Tricking out my Tuesday

In a recent interview, Wednesday and Thursday were asked to describe Tuesday’s best attribute. They replied in unison, “It ain’t Monday,”.

Now, maybe this has something to do with the fact that Wednesday and Thursday are so close . . they’re practically inseparable. But I do believe they have a point, yanno? Tuesday could do with some hype. Think about it, Tuesdays were in such dire need of some disco magic, they engineered an entire ad campaign centered around tacos. Nothing against tacos, but they can pitch the weekend on their shit until the sun stops showing up to work and they’d get nowhere. You know why? Because it’s the weekend! Friday is sexy just the way it is, and Saturday . . well Friday wants to be Saturday when it grows up, so there’s that. Sunday is so fucking cool, it can putz around for half the day and still make up the time with a little something called brunch.

So Tuesday, it needs big flavor all the way around. From the tunes you fix on to the vibe you ride on, to the annoyances you dip into a rant sauce. And maybe I have a couple to share with y’all.

Like . . .

. . . Urban Meyer wants us to know that he didn’t know, until he knew, but that when he knew, he still didn’t know, yanno?

. . . Terrestrial radio sucks. It never changed, which is one of the reasons peeps get their favorite music anywhere and everywhere else. An industry where management never takes chances, is an industry on the slow road to obsolescence. Which is why I only listen to FM radio by mistake.

. . . PETA lobbied to have Nabisco’s parent company change the design on their animal crackers box recently. The animals will no longer be depicted in circus cages. Now they will be seen roaming across a savanna. So time, energy and monies were poured into this effort to ‘free’ artistic representations of animals on a cookie box. So, how long until eating these crackers will be considered animal cruelty?

. . . And while I’m talking PETA, I just learned that they also went after Pokemon, because the object of the game is to chase and capture (fictional) animals. And yes . . we are all doomed.

. . . When someone cuts me off whilst driving, I no longer get upset. I simply raise my phone and pretend I’m taking a pic of their license plate. Now, they don’t know what Imma do with that info. For all they know, I could be a serial killer who’s gonna pay them a visit. Mission accomplished.

. . . To athletes who want to be taken seriously and yet behave like fools. Well then how about this? Grow up and buck up. Until then, stop your whining and be men dammit!

. . . To any dude who says “we’re pregnant”?  No, son . . she is pregnant. You had one job, and it was the easiest and most enjoyable part of the pregnancy. So shaddup with this we’re pregnant nonsense. She’s pregnant, you’re a glorified bystander.

I’ll end this rambling rant with an antonymous equivalent. It’s my favorite video of the week for more reasons than the one. Back in the not so distant past, I excoriated Penn State University for their role in a horrendous cover up. But, as with Ohio State, Michigan State, Baylor, Louisville, Syracuse and the laundry list of other schools that have been wracked by scandal, Penn State isn’t about one man. These great schools are about so much more than that, and to have witnessed James Franklin’s success at PSU is a truly special thing.

Franklin is a good man who does things the right way. And wins. And maybe it never scores him a national title, but I sure as hell hope it will some day. And I hope he always takes his responsibility as the face of a program this seriously. I hope he never arrives at a juncture where he thinks he’s bigger than the name of the school he works for.

And I hope he always keeps his great sense of humor. Because to invite Keegan-Michael Key to Homecoming Week is an inspired and brilliant move by a head coach who actually gets it.

More of this . . . we need it.




41 thoughts on “Tricking out my Tuesday

  1. B,
    Just the morning, I opened up the Facebooks and saw this: “The Monday-est Tuesday Ever” – so… because Mondays suck for simply existing, poor Tuesday gets a bad rap if it starts off on the “meh” side.
    I’m not giving that schmuck extra air time.
    Gotta agree with you on the Terrestrial radio – mind you, I still love my CBC but on occasion even they start feeling repetitive – Imma send ’em a note. Think it’ll work?
    PETA – I’ll just shake my head because I feel I must contain myself. I just hope no one I knows gives money to these putzes if this is what they are using the funds for…
    Waste of energy to get pissed at being cut off – but that’s a guy thing 😉
    And athletes. Grow the fuck up.
    Don’t even get me started on the “We’re pregnant” bullshit.

    Great video! Good Gawd they actually look alike, dontcha think?

    Here’s to sharing the good stuff

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    • Q,
      NO time for that Urban Legend of a previously respected football coach . . . none!
      And Tuesdays need some loving. They’re tucked between the least popular day of the week and a big bar day. Tuesdays ain’t got a chance!
      PETA ventures so far off of its mission statement, which infuriates me.
      It must be a guy thing, because someone cuts me off and I’m seeing red. Of course, I no longer give them the finger, seeing as how you can’t be certain if someone’s packing heat. Taking a pic makes me feel like I give ’em something to think about.
      Yes, that rant on athletes comes from a football player who recently whined about not being taken seriously. Welp, if you acted your age, maybe peeps WOULD take you seriously dude! LOL. . .
      And those two were separated at birth, I tell you! It’s uncanny!

      To sharing! It means caring. If I be so daring. 🙂

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  2. Loved the intro with the days of the week. Nice rant spots. Right on about Coach Franklin. … and that video was awesome! Hope you had a good weekend.

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    • Cincy,
      The days of the week have personalities all their own, so why not, yanno?
      As for Coach Franklin, I’m a big fan. He won at Vandy, which is an academic school. And he’s done well thus far at Penn State. A close call this past weekend against App State, but hopefully they can have another good season.

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      • I watched a little of the App St game … then gave up on it after PSU got comfortably in front … wrong time to tune out! Meanwhile, Bearcats surprised me @ UCLA … and I was hoping for a reasonable showing.

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        • I only watched a tiny bit of the Miami game since I turned it on late. It infuriated me that the Canes were getting trounced so I switched over to HBO. I’m not very fanatical when it comes to my fandom, lol
          Yeah, Cincy gave Chip Kelly a cold shouldered welcome back to college ball alright!

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          • The LSU QB, the Buckeye transfer, had it down to LSU & UC … so I was curious from that stand point. Meanwhile, Chip Kelly will bring his Bruins to Nippert next year, so I’m sure he’ll be out for revenge.

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  3. But what is Tuesday when it follows a three day weekend and begins a week when I have a Friday off. Is it my Monday or my Wednesday?

    Regarding PETA — it’s just one of those liberal groups I’m done with … as a liberal. It’s a perfect example of an interest group continuing to reach for reasons to be outraged to justify its existence. Like I said … I’m done.

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    • King,
      You make a good point. In those instances, Tuesday is sort of like an early dismissal day for kids, I’m guessing. Not a day off, but a pretty good deal for a school/work day.
      PETA has pressing matters that need attention here in the states and around the world, so the idea they chose to lobby to remove the original artwork from a box of crackers is maddening.

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  4. Bahaha the driving one… yes! Make them sweat… love it. And yes to grown men making obscene amounts of money… just stop now… you don’t look pretty pouting. And idk isn’t the “we’re prego” thing a more modern deal? like it’s super cute… you perfectly nailed his part in it all 😛

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    • Sassy,
      You know it! If they want to own the road, let ’em dwell on the possibilities is what I say.
      The athletes who pout are whiners. Nothing worse than a dude who’s a whiner, I’m sorry.
      I believe you are correct. Because I know one thing. When my then wife was pregnant, I was NEVER going to refer to the pregnancy as a “we” situation . . . for fear of my life!

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  5. The only person that could truly say We are pregnant, was Victoria, and she sure as shit was not talking about Albert. The best Victoria and Albert story, aside from the museum in London, I was in a history seminar, and a lovely woman who was an elementary education teacher. She always laughed about how difficult it was for her to guide her students, researching Prince Albert, through sites on the internet.

    Radio in this country, I do agree, sucks. National Public Radio has turned into a place for conservatives with a Ph.D. Aside what was mentioned above, radio in France is extensive from France musique, France culture, and Europe 1, just to name a few, all things I listen to on a daily basis. There is also a literature program La Grande Librarie, on TV5 in France. A program that discuss new literature for 1.5 hours, that I listen to every week. Top writers and new writers are on discussing their works.

    Though, at present, a good bit of culture in this country is dead, it still exists.

    The good Billy !

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    • Good Billy!

      Victoria and Albert had a bushel of kids, so I’m pretty sure if any woman was gonna be like “Yo Al, you take a turn!” . . it would have been her, LOL.
      Radio . . . . UGH! Years ago, I actually started listening to talk radio while driving because FM radio sucked. Like I said, the program managers for a lot of these stations are reactive lemmings. Most of them have been doing the same damn thing forever.
      These days, most peeps consider themselves cultured if they go to Barnes and Noble and then go see an indie flick . . .

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