38 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

      1. Oui, m’sieur… mais, vous voyez, Γ©tant une anglo dans une province franco, (though I am totally half and half) on aime tenir notre bout. En anglais, on ne met pas l’accent…
        We can be bitchy that way πŸ˜‰

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  1. Hi sorryless/ Nice choice of photo from D…
    I like the bright green left and darker right and the ripple front –
    (And nice watermark)
    I am on a little blog pause but had to chime in on this WW

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      1. Yvette,

        I’ve been calling you Prior because I am, in a word, simple. Don’t mind me, please.
        And how cool that you thought of us when it comes to the Cubano sammy! That is such a very cool thing to hear.
        A pic too! Doubly cool!


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      2. Well I prefer Prior (online) but all these people start getting all personal and use my first name – guess that is what happens naturally!
        And my husband laughed at the sorryless blog handle a (loved it) and am I correct that your blog posts even covered an Arby’s cubano?

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      3. Good! I dig Prior so very much, but wanted to give you the option.
        Hubs is loving it! I love that! Dang . . I should’ve kept the list me and Linds compiled of possible blog names.
        And you are correct, Arbys was a stop on our search for the perfect Cuban. We graded on a really friendly curve.

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      4. Oh please let me know if you find the list of possibke names
        – he really cracks up with some of them (althogh did u notice most writers use their realmnsme – or a psudo nsme that is a real name)

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