The Vera Farmiga Invitational


Vera Farmiga

It’s been a while.

Back inside another time, I used to put together these “Hot Lists”- comprised of sultry dishes whose cosmic ingredients sated the visual sweet tooth. Unlike Maxim’s Hot List, mine do not include minors. There’s no need for swimsuits or anything of the like. Alls these gals have to bring is their bad selves.

You may wonder why I call it the Vera Farmiga Invitational instead of the Hot List; to which I say, same difference. Vera is the Mistress of Ceremonies because she is the reading, writing and ‘rithmetic of what’s hot. She is the honey’s bees knees, and thus . . it’s her party.

So, here’s my latest starting lineup of sexy. Nine gals with skill sets that touch all the bases. Go home team!


Ashleigh Banfield– She’s got the glasses, which I dig very much. She’s got the smarts, which I dig very much. She’s got the looks, which completes this yummy trifecta of brains and beauty. I can’t wait until tomorrow, because this girl just keeps getting better looking every day.

Julie Stewart Binks

Julie Stewart Binks- I’m not gonna lie, soccer babes rock. I have a long history of smitten when it comes to the soccer kitten (see what I did there?). J Shizzle has that sexy smirk that always gets me riled up, and then she deals up her five tool talents? And then I’m begging her to stop because it hurts so good. But she won’t stop, because she knows I love it. Okay . . . what was I talking about?

Carole Laure

Carole Laure- This Canadian import is a product of Quebec. The singer/actress/creamy seductress is now seventy years old, but when you Google her, you’re gonna find the new way of doing fifty is what you’re gonna find. Because she is still sweeter than maple syrup. Hat tip to the Notorious Q for this sexy get!

Crystal Reed

Crystal Reed- GodAYUM is my one word answer to the question that is Crystal Reed. Because I have no idea who she is, seeing as how the woman can play more roles than a double agent in wartime. Bookish schoolmarm who will kill you in your sleep and you’ll be okay with it? Check! Goth chick who will eat your soul at the picnic lunch you fix for her and you’ll be like “You so crazy baby!” Check! Girl next door who can cook up a feast, run a bake sale from the trunk of her Jetta and seduce the boy next door before happy hour? Check! Gangster wild child with a death wish, who somehow becomes the black sheep of a crime family dynasty? Checking A!


Carmen Ejogo

Carmen Ejogo- Carmen has the name, she has the timeless beauty and she has the ability to give you myriad hair days- one more spectacular than the next. From the hot professor short ‘do to ‘8o’s sleek, ’20’s  bouffant, beehive, beachy blond bombshell and boot kicking booyah. She has rocked every kind of look and she’s got that British accent which supplies a velvet crush to the senses.

Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan- She’s reminiscent of a different time in Hollywood. Elegance and grace with a style that doubles down on plain ‘ole sexy. And when she speaks . . that secret that Victoria’s been toting around? It gets told.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle- She’s the girl next door. Assuming you live next door to Buckingham Palace. Meghan’s smile gives everything away, because what lies beneath that sweet, lithesome curl is a bad girl gone good. At least . . that’s my interpretation of it. If I’m wrong, just leave me be.

Carrie Anne Moss

Carrie-Anne Moss- She’s so beautiful that she even made Keanu Reeves look good in all those Matrix movies. Just kidding! Please don’t send hate mail to me, since I haven’t checked the email for this blog in forever, and I would hate to miss out!

Paula Patton

Paula Patton- I had this dream that Paula was my drill instructor and that . . Okay, well . . that’s as much as I can share as far as that dream goes. She’s got a style all her own and a look that says Friday night. I’d be a member of Patton’s Army any day.

Welp, that’ll do for this latest installment of the Vera Invitational. Thank you for tuning in, and we would like to remind you to check your local listings for a Holiday Edition! Until then, may you have honeyed up wishes and hot buttah dreams.




29 thoughts on “The Vera Farmiga Invitational

  1. I can always count on you to make me grateful I have eyes, Marc. Your descriptions were beyond delicious and you allowed me to drop deep into studying the menu selection. “I’m sorry waiter but I haven’t made up my mind yet. Could I have a few more minutes.”

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  2. B,

    K. I had to wait for the end of the Prince video because. Well. Prince. (And, believe it or not, to me, that minuscule version of male was ALL male and I had me a dream once…) shakes herself to the present.

    Fabulous list you have here – and this coming from a chick not into chicks but one who can appreciate a beautiful woman for what she is and these are definitely beautiful women; definitely not girls. Which says a lot about you 😉

    Lotsa love from that Q-Chick

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  3. We may be bruthas from anuthah muthah cause Vera, Paula, Carrie Ann and Meghan, YES! YES! A thousand times YES! Saw Vera live at a SXSW show, but far away. The others I don’t know but good schtuff, Sorryless!

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  4. You got me right away with Ashleigh Banfield – a long-time favor who moved from CNN to the sister-network HLN. Two of my long-time favors have been there for some time – Robin Meade and Susan Hendricks. Along with Banfield, Carol Costello and Kyra Phillips moved over (but Phillips has moved on). Gemma Chan mesmerized me in Crazy Rich Asians … and Markle has shined as a royal.

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    • A-Ban has always been a favorite. And I know your thing for Robin Meade. She’s got that effusive personality that you can’t help but smile on.
      Gemma is just so beautiful and elegant. A classic. As is Markle.

      Thank you Cincy!


  5. I just love that you have named this the Vera Farmiga Invitational. The cover photo is a little dated. I’d like to see a forty-something Vera. Her beauty has something to do with a lifelong commitment to “good vibes” for lack of a better term. That positivity guides her life and spreads light to others. (She is also not lacking a strong work ethic, talent, and visual beauty).

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