63 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

      1. Thank ya, thank ya very much! 😘
        PS- Fun fact. As I was typing this in my best (only) Elvis, an iPhone commercial with singing Elvis’s came on. I mean . . the dude never rests!


      2. There are a few artists out there that I strangely never owned any of their stuff. Funny thing indeed. I tried to watch a snipped of Jailhouse Rock the other day. Didn’t last five minutes!

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      1. Maybe Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March will have a resurgence. You just never can tell what’s coming down the literary pike. Do you like to read? You must. You can’t own a vocabulary like yours otherwise. A thin girl’s 2 cents.

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      2. I do. It’s scattershot at this point, and I find that I tend to binge now. Which, I’m guessing, is better for my waistline than potato chips.
        The classics were my childhood, perhaps my gateway drug to writing with some kick in ‘me boots.

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      1. If the Dolphins win their last two games and somebody kidnaps Tom Brady after which Coach B picks up Nathan Peterman off the wire after Jon Gruden realizes he signed the wrong Peterman (He thought he was signing J. Peterman) and the Pats lose their last two games . . .
        Miami is playoff bound!

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      2. PS: I know my blog musicals aren’t your theme, but the next one will include announcement for something new that you may enjoy. Then the Happy New Year post will be the second part of the announcement. After all, I know you enjoy music!

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