62 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Hmmm… Will give you credit for such a fabulous picture… coz we’re all about peace and love, baby!
    Rather, now I should change it up and say, thanks for sharing my photos! xo

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      1. the reason I ask is because I saw you tagged dale and read her comment – but then the comment after that (from F) complimented you for the pic (said you captured it) and you said “it’s a passion ya know?”

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      2. Prior,
        Don’t mind me, I am a total wise ass, lol. Yep, if it’s not Dale taking the shot, it’s Linds B. I kinda dig this Wordless Wednesday thing, because here I am posting pics and I am SO not the photographer.


      3. well I am not sure it matters because you always get permission – eh? and what a nice way to compliment folks because showcasing others images in quote the honor (or can be – some snobby ones might be all put off – but the folks you like are cool like y’all)
        anyhow, have a nice day

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      4. Every single time. I dig losing myself inside the talents of my friends. And my friends are indeed so very cool. They make me realize I am doing something right, tell you what.
        Have a great day Prior!

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      1. well I am currently on a huge screen and it is still barely visible (and I have good eyes) –
        but that location and size is great for protecting your work, and I once heard “badfish” say that names on images ruins them – I think he would give you a thumb up because of the way you chose the green and the font you chose.
        However, with that said, I studied that image and missed it – the reason i liked it was the triangles and felt some trig come to mind – and then the wings.
        and then after you told me – I missed the name.
        and that is all fine – but the reason i spoke up here was because when Frank said “You captured it so well!”
        and then sorryless wrote back “Well Frank, it’s a passion, yanno?
        to which frank replied:
        “cheers to your catch!”

        well that puzzled me

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      2. I am not the type to put a huge smear on my photos (which means anyone can, if they choose, cut it out but, hey, it’s a chance I take) And I do try to make it blend it, rather than stand out.
        I am so glad you saw the various lines – trig, eh? Impressive!

        As for the whole Frank/Marc thing, it’s because Frank knows its my pic and Marc was just fooling around, totally tongue-in-cheek.

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      3. You speak the truth.
        And I do feel it from my daughter AND my son, now that he’s out on his own. Of course, my daughter is always going to give me a hard time about my humor, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, lol.

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