one. I wanted to see if it was the same as I remembered. I’ve been back about once a week ever since. Those damn tacos are the most addicting thing I’ve ever eaten.

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          • After reading your post and commenting on it, I craved me some Jimboy’s. Only problem is I took my car to the shop yesterday, the wife went off to see her mom, and I didn’t have a car. So, I made my own version for lunch today. Not ground beef, but left over steak cut up in small chunks. I need to work on the right method for frying and crisping the tortillas, but it wasn’t bad for my initial effort at Markboy’s Tacos.

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    • Tails,
      You CAN be in the tasty taco blog post series if you’re into it. With all these wonderful taco suggestions from all corners of the map, I think it might be fun to hear from other places . . since it’s obvious that Lancaster County does many foods really well but the taco isn’t going to touch what can be done in other places.
      Just a thought, if you wanna taco with us . . . 🙂

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  2. I can tell you right now it CAN’T be Taco Bell. It’s philosophically, scientifically, ethnically, and culinarily imposible (please say that last word as the Spanish word it is). Other than that, I wish you good luck!

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    • Tara — I’ve spent more than 35 years eating combination burritos at Taco Bell and doing everything I can to avoid their tacos. They are the worst. And, yes, their burritos aren’t much better, but … it’s tradition.

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    • Tara,
      I cannot tell you how many people have been like “Taco Bell? Nah man . .” And while I do understand the ethical questions inherent in this choice, the bottom line is that Linds B wants it. So I cannot go against my pal on this. And besides . . it’s Lancaster County . . we are SO not taco country. I mean, we’ll find some tasty ones, but it ain’t gonna be taco perfection as compared with other places on the map.
      I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve been telling everyone. If you want to join in the tasty taco series, you are more than welcome. I dig your style!

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      • Hey, I’m not judging the eating there. But I know now already, before you even start, it won’t be the winner. That’s all. 🙂

        Oh, you poor thing, I lived in Lancaster County for 6 months about 20 years ago. That’s all I could take. Everything smelled like manure and I had to drive 45 minutes to get to the nearest Wawa to get my Amoroso rolls (and also they thought orange cheese was totally acceptable on a cheesesteak… *shudder*). I am aware the county has grown and they do have Wawa closer now, and it’s cute in so many places! But culinarily speaking, I’ll be curious to see just how far they’ve come during your latest search.

        Dude, I can’t search for tacos right now. I finally found a decent Chinese place where I am — after 10 years of searching!!!! — and THEY CLOSED. I’m on the hunt again.

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        • T,
          Yeah, lots has changed over the last thirty years I’ve been here. It used to be only Turkey Hill convenience stores and then Wawa. Now we have Sheetz and they’re fantastic I think. Since the early ’90’s, the county has experienced a huge influx of transplants from NY, Philly, D.C. etc . . so growth happened everywhere and as a result the place is unrecognizable from what it was even twenty years ago. Some of it is great, other parts . . kinda sad.
          The manure stench still rears its ugly head at times but I don’t live in Amish country any longer so I rarely deal with it.
          As for restaurants, Lancaster City is solid stuff. Alton Brown of Food Network visits the city and really digs the scene. He knows the owners of Maison, a french restaurant in town, and is there often.
          As for Taco Bell . . yeah . . it ain’t winning any searches fo shizzle, sizzle. Linds B would disagree with that . . so we’ll just have to iron out our differences over a few adult beverages.
          I hate when a restaurant I love closes down! Best of luck finding a successor!

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  3. B,

    One thing for shizzle, with this latest quest, is you two will have a blast trying these babies out and WE will be more than entertained by your telling and judging of the adventure.

    Of course Taco Bell can’t be in the running. Ain’t nothing authentic ’bout that joint.

    Lotsa love and tasty treats,


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    • Q,
      A blast indeed!
      And Linds B says we have to hit Taco Bell, so who am I to argue? Especially considering the fact that Lancaster County isn’t exactly taco heaven.
      As for your Q-ban sammy search, it is quite obvious you have to keep it going. Your search has got the added element of being in a place where you will probably come up with a signature sammy that rivals anything this side of Tampa or Miami!


      • Oh… really? Is that the equivalent of going to Arby’s for a Cubano? No…
        But then again, why not go… just for comparison sake…
        You might end up being surprised… we have way more taco joints than I thought.
        Yes. I will continue my Q-ban Sammy search… for at least 2 more, how’s that? I’m sure I’ll be able to twist Julie’s arm…

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        • Arby’s wasn’t horrible, so there’s that. Would I do it again . . probably not.
          I did go to Taco Bell a few weeks ago to grab their “free Taco day” promo taco. Added some grub to go with it and was okay. I enjoyed it AND I didn’t die!
          Two more it is! YAY!

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          • I remember.
            Taco Bell isn’t disgusting, so there’s that. Never really took off here in Quebec… that and Pizza Hut. Weird, eh?
            Yay you think it is yay!

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          • The thing I don’t like about Pizza Hut is that it tastes different depending on when you go. That is actually the biggest reason McDonald’s keeps winning . . it’s always the same, no matter what.
            I don’t go to Taco Bell very often at all. It had been years for me until I went recently. It works every once in a while.

            Liked by 1 person

          • True. It came here (Pizza Hut), disappeared, a few more came back, gone again and I think there is still one in the vicinity.
            I honestly haven’t been to Taco Bell in years… Don’t think there are any ’round here, anyhow

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          • I guess of the chain pizza places we have here, I like Papa John’s best. Not gaga for any of ’em though.
            Taco Bell tacos are nothing to write home about, but I do enjoy their chalupas!

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          • I’m not either. I was spoiled for NYC pizza and then Chicago deep dish, so the chains are like a small step up from frozen pizza. In fact . . there are certain frozen pizzas I prefer.
            When push comes to shove, I would rather make my own . .

            Liked by 1 person

          • Same… Ristorante comes to mind.
            Though, once in a blue moon, I’ll get a craving for that sloppy, juicy, made by authentic Greek (Yeah, I know) guy… where you take a bite and the juices just slide down your arm….
            But only once in a while.
            And yeah, we all make our own in my fam…

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  4. Taco search! Looking forward to reading your post, I really enjoyed the Cuban sandwich search (Mexico has its own Cuban torta (torta=Mexican sandwich), created in the 1950s).

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  5. Having spent many, many summers in Puebla, Mexico I would be surprised if you find “real” (whatever that means) tacos. Though, having lived just one year in the far part of southwest New Mexico, I’ll never eat Mexican-American food again, I had my fill. When there are even green chilies in sauce Hollandaise, I have to draw the proverbial line in the proverbial sand.

    The best Cuban I ever had, aside from a poet, was actually at a Cuban restaurant in Aix-en-Provence, of all places.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Bill,
      I have to start with the last part. About the Cuban poet . . good thing I wasn’t drinking my coffee when I read that! You sir, are hilarious.
      And yeah, my daughter visited a great deal of legit Mexican joints when she was going to school in New Mexico. Not sure if that’s why she went vegetarian . . .
      I realize me and Linds B are not going to find Taco Nirvana given our location. But I am sure we’ll find a couple tasty entries. And besides, it’s a perfect pairing with adult beverages, really . . .

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