Sorryless Sunday Morning

I am proclaiming this Sunday to be the intermezzo of my Woodstock series of posts. So in lieu of flower power, Imma post the first in a brand new series that will show up on the regular once I’m finished spilling on my three days of peace and music in the Catskills with the lovely Q.

I used to do a “Sunday Morning Coffee Love” post on my old blog. I don’t want to steal that title, so I came up with Sorryless Sunday Morning because it had a Lionel Richie groove to it. I may change up that title in future posts, but the vibe will remain the same.

Sorryless Sunday Morning posts will feature blog shout outs, quick hits on whatever is dancing in ‘me noggin and a music video that brings the requisite chill to my Sunday morning. I hope you enjoy.

  • My son’s first week of teaching is in the books and it frazzled him. He’s in that new teacher zone where he’s gonna have to learn his rhythm. As with anything else an individual does that is worth doing, he’ll figure it out. A shout out to Frank at A Frank Angle for dishing up some pieces he wrote on teaching for me to give to my son. Frank is a scholar and a gentleman, and I’m blessed to call him my blog neighbor.
  • Speaking of blessed, the lovely Q wrote a beautiful piece at A Dalectable Life about love and friendship- and how it endures. Later on, we had a rather involved discussion about writing and published works, to which I’ve been stewing on ever since. I feel sometimes that I am hopeless in my take on the matter, so her nudging means more than she will ever know.
  • As for published authors, John Howell at Fiction Favorites is back in the lineup after his surgery a couple weeks ago. He’s the Mike Trout of the blogosphere in that he comes to play (write) every single day, and he brings it. Whether he’s writing his weekly mystery series, a prompt challenge or his haiku . . he engages you with his wit and his clever wordplay. Blog life is always sweet when he’s in the room.
  • As far as good tunes go, tune into Tara’s sizzle over at Daisy Smiley Face if you’re looking to vibe on some musical goodness. Tara operates on the same wavelength as yours truly as far as her musical tastes go, but every once in a while she’ll introduce a singer or group I’ve not heard of. And it’s always a slam dunk.
  • And to round out my top five blog shout outs for this week, Imma mention a chica who tells terrific tales about tails. Monika at Tails Around the Ranch also speaks gardening and Colorado and hockey, fluently. And she just started up a new online business called Sam’s K9 Kreations, so make sure to check it out!

As for my quick hit thoughts? I gots a few . . . .

  • I’m cutting ties with Walking Dead after this coming season. Like the old Carole King song goes, the feeling has died (for me) and I just can’t hide, and I won’t fake it.
  • Urban Meyer has been exposed for the phony he is, but winning will prove to be the deodorant of his odorous tenure. So here’s hoping he gets a clue before someone else becomes a victim.
  • One of my favorite Clint Eastwood lines, in an endless sea of ’em . . .
  • Jacob DeGrom of the Mets probably ain’t winning the Cy Young, but I happen to think he’s the best pitcher going this season. And if I’m a Mets fan, I’m pissed that ownership is wasting his immense talent.
  • In response to the peeps who call him overpaid, Raiders coach Jon Gruden threw shade at Tom Cruise; basically saying that no one complains about how much Cruise makes in a movie. Well . .having just seen the latest installment of Mission Impossible, I can tell you that Cruise is the only thing that drew me to the franchise. And if I’m laying down money, Imma go with Cruise over Gruden . . every day, and yes, twice on Sunday.
  • Going to see Crazy Rich Asians with the girl. Yes, the rumors are true. I am all about the rom-com.
  • Going to see The Nun when it comes out in a couple weeks. And no, the rumors are not true. I will not be wearing diapers. I also won’t drink any beverages beforehand . . .
  • I don’t think peeps understand that impeachment does not mean the removal of the President.
  • Braciole, like my lechon, is a dish best served in variations. The stand alone opening night dish is pure gumba-licious. The next day sammy is slamming. And every day thereafter . . it’s the dish that keeps on giving.

Well, that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Be sure to tune in next week for my next installment in the Woodstock series. Have a wonderful Sunday, and an even better week.

Peace, love and music

41 thoughts on “Sorryless Sunday Morning

  1. B,

    Now that the tune is done, I can respond…(didn’t want to miss it and yes, I know, I could have just looked it up on YouTube but – lazy, remember?)
    I am gonna become a fan of your Sorryless Sunday Morning, for shizzle. And man… thanks for the shout-out. You are beyond sweet, yanno that? (Of course, any man who admits to enjoying Rom-Coms has to have a sweet side…)
    Been wanting to check out Monika’s blog (coz we have great fun sparring back and forth on Frank’s blog as well as here…) and now Imma check out Tara’s too.
    TWD has lost me as well… though I wilna lie… I will be watching the season premiere and maybe up until Rick is out. or not.
    Looking forward to hearing about CRA – was supposed to go yesterday but that would have meant my picking my arse up off the couch and driving… so I didn’t.

    Lotsa love,

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    • Q,
      That tune gives me Sunday feels, every time. It also happens to be one of those songs that transports me to a time when orange shag rugs, rotary phones in the color of avocado and cars with booming hips reined supreme.
      The shout outs ain’t happen by accident. You scored those puppies with some mighty fine writing.
      And I’m not saying goodbye to WD just yet. I’ll go through this next season, but I can’t imagine they will be able to keep me beyond that. With Rick gone and Jeffrey Dean Morgan relegated to cartoon character status at this point, the thrill is gone.
      CRA was fantastic! Even better than I was expecting. I tell you what, I had a bunch of Kleenex moments. Some absolutely fantastic scenes. I think you’ll love it!

      Lotsa love back,

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      • B,
        It is definitely a Sunday-morning-kinda-feel-good song for shizzle. And um.. yeah. I HAD an orange shag carpet in MY ROOM! Woot!
        No, I believe they don’t happen by accident. But I am still most definitely appreciative and now feel all warm and fuzzy.
        Right. Gotta see the end of Rick – and did you see? Maggie is playing in Mile 22 – a major action flick… JDM as a cartoon character breaks my heart. The Thrill is definitely gone.
        Gonna go on Thursday afternoon to see it, methinks (CRA, that is)

        Cheers to great shares!

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        • Q,
          I had an orange shag carpet too. I thought it was the coolest shit! We had an avocado colored phone with the “latest technology” . . an extra long cord.
          Imma be there for season whatever this is. Is it 9? I saw a preview of Rick in WD, all gray now. Yep . . it’s time to move on, lol.
          There are so many great scenes in CRA! And to think I chased it with 3 Billboards last night! SO me!

          To sharing! And caring! And beers! I mean cheers! Both!

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          • B,
            Too funny . I thought it was the coolest too. Ooohhh. Avocado phone. Not us.
            Yeah, 9. Enough already.
            Incentive for me to haul my arse to the Cinema!

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          • Q,
            The extra long cord was the SHIT! I remember being so excited that I could talk on the kitchen phone from the den! Which . . was right off the kitchen, lol.
            I was talking about this season being my last for WD with a fellow Dead fan and he was like “You’re not going to stick with it for the Whisperers?”- the next badass archenemy. I told him that if the storyline revived itself, I could always catch up later.
            Yes. I really think you’re going to love CRA. I enjoyed it more than Mission Impossible.

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          • Buahahah!
            Well… I know me. And I know I’ll end up sticking with the friggen thing just because. Unless of course the storyline isn’t all that.
            I’ll definitely let you know – though I’m sure I will.

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          • They lose Carl and Rick in what is basically the span of one season, depending on when Rick goes out. That’s just too much for a show that has been rudderless at times.

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          • Yes exactly. And the problem is, they didn’t build the series as being an ensemble cast that comes and goes. They kept all these peeps together, for the most part and then WHAM! Over. And the show is not nearly as interesting now, so without those characters . . . I dunno either.

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  2. A super awesome Sunday YouTube selection. And a thousand thank-you’s for the shout out. I am most humbled and hope the e-store is worthy of your support. ☮️ All the best wishes to your son for choosing such a challenging occupation that deserves sainthood even after only one week on the job. He gets a gold star in my books ⭐️

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  3. Thank you for the shout out, Marc. I also think Frank put out a great primer for any teacher want to be. God bless your son for his choice of career. I hope someday he looks back at the number of positive influences he has made. he has to watch out for the naysayers and admin types who seem to want to just make it to the weekend rather than be excellent every day. We all can be excellent every day if we put our minds to it. If he finds out what opens the door to learning he will have it made. I’m glad I never got into Walking Dead cause now I would be bummed right along with you. Love this Sunday feature, Pilgrim. Well, I love all your stuff.

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    • Boss,
      Frank had several very relevant pieces that I forwarded, you bet.
      And yes, it’s a matter of want. And the kid wants this, and has wanted this for a while now.
      I sometimes wish I hadn’t gotten into Walking Dead. I don’t even remember how many seasons it’s been on . . I think eight. I think they could have condensed it into five amazing seasons, because there has been a ton of drag.
      Thank you for the love, as per. And right back atcha!

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  4. I loves me a series, yanno reg blog features. I have a few of those myself. I shall enjoy looking forward to your Sorryless Sunday Morning. Thank you for adding the Seals and Croft to remove the Lionel Richie you had put in my head earlier in the post.

    And MUCHAS GRACIAS for the shout out. *blush* I will endeavor to fulfill my musical destiny and entertain you and the masses (you know, the 10 people who read my blog). 🙂

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  5. Thanks for the shoutout. Wanted to give your son encouragement, support, and something to mull over. Then again, I have my share of education posts, so I didn’t want to get too much into his head.

    We enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians. Much fun … and great opulence on display!!!! … and Gemma Chan (the cousin) is sizzling hot. My Reds continue to secure last in the division … and that’s at least 3 in a row! Bengals play pre-season game 3 this afternoon. People who bet on pre-season football would be a sign of a problem. Cheers to Summer Breeze!

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    • Cincy,
      Your input is so very much appreciated, good sir. So very much!
      Crazy Rich Asians was a blast! I was hooked from the get. There were so many fantastic scenes in that movie, and yes! The opulence. It had a very old fashioned cinematic feel to it, with the modern day vibe. And Gemma Chan . . blessed be. I never got into Humans on AMC, but I took a shine to Gemma right quick.
      I’ve no idea what the Dolphins record is. But I know we haven’t signed Johnny Manziel, so things haven’t hit rock bottom just yet.
      Yes, if you bet on pre-season football, you might want to seek help. Stat.
      My Yankees will be looking to close the gap even further on the Sawx. A win tonight puts them six out. But I’m not so much concerned about them overtaking Boston as I am about them getting healthy, and Severino getting right. We shall see.
      To Summer Breeze!

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  6. There is an issue with the Trump allegations that I have pondered for some time and about which I commented on another blog earlier today. There, unfortunately, is an element to a lot of this that is “everybody does it.” Every major campaign has campaign finance violations. The laws are just too complicated to avoid violations. So, too they all engage in opposition research and will take damaging information on their opponents from any source. Some are better at it than others. Some are unethical. And there is something that seems fundamentally wrong with getting that information directly foreign sources. But, let’s remember that the sources of information for the Steele Dossier, which was ultimately financed by the Dems, were foreign and primarily Russian. So, everybody does it. Should the President be impeached for something “everybody does”? I don’t think so. Only if his conduct, or violations, exceed that standard. Which is really sad, that at the end of the day we are left with having to ignore violations of the law because “everybody does it.”

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    • King,
      I do agree. The media is having a field day with this “impeachment” word, but the truth of the matter is that, as you said, there is little chance this case goes anywhere. Too many people throwing rocks from their own glass houses. Sad state of affairs, indeed.

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  7. Dude! I loved your Sunday posts! So glad they’re making a comeback or that I’m at least making a comeback to read them 🙂 that Clint Eastwood line cracks me up. He had a couple good ones in Jonesy Whales too. I saw Crazy Rich Asians and it was so good! I wasn’t going to see it but got wrangled but some moms and we hit it. Awkafina was AMAZING! I hadn’t seen her anywhere before. I’m a fan now! Big time 🙂 Bring on the Lionel Richie groove!!!

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    • Ah yeah! You remember Cayman’s Sunday Morning Coffee Love! I so love and miss those posts, which is why I will tweak the Sunday posts a tad so as not to mess with the original. Out of respect, yanno?
      Clint Eastwood has volumes of great lines from his flicks, tell you what.
      And me too! My friend Linds kept talking up this movie and I really didn’t have any desire to see it. But the more she talked it up, well . . friends do that, they put a bug in your ear and the next thing you know . . BOOM! I went with my daughter, since she had gone to see Mission Impossible with me the week before And DOUBLE YES to Awkwafina! I loves her so much!
      Lionel Richie straight ahead!!!

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