Bread and Circuses

We Love Urban

I get it.

The ongoing Urban Meyer investigation is nothing more than a PR campaign. When Ohio State officials issued a statement in which they promised a decision within “fourteen days”, it meant they plan on bringing him back, unless more damning evidence comes out before then.

So of course, a hundred or so clueless individuals showed up for a rally in support of Coach Meyer last Monday. And so I composed a letter to them. To the vast majority of Ohio State peeps who get it, please understand that I bear no ill will to you, your school or your sports programs. This is for the small minority of fools whose priorities should be questioned, not simply by yours truly, but by anyone who knows them.

Dear Ralliers,

I’m writing to you on behalf of all the battered women out there who have more important things to do than post a blog. Important things, like survive. They don’t have time to ask Urban Meyer why he would aid and abet a known abuser over all these years. They don’t have time to ask why you thought it was a good idea to hold a rally for someone like Urban Meyer.


Thing is, you were probably quick to slam Penn State. Michigan State too. And you were right on both counts, of course. Because the respective administrations of those two schools needed to be held accountable for horrific cover-ups. Problem is, your indignation seems to have been more about conference affiliation- The Lions and Spartans are Big Ten rivals- than about concern for the victims.

Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t expecting much from your small (thankfully) contingent. And yet, you managed to give us so much less anyway. Because wins and conference titles and playoff appearances are what matter most to you. Because you let us know that when you held a rally for a coach who is still employed because he can supply those things to your fan base.

If Urban Meyer was anything less than a great coach, he would’ve been gone by now. You would have been plenty fine with doing the right thing . . in that instance. But in this one, Meyer did wrong, and then he perpetuated that wrong by keeping an abuser on his payroll, and the only reason you’re okay with that is because of his 73-8 record.

What does it say about you . . that you would stand behind a bad guy like Meyer? That you would rally for his job when the facts demand that he be gone? What does it say about you that wins matter more than Courtney Smith’s well being? That wins matter more than the women who are being abused every single day? What does it say about you that, when you had a chance to do the right thing and demand that Meyer be fired immediately, you chose to hide behind his 73-8 record? What does it say about you, that you chose cult behavior over courage and compassion?

Me Too!

You should be ashamed of yourselves. But as that rally you held for Urban Meyer shows us all too well, you have no shame. Because the truth is, you might have been able to make a real difference in the interim. As your school waits it out in the hopes they won’t have to fire Meyer for his transgressions, you could have stayed neutral to the decision while still making a statement of hope and change. Because while an independent panel of investigators that includes three Ohio State trustees conducts its sham investigation, you could have issued a preemptive warning to Meyer’s second act, which seems more likely by the day. You could’ve put Meyer on notice.

You could have gotten together in support of all the women who are abused every single day. You could have gathered to remember all the women who have lost their lives to their abusers. And in so doing, you could have sent a message to this big name coach and his big deal program that by helping one abuser, they do an injustice to all those who are abused.

Because your cowardly rally comprised of weak minded individuals? It was the stuff of lemmings. You trashed journalists for uncovering the truth. You belittled a movement that is trying to move out of the dark ages. You defended a coach who hides behind bible study sessions and plausible denials. And why? You did so in the name of trophies.

I thought you should know that since you held your little rally on Monday? Twelve women have been murdered by their current or former male partners. And by the time this investigation is completed by that other Urban Meyer fan club? Thirty more women will have been murdered by their current or former male partners.

Your football coach is part of the problem, and so are you.

14 thoughts on “Bread and Circuses

  1. B,

    Wonderfully done. I really understand the whole “we got a coach who can make us win” mentality. I can even understand the ( I wish to think uncomfortable) “damn, if we nail him to the wall as we should, we will start losing so maybe we give him the benefit of the doubt despite all the proof” mentality. “My boy can’t be drafted by the big guns if we start losing because our ‘wonderful’ coach has been fired and replaced by someone mediocre. So I shall choose to turn a blind eye or go one further and defend him.”

    I so understand your anger, Marco. Society has become so self-centred that it justifies whatever it needs to in order to get what it wants, victims be damned, bad behaviour be accepted and, egads! applauded…

    Hopefully more people like you will continue sharing posts like these and get the proper people riled up to put an end to this unacceptable accepted behaviour.

    You always have something intelligent to add…

    Lotsa love,


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    • Q,
      It’s why I chose that title. Because we are being subjected to the downfall of a civilized society, more and more all the time. As with Rome, we are given folly instead of substance. This whole enterprise that is college football is the monster that ate itself. At its highest level, it’s minor league football. And with guys like Urban Meyer always in demand because of their ability to coach them up. Never mind leading, just win games baby. Meyer is a bad guy because he pretends he is a savior to the kids he coaches, rather than a guy who sees them as his bottom line business.
      That fellow holding up the “Me Too” sign should be indulged on social media so that all those close to him know what he’s really all about. That sign is such a horrible affront to ALL who have been abused. Shameless stuff.

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      • You chose your title so well.
        It really is minor league football – after all, it’s the step before the big leagues…
        It’s what makes it so hard for the parents, fans, wannabes that Meyer is such a successful coach (and you said it, he is so not a leader) in that he is getting results, no matter what. That no matter what is the biggest problem, isn’t it?
        Oh hell, that “Me Too” is a slap in the face. I can’t say what I want to say – but you know how I feel.
        Shameless is nary a strong enough word…audacious and outrageously shameless…

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        • I feel the very same way. When I saw that “Me Too” sign, my blood was boiling. Yes, I prefer your descriptions to mine. Absofuckinglutely!
          I wonder what the women in his life think of all this? I would LOVE to debate a person like this.
          A friend of my son’s is a huge Ohio State fan, and when they signed him a few years back, his son was so excited. I dampened it just a tad when I told him that Meyer could do it all. Not ONLY was he a great football coach, but in his time at Florida, he had also played a de facto prison warden . . .

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          • Just a little emphasis on your choice 😉
            Seriously, what do they think? They cannot be so blind to this whole thing…
            De facto prison warden… that implies he was as crooked as the crooks (then again, I may have watched too many episodes of “Oz”…

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          • They’re not blind to it at all. Imbeciles like the “Me Too” sign think the movement is feminist propaganda. They hijack the true purpose of movements and place their own warped and narrow minded viewpoint into them.
            And that was supposed to read my friend’s son, lol. I can’t blame it on the lateness of the hour.
            Meyer is worse. He looked the other way on players who were involved in all manner of criminality- including the abuse of women- in order to further his program and his reputation. Abysmal.

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    • John,
      I had a very educational and positive conversation with a work friend of mine recently about Penn State. We differed (greatly) on Paterno, but still, we were able to have a very interesting discussion. Which is why I made it a point to say, this is SO not what most Ohio State fans are about. Most fans don’t want it to be true, because really, it’s not good! But most Buckeyes fans, I would imagine, also do not want a head coach who aids and abets a known abuser for the better part of a decade.
      And once again, just know how much I will miss you while you’re gone. If, and this is by no means an obligation on your part, you feel the need to share with me the wonderful trip your Oxy has taken you on, you can always message me on FB.
      You take good care of yourself, sir. I want you back better than ever.
      Peace and love

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