A Blog Break: In the name of peace and love

Love PeaceYours truly (Marco) is going up the country, (As in Woodstock) for the week. And in the unlikely event you miss me? I’ve got a couple posts lined up for your reading pleasure. And of course, you’ll be getting your weekly “Wordless Wednesday” post, brought to you by the lovely Linds B.

Now . . about these archival pieces Imma be filling in the gaps with. The first one will be coming your way on Tuesday and it’s an ode to the late Kurt Vonnegut. I wrote it on the one year anniversary of his death, and it’s my love letter to him.

The second post from the vault is a ‘lil different. It’s a satirical book review by Joe Pesci (the fictional Joe Pesci, of course). And I wrote it in theย voiceย of the mobster film star, which means to say . . it’s gonna be wronger than a dyslexic taxi cab driver. If you do not wish to read my former bad boy writer self, take a pass on this one.

And if you want to get your foodie fix on this week, go check out Linds B and Ali at their new Instagram page (click here). They’re dishing up delish on the regular, and the pics are as lovely as the ladies who cook ’em up.

So until we meet up again, here’s hoping you can beat the heat and chase the chill as summer heads to halftime. Imma be seeing you on the B side with a groovy spill on my trip up to the country. And I’ll say how do to Jimi and Janis if I happen to run into them. And no, that ain’t code for dropping acid. The only acid I ever dropped was re-flux, so there’s that.

Peace, love and music


35 thoughts on “A Blog Break: In the name of peace and love

  1. Well, my man. I’m so looking forward to the Kurt Vonnegut piece. I love him myself and actually took the first place prize in a “write like Vonnegut” type competition. Having said all that, I hope you enjoy the upcountry voyage. Say hey to Bobby Mcgee for me. Catch you when you return.

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  2. It’s good to take a break now and again. So many don’t and it’s detrimental to their health.
    I am, lowers her head in almost shame, unfamiliar with Vonnegut’s work other than knowing his name and recognizing a title or two (with Mr. Google’s help) so looking forward to reading your thoughts on him. Who knows? You may entice me to want to read him!
    Now I.csnt wait to read the Joe Pesci thing!

    Peace and good vibes

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  3. Can’t wait to hear about your break ๐Ÿ™‚ Buen Camino my friend! Oh plus I thought about you today as I saw The Man himself! Slick Pat at a soccer game. If there wasn’t a mob of people and stadium between us I would have high fived Mr. Riley ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Enjoy the trip and the blog break. โ€ฆ and I remember Woodstock! (but didn’t attend). Great music of the times. Oh no โ€ฆ you may missing Opening Night of the new blog musical!!!!

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