27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Hmmm… Will give you credit for such a fabulous picture… coz we’re all about peace and love, baby!

    That was a great find, wasn’t it? Love flowing water like that…

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      1. This will go on in perpetuity with nary a “huh?” or furrowed brow. It is that mystery which boils over in plain sight, untended by roving eyes, it prospers like ivy.

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      2. Indeed… I’m rather enjoying our little to and fro… You have weeks and weeks worth of stuff, as it is… just think, if (when) we do get to our next expedition, you’ll have a whole new slew to choose from!

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      3. Woodstock Inc. would appreciate our sticktoitiveness. They probably could have used us in selling one of those towns closer to the actual Woodstock on WHY the festival is a great idea for their backyard!

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  2. I always preface my comments with an apology, but that obviously does not stop me from writing my thoughts.

    Patti Smith, M Train
    Patti Smith, Devotion
    Susan Sontag, “On Photography”
    Roland Barthes, Clear Room
    Jean-Paul Sartre, on photography
    Marguerite Duras, on photography

    Great photo.

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