We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Programming . . .

I wonder about those peeps who stay up until 2 am so that they can ‘officially’ turn the clocks back. I mean, I feel like they’re getting screwed in much the same way I get screwed every time a new customer receives a special deal for some shit I’ve been buying for years.

Think about it, you stay up until 2 am to change the clocks while someone else stays up till say 11 pm and still receives an hour. If I was the person staying up until 2 am, I should get something for my trouble yanno? Like, if I play by the official rules I think I should get an extra fifteen minutes for that entire week.

And since I’m obviously overthinking this, here are a few items I’m relatively certain about . . .

  • D.J. Durkin, who was fired a day after he was re-instated as Maryland’s head football coach, should never get a job coaching kids again. Ever. It’s a privilege, not a right. He can go sell toilet seats.
  • And how come the suits at Maryland who thought it was a good idea to bring Durkin back get to keep their jobs? Because not only should they be gone, they should be sued.
  • Some people are pissed at Starbucks for taking Christmas out of the equation as per their holiday cups. Some people need to get laid more.
  • Remember when voting for Mickey Mouse was said jokingly? Because I would legitimately vote for him. He employs more than sixty thousand people at his theme park alone while presiding over the largest media company in the world. He’s a pacifist who has been with the same woman forever, democrats and republicans both love him and he lives in a castle. Sold!
  • I have no idea if Alec Baldwin really did punch someone over a parking space. But it wouldn’t be “Stop the Presses!” shocking to me is all I’m saying.
  • Rick Grimes leaving The Walking Dead is more anticlimactic than opening day for the Mets.
  • Sticks and stones may break your bones, so Trump is plenty fine with shooting your ass.
  • More shootings and precious little dialogue. Is it just me or has it gotten perilously quiet?
  • North Korea is threatening to resume its nuclear development and I am shocked I tell you! Uh . . shocked.
  • Not all that long ago, TV stars aspired to make movies.

Sorryless will be taking a break from its regularly scheduled programming this coming week, but we will return with a brand spanking new post next weekend. On Tuesday, we will offer up a “From the Vault” post and you can still check out our pic of the week on Wordless Wednesday.

Here’s hoping you have a fantastic week, and we will see you on the flip side!


65 thoughts on “We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Programming . . .

  1. Shit. HIt enter by error…I think. I must have.
    Where was I? Oh yeah.. the Operators who worked the night shift on these days got an extra hour’s pay in Fall and one less in spring – and they STILL bitched about the Springtime one…
    I am not even discussing Durkin other than to say, why didn’t they have the balls to fire his ass immediately? And you’re right… go up the line and get rid of ’em all. But… last time something like that happened was when Reagan fired the whole lot of Air Traffic Controllers who decided to strike…
    Starbucks – peeps… there are more important things to bitch about
    Alec Baldwin – really… see above comment changing bitch about to talk about
    I’m with you on Mickey Mouse – and between all the Disneys… I betcha there are even more employees, no? I mean if you guys can vote in a clown, why not a Mouse?
    I am so far from TWD, I’ve three episodes taped…
    Shootings – dangerously silent…
    Awww come on… someone will come up with a good idea for a movie that is original and not a remake. right?

    As per, your rants are the bomb! Shit! Don’t tell North Korea…


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  2. I just don’t know how Trump can get any worse and then each and every week he goes there. Our troops are going to shoot unarmed people. Well, no, actually they aren’t. The caravan is still months away and by the time it gets here it will likely be down to a few hundred. It’s all just smoke and mirrors designed to inflame his base. Fear the brown person!! Fear the brown person!!! His tactic is what killed the Republican Party in California when good ol’ Republican Gov. Pete Wilson latched on to anti-immigrant senitment in the early ’90s. I’m not sure Trump’s actions will produce the same result nationwide, but I am hopeful that there are more reasonable people than ignorant, fearful people still out there.

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    • Mark,

      Trump went on TV one day after saying that a rock should be treated as a rifle and denied saying that troops should shoot rock throwers. And the thing is? Peeps who are on board with him eat it like fresh baked pie.
      Wilson pulled that one out of his back pocket when he needed something to galvanize his flagging campaign.
      There is a difference between love of country and enmity of other countries, but unfortunately, I think there are Trump fans who consider it a package deal.


      • You are describing perfectly the problem on the right today … you can’t just love America, you must also distrust, dislike, and hate all other countries and believe in your right to supremacy and domination. It’s what Trump’s “nationalism” is all about. When he spoke at the U.N. and said the U.S. was done with globalism and believed in patriotism instead, my response was “great, so we’re not going to cooperate anymore, we’re going to compete — which leads to inevitable war.” He is such a buffoon.

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        • Nationalism is an ignorance of a country’s history. Where do all these so called patriots think WE came from?
          To me, the idea of a country comprised of peeps who come from all over the world to live here is beautiful.
          Nationalism is insidious, and the playbook is all about playing keep away with the ‘opposition’. Whereas, a legit democracy is supposed to welcome all. I’m guessing all of Trump’s lackeys are too afraid to give him a real history lesson.


  3. 1. I love Johnny Cash.
    2. I turn my clocks back at 2 p.m. on Saturday, then don’t look at a clock again all day. I go to bed a little later than usual, and I wake up at 8:30, my usual weekend time. I’m not tired or anything. It’s the best day of the year! We need to get Daylight Saving Time abolished and just let the earth / light / dark do their things.
    3. You make strong arguments about Mickey, but one of his friends doesn’t wear pants and his two dog friends can’t decide if they should wear clothes or not. This factors in somehow (I’m just not sure).
    4. Remember when Howard Dean lost his voice and screamed HEYAHHHHH! and that killed his campaign? And Mitt Romney’s vacation tale from the 80s of his dog in a windshielded crate on top of his car made people think twice in 2012? We were so cute then, when things like that could virtually end a campaign. President Orange says he’ll shoot people who throw rocks, then his people try to “walk that back” ??? by saying that’s not what he meant? I’m sorry, he uses very small words with few meanings to choose from. AND YET HE GOT ELECTED and still is in office. I miss the Dean/Romney disqualification days. *sigh*
    5. People should be more concerned with what’s in Starbucks’ cups. I haven’t gotten an iced tea made the same way there in a decade. It’s the same recipe, people! Why doesn’t it always taste the same?! (This is why I make it at home.). And Jesus said, “Let the people have their festive cups, and may they runeth over, and, if they make one to celebrate my birthday, let it be a hologram in which my beard appears/disappears with the heat of the blessed coffee.”

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    • In responding to you, I’ve made myself laugh with my Jesus comment (hey, we all get over Catholic school in our own ways) and posted that on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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    • T Siz,

      Cash rocks the casbah!
      And I love that you are gaming the system sistah! I’m with you as per the abolition of DST.
      Okay, so Mickey has some skeletons in his closet. But that only makes him more interesting, especially if he can be self deprecating on the late night shows . .
      Dean got stream rolled for that HEY! Which was hilarious, but really? Dude should show excitement but not too much excitement . . so WHAT is the line? And Mitt Romney, the dog . . You can’t have the family dog on the roof. One of the kids? Fine.
      And Trump was the one who denied saying that, one day after he said just that!


      And it was so . . .

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      • Kids on the roof: agree.
        Orange doesn’t know what he said five minutes ago let alone a day ago. I’m guessing his alternate personalities don’t leave notes for each other, as they should.

        Dude… I hate to tell you this… …. …




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        • Kids On the Roof . . . the next big pop rock band.
          I wasn’t aware that Trump was capable of having multiple personalities. I do believe he dabbles, extensively, into alternate realities. Like, how he framed the House going to Democrats last night as “great results”. Well, yanno . . because it was the media’s fault and this is proof that he was right!
          Agreed . . . there is no line. Ugh . . .

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          • I feel so much better this morning, though. He’s a blip. The fact that so many people came out to vote, and we didn’t lose a lot of races by very much. A blip. Good will prevail!

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          • I don’t know any of this for certain, seeing as how both sides talk about it happening. But I do know that a red House and Senate would have been muy peligroso when it comes to issues such as Roe v. Wade. Can’t be having that.
            And don’t we really, really, really need to do something about these shootings? Now? Because we have been following the classic definition of insanity ever since Columbine.


          • The red house/senate wouldn’t be so troublesome if they weren’t being overtaken by the far right people.

            America’s gun culture is deeply rooted (much like it’s racism, etc.). I don’t know how we “fix” that.


  4. I didn’t stay up until 2 am, and when I woke up this morning, it was the same time as the person who did stay up until 2. Hey … Enjoy your week break!

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  5. Enjoy your break, Marc. I’m sitting here kind of flummoxed since I had to get up at 5:30 (previously known at 6:30) to let out a pack of wolves (make that dogs) whose badders could not process the logic of DLST. I need a break too. Enjoyed the post.

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  6. Enjoy your time off. I went into my kitchen last night and was alarmed at this ticking sound and realized my Atomic clock was fast forwarding to the proper time alignment. It was bizarre at the speed the time was progressing. Luckily I only videoed a few moments (hey gotta keep my Instagram feed current, right?) and didn’t watch it for long. This morning, everything was right as rain. In fact, there had been a slight shower, too. And then a crisp frost. Brrrr. Felt invigorating. ☮️

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