15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

      1. My gawd! You might as well just sit on the roof of a Beetle in the winter, lol.
        That said, I don’t think I was ever more fearful for my life in a car than when I dated a girl who had a Fiero and a lead foot. I felt as if I was riding inside of a soda can!

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      2. At least the Beetle has its weighted end in the back of the vehicle. I never had a problem getting up s very step hill in winter in that baby. Put ‘er in first and you could get out of anything with snow. The only problem with Beetles was the low ground clearance-not with any fishtailing.

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      3. I remember the time I snuck out with my father’s Mercury Cougar and picked up some friends. We did the town and I was about a mile from home when I made a right turn and my driver side almost ended up in a crunch with a parked car. I got out of it unscathed, and he was never any the wiser. But I never ‘borrowed’ his ride again. #bewarethefishtail

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