Three Days in Woodstock

Woodstock Heart

If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliche that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that’s his problem. Love and peace are eternal ~ John Lennon

The morning sun was shaking loose and sprinkling its rind across a Thursday morning that had come much too soon. Our three days had behaved like mercury- with a fiery abandon whose rambunctious particles cleaved the hours into minutes and the days into memory. Q scavenged the fridge for anything that could be used before we left town. Our ‘moving day breakfast’, much like our conversation, was abundant and tasty. We chowed down whilst jamming to music whose province had become more expansive on this particular morning. For every musical spill out of the sixties, there was another song that spelled a different time and place. We traded favorite songs as we dined, eager to fire up the flat screen on the wall as if it were a mystical pelt that spoke of our histories in four minute verses.

Going up the country had proven to be a magical ride, for more reasons than that farm in Bethel, New York had wrought. Our Woodstock experience turned a couple of blog neighbors into the very best of friends. We’d shared so much of the everything that had brought us to this place, and then we kept right on going; prevailing on the mood of a place that never grew up.

The ride into town after breakfast was filled with stories out of other times and places, and reflections on the times and places we had shared over the course of three days. Like a favorite song that you don’t want to end, we played our steps on a loop and got high on the payback. We had pushed our way into that line of five hundred thousand strong  . . . intent on making it two more crazy kids whose moonshine didn’t need a bottle and whose music didn’t act its age.

And maybe this place hadn’t been our first choice. All we knew is that it spoke to us in a language borne of stardust driven six strings and restless voices that once raged inside the deepest reaches of the night. The echoes reminded us that the things we lose in a fire will become the things we carry with us. It’s up to us to shine a light on them, wherever we may go.

Time may thieve the days, but the light . . that’s ours to keep.

34 thoughts on “Three Days in Woodstock”

  1. B,
    PERFECTION. That’s what our getaway was. And, as per, you have brought it to life with your wonderful way with words, strung together into a melodious song in itself.
    And I love that you chose the same song as me for the finale…
    Lotsa peace and love,

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    1. Q,
      Oh, I just knew it HAD to be Janis! It was the easiest music vid decision of the bunch, not even close.
      I thank you for not thinking this sucked, LOL. But seriously, you understand what the melodious song meant because you were writing it with me. It’s remarkable how much great food, drinks and music we dined on over three days time. We certainly did give the ‘kids’ a run for their money, eh?
      And so what if it wasn’t our first choice for a destination? All that matters is what WE made of it in the end.
      We brought the power to flower!

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      1. Of course it had to be. And THIS song as well… I knew it was gonna be mine so I don’t know why I’m surprised it was yours. And this far from sucked. 🙂
        We did manage to do quite well for ourselves, cramming much into three days yet not feeling like we were over-doing it. We had a perfect pace, methinks.
        I have practically forgotten that it was not our first choice because it was the best choice.
        And the music to the mood!

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      2. Well we DID kinda run roughshod there on Tuesday evening. Okay . . . you were much more sensible than yours truly- who decided it was a brilliant idea to partake of a Cuban cigar, bourbon, beer(s) AND some varietal of funny feeling spice that Linds B had supplied me with for the trip.
        But we did it! All! And how!

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      3. That we did. I was only more sensible because… there was no wine! And, mixing that varietal after booze has a nefarious effect on me so it was best I was reasonable-ish.

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      4. Ish being the operative addendum to the evening, LOL.
        Yes, vino would have changed the game for certain. After which we might have pulled a Rolling Stones and trashed the place! After which we would have been shopping for a hotel room at two am! After which . . . oh well, you catch my drift. 😉

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      5. Speak for yourself. I just don’t do bourbon and after a while beer is bloating… so… I shoulda picked up a bottle of red. Just sayin’
        And… I most definitely catch your drift 😀

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      6. A bottle of red would’ve hit the spot indeed. And I have to watch beer too if I wish to keep my girlish figure the way you do, 😉
        Here’s to a good bottle of something friendly and catching drifts!

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      7. It would’ve indeed. Hey. Next time! You run enough to keep that girlish figure.. I’ve gotta worry once the golf season is over! I can’t allow myself to return to slug-style.
        Cheers to that!

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      8. Hey, that ship never sails away, it just keeps on giving. I do a Rob Zombie workout in which I incorporate Tang Soo Do into my aerobic exercise. It does wonders.
        And I’m thinking about goat yoga . . .

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