Never Go Gently

I had a couple ideas roasting nicely when I decided to order out instead. Because to me, Friday dances in rhythm with pizza delivery, frosty brews and righteous vibes. Friday shouldn’t be jumping your mellow, it should be jump-starting the sweet trespass of forty eight hours done up all proper and such.

Now, the stories Imma share with you ain’t all Tasty-cakes and iced tea. These stories are about overcoming the worst of times. They are reminders that when faced with the dying of the light, you must rage. But when you do, rage sweetly.

So apologies to Urban Meyer- the minor league football coach at Ohio State Inc.. I had a “Things to do while serving your three week vacation,  suspension!” list that I could’ve gone with, before realizing that none of this is funny. Not his track record, not his deceit, not his lies. But if you have a couple minutes, check out Dennis Dodd’s column on the Ohio State scandal. It’s one of the best pieces you’ll read on the subject.

Now on to some peeps who deserve to get talked about, for all the right reasons.

I’ll start with an amazing story I heard yesterday. It was about how one woman dealt with her unspeakable grief. After losing her seventeen year old son in a car accident, she felt as if her life had ended too. Dates on a calendar became excruciating reminders of everything she had lost. And then one year, on the anniversary of her son’s death, she reached out to a friend who had been struggling with health issues. And so began her way of coping with the loss; by giving something of herself. And every year, on the anniversary of her son’s death, she sends a gift to someone who is dealing with adversity or worse. It’s how she makes it through a horrible day. By giving back rather than giving in.

And when I think about fighters, Dale Rogerson of A Dalectable Life happens to be on my short list. Because the woman has experienced unimaginable loss, on more than one occasion. If you check out her blog, you can find those stories. After which you’re going to find a great deal many more stories on why life is worth living. Because she ain’t ever met a punch she didn’t answer with one of her own. Her sense of humor, her spirit and her magical ability to grow sunflowers out of the most stubborn seeds is what story telling is all about.

It’s rare that I refer to Dale as something other than “Q”, since that’s what I happen to call her, like . . all the time. But on this occasion, she’s Dale. The writer. She recently told me I am one of her inspirations when it comes to writing. Funny, I say the same thing about her.

And to send us into the weekend, I’ll leave you with this video that was sent to me by my pal, Linds B. It’s about a man named Theoklitos Proestakis, who walked out of one life and into another when he opened Takis Shelter on the island of Crete. Proestakis used his life savings to start a shelter for abandoned dogs and if you’ve ever wondered whether angels walk among us, watch this video and you’ll get your answer.

To faith, friendship and Fridays.





57 thoughts on “Never Go Gently

  1. Dearest Marco (B, doesn’t seem to fit here, either),

    My third attempt to comment. I am beyond touched that you have included me with these people who actually DO SOMETHING, whereas I just make do. Truly, I am without words and feel I don’t quite belong here.

    That Theoklitos Proestakis is most definitely one of those angels who walks amongst us. Such a beautiful soul.

    And that mother who lost her son? Kudos to her for dealing with his death by giving of herself. A true warrior-hero, in my books.

    Lotsa love and yes, faith, Fridays like this, fabulous friendships like yours

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    • Dale (Q),

      You are always so humble about the things you do, which is one of your many charms. I heard something recently that really made me think, and apologies if I don’t get this verbatim, since I rarely remember anything verbatim.
      We often judge ourselves so much more critically than others will judge us.
      So it stands to reason that we never find ourselves “worthy” of the truth that others see in us, since we’re so busy judging ourselves.
      And so, what are friends for? What do they mean? Well, I like to think they are the only mirror you really need. And I called it as I see it. Simple as that.
      You’re a beautiful human being, inside and out. And so maybe you use the letter “u” much too liberally. It just proves you’re not perfect is all.
      You’re just you.
      And I consider myself blessed to know the just you.


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      • Ah jeez, B,

        I have heard that expression … or something thereabouts 😉
        I shall be properly gracious and say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ve got me all verklempt now.
        And one day, you, too, shall liberally use the “U” properly…
        And I could not agree more. I am far from perfect. But I am me. And that, apparently, is not such a bad thing…
        So, let’s agree that we are both lucky to have connected…

        Lotsa love,
        Q (coz I love that you gave me that name that no one else calls me… but are allowed to use in reference to me in your posts…)

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  2. Friday. Ahhhh. Such a lovely word. And such lovely thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

    *spelling Nazi grabs keyboard* It’s Tastykakes ™.

    *grabs keyboard back* SHUT UP! It’s a nice post! Don’t wreck it with your spellingness!

    Hey, can I have some iced tea? My fave!

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  3. Dear Marco,

    Through the magic of the internet Dale has become one of my nearest and dearest friends. I agree with you, she is the perfect example of one who takes life by the neck and makes it submit. She inspires me. So I’m happy you paid her her due. 😉

    Love the dog video. I wanted to hug every one of them and the man whose made them his life’s mission.

    Thank you for the Friday smiles.



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    • Rochelle,

      You know exactly what I’m talking about! She is a beautiful soul who never lets the valleys stop her from the journey she is making. And to be around a person like that, you can’t help but feel better yourself!
      Yes, that man is such a gift. To those dogs. To all of us.
      Thank you for chiming in. You always put things so perfectly.



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    • Oh Rochelle,

      You too? You all are killing me! And I won’t lie… if I was feeling blue earlier, that has completely lifted and disappeared. You too, have become a special friend. Who’d a thunk when I signed up for FF I’d become your sounding board, beta reader, sharer of woes and happies?

      Now that Greek man? Now that is a hero in my books!

      Lotsa love,


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  4. I cannot imagine tragically losing a child. It must hurt beyond measure. I have my own demons, so I truly appreciate those who allow me to be a blessing in their lives. Thank you, both, for “Paying It Forward”. 🌟✨💫

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