Speaking Of . . .

Before we get started, I should warn you, this post is sports heavy. You might want to sit this one out if that’s not your thing. Oh, but wait . . sports isn’t really about sports any longer, I forgot. So umm . . if sports is your thing, you might want to sit this one out. But the video at the end of this post . . you should check it out.

  • Classy move by SNL in paying tribute to George H.W. Bush. It’s ironic how peeps on both sides of the political aisle look upon former Presidents now, with a richer appreciation. Bush wasn’t the most popular of Presidents, but he served with dignity and grace; two elements that have gone missing since 2017.

Anime Illegal

  • Speaking of classless, the Washington Redskins signing of Reuben Foster would apply. Foster was released by the 49ers last week after he was arrested on domestic violence charges, and the Redskins were only too happy to swoop in and sign him. Foster majored in criminal behavior at Alabama and he continued his lawless ways in two seasons with San Francisco. He can play some football, which is all that counts as far as the Redskins are concerned. How sad.
  • And speaking of the Redskins  . . lemme see if I got this straight. Their starting quarterback- Alex Smith- goes out with a season ending injury a couple weeks back and they don’t even put in a phone call to Colin Kaepernick because he questions allegiance to the flag. But . . Reuben Foster, he’s okay because he just beats the shit out of women. Got it.
  • Speaking of men behaving badly, Kareem Hunt was released by the Chiefs after TMZ released a video of Hunt shoving and kicking a woman in Cleveland back in February. In a recent interview, Hunt said he isn’t the type of person to lay his hand on a woman. Son, you did just that, and admitting you were in the wrong and that the Chiefs did the right thing in releasing you is a constructive first step. Admitting you are the type of person who would lay his hand on a woman is the next step. Get help. 
  • And speaking of help, why doesn’t the NFL hire the TMZ peeps to score these videos? The same league that can bring mountains of evidence against Tom Brady for allegedly deflating some footballs, somehow can’t find a fucking video of Hunt hitting a woman? Get Roger Goodell on the phone . . I got some WMD’s in Iraq I wanna sell him. Cheap!

Well Shit

  • And speaking of paper mache bosses, I’m glad the semi-pro Ohio State Buckeyes won’t be attending the College Football playoffs. Maybe all those Buckeyes fans who thought defeating Michigan absolved Coach Meyer of aiding and abetting a wife beater can take that imaginary chip off their shoulders now and grow the hell up.
  • Speaking of imaginary, I know the NCAA couldn’t do it because they have a convoluted methodology to abide by in filling out their final four, but there is no way in hell Georgia ain’t a top four team. In my humble estimation, the Bulldogs are a top two team.
  • Speaking of fantastic beasts and where to find ’em, it seems the probe into possible Russian interference in the 2016 election might finally be coming to an end. What? Somebody found the TMZ video?
  • Speaking of probes, Target Tammy doesn’t take kindly to sex talk of any kind. Methinks the two minute video is the most sex talk Tammy has had in a long time.
  • And speaking of twits, a Rudy Guiliani tweet mistakenly linked to a screen which read “Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country”. Awkward! And while I don’t take Twitter seriously, I do happen to take the fact that Rudy is morphing into the Penguin very seriously.
  • And speaking of WTF? I’m issuing a cease and desist to Walmart for using the classic song Help Is On Its Way by the Little River Band in its commercials. Yep, they framed this ditty into the come on for their failing grocery app; which has proven to be a shit show because the only thing this schlock house retailer is good at is low prices. Stop fucking with good music, Walmart!

And speaking of good music . . check out Pink doing it up in her best Freddie Mercury. It’s a six minute dose of pure sugar.



44 thoughts on “Speaking Of . . .

  1. GWH Bush appearance on SNL with Dana Carvey is classic … and is an example of the type of guy the president was. In terms of the NFL, we don’t know what that is in my city. Must be something from the past. Thanks for the Pink extravaganza!

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  2. Dear B,

    Sportsfan or not, you have a way of pulling us in (insert appropriate Godfather reference here).

    Not for nothing they say hindsight is 20/20 vision. Things look much better after the fact. But you are right, he may not have been the best president but GHW was a cut above the current resident by leaps and bounds.

    Speaking of… I shall spare you going through this fantastic list one by one and just shake my head along with yours re: all the sports idiocy that is “acceptable/not acceptable”

    Oh. Em. Gee. That Target Tammy vid! I am killing myself laughing. Is she for real? (Not a real question, of course)

    Classic tunes should be barred from junk stores. Period.

    And what a fantabulous rendition by Pink. Just wish there were a video of her moving around (though, she does look fabulous, doesn’t she?)

    Rant on!


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    • Q,

      The Godfather is everywhere, isn’t it? I was asked what movie I would take with me if I was stranded on a desert island and I picked that movie because of all the many things I might cull from it. Of course, having electricity on a desert island . . why would I wish to be ‘unstranded’? LOL

      Bush was Presidential. He took the office seriously. Antiquated notions any longer . . .

      News came down this morning that Meyer will retire after Ohio State’s bowl game and as I told Frank, it’s time.

      Yeah, Target Tammy needs to chill. What in the blessed fuck is she doing, walking around snooping on other peeps?

      I totally agree as per the songs!

      Pink rocked it, and YES!

      To ranting . . .


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      • The Godfather is absolutely – Having watched “You’ve Got Mail” countless times and hearing all the references… 😉
        And yeah, desert island sounds good some days..

        He was presidential, without a doubt. You had to wonder where those genes went when you got Dubya…

        Good. Could have happened sooner as we discussed, and retirement comes with cash…

        She was totally out there. Good grief! Takes all sorts a peeps.

        Pink rocks in general but this… this was fab.

        To ranting and dreaming of change…

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        • Well the Presidential thing probably skips a generation, LOL.

          Meyer will be heralded, he will take his boatload of cash and probably move into an administrative position at the school, and who knows . . maybe he’l run for office some day. I only half kid . . .

          Tammy is indicative of WAY too many peeps who think they are the moral arbiters of everybody else. Those women were minding their business and having a private conversation until Tammy made it public.

          Rant, dream and roll!

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  3. Mayer has decided to retire after the Rose Bowl. Too bad he didn’t say immediately. What’s with Tammy in Target anyway. Not enough to do I guess. I love the one woman’s comment about not engaging. Love Pink, Love Freddie. Just not Pink in Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s like putting on a costume worn by someone who has passed. Excellent post, Pilgrim.

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    • I wish him good health but I don’t believe anything he says. So this idea that he ain’t coaching again, I don’t buy it. He’s proven to say one thing and do another, for a very long time now. I’ve known this type of person, they talk about being sincere whilst doing all manner of insincerity to those closest to them.
      Target Tammy needs to get a life.
      And that’s fair. I feel ya on your opinion about Rhapsody. I just love Pink’s spill on it.

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  4. Oh gosh, where to begin? Can I start by saying Pink! is AWESOME. That girl has a set of pipes. As for all the sports stories, I can’t stop shaking my head. The NFL is slowly killing the cash cow and Roger G. is to blame for it. The Redskins…well, did you really expect them to do anything resembling decency. I’m not the slightest bit surprised by a team that says go pound sand on them changing their name to something less offensive but we’ll take all the wife beaters that will fall under our cap. Pigs. And while we’re talking football, the NCAA joke of rankings and their silly playoff system continues. Maybe that flies in the semi-pro league (aka the SEC) but once the NFL goes into the crapper, college football is going to be in serious trouble. Sorry for the wordy comment. You got my blood boiling with these topics and brevity is not my forte when it comes to sports and culture.

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  5. My eyes glazed over what with all the talk of the sports, but I am here to congratulate you on and celebrate your transitions! I love how one thing… one.. one thing… leads to another… another.. leads to a … one thing… 🙂

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