Top 5 Heroes Of The Week

This week’s “Heroes” are a mixed bag of goodies, in keeping with the season. There’s some kitsching, some bitching and a goodbye to a Hollywood legend. All wrapped up in a cute little bow with time to spare before the big guy (Jeff Bezos) arrives.

5- Show Me The (Facebook) Money!- The world’s largest photo album is a guilty pleasure to the tune of more than two billion users worldwide. People love their Facebook, and people love to hate their Facebook. And some people are even willing to quit Facebook, if the price is right.

FB thumb

In a recent study, 1,278 participants said they’d be willing to quit Facebook for a year. But unlike the service they’ve been milking for almost fifteen years, they ain’t gonna do it for free. These straight cash homies optioned out in the hypothetical to the tune of a thousand bucks.

I mean . . really. If you got business on FB, you just chump changed your brand. And if you use the site for the infinite string and tin can symphony it affords family and friends alike, you’re okay with putting a price tag on a priceless commodity? Either way, it’s pretty lame.

4- No . . Not Yo-Yo Ma- City Council meetings have never been confused with cupcake parties. And yet, as contentious as they tend to get, most of ’em are drier than Mitt Romney’s New Years Eve. So thank God for Memphis Council Chairman Berlin Boyd, really. I don’t know his politics, because that’s not why I picked him. I chose Double B because he reminded me that as buttoned down as we want to be . . we all have our moments. Being the snarky fuck that I am, I have no problem with it.

3- If It’s Good Enough For Michael Stipe, I’m Listening- Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors is the first two time news maker on my “Heroes” list. You may remember he made the list originally after replying to nine year old Riley Morrison’s letter about girl’s sneaker sizes. It was sublime.

This latest Curry dig on the moon landing? Silliness.

Recently, Curry made an off the cuff statement about the moon landing being a hoax. The backlash was ridiculous and the all world point guard walked back his comments soon after. This one hits me in all the wrong places, because if Curry was jiving . . why not say so right then and there? And if he was serious about it, why take it back? He’s a got a brand to protect, I get it. But he also has everything he could ever want, and if he truly has questions about the moon landing . . there’s nothing wrong with saying so. I might be wrong, but this feels like a league decision. And for a league as progressive as the NBA, that would be a shame.

2- Who’s Saving Who?- Look at me, being a comic fan boy. I’m so proud of myself! Okay, this has more to do with comeuppance for my son and his pals, who have given me shit since forever about my favorite DC comics character. They say Batman, or Superman and sometimes both. Me? I’m all about Aquaman.

Here’s the thing. I swam as a kid, like, all the time. It’s one of the reasons that my on again/off again relationship with the smokes didn’t slow my athletic endeavors down as an adult. Thank you Aquaman! And here’s hoping the newest addition to the DC movie franchise can give the more heralded Batman and Superman a boost at the box office. Because those two dudes ain’t exactly scaring Marvel as of late. Hell, without Wonder Woman’s help, things would be downright bleak right about now. And while Aquaman’s 68 percent take on Rotten Tomatoes is a far cry from Spider Man’s 97, the flick has some serious upside.

1- The Angels Always Win- When somebody like Penny Marshall leaves us, we’re left with memories and a crater sized void that will never be filled. We become the heirs to all the great many things she accomplished in an extraordinary life. Because there was an equity to her gifts, and she bestowed it upon us with every turn in front of the camera and behind it. It wasn’t the awards or the acclaim we take with us. It was her innate ability to do what only the great ones can. Make us believe.

She was a Bronx born gal whose BFF was Carrie Fisher and I happen to love those two facts every bit as much as the movie whose title actually fits them to a tee- A League of Their Own. One of my favorite lines comes from Tom Hanks, who plays Manager Jimmy Dugan. His catcher Dottie Hinson has decided to quit and go back home to Oregon because, as she puts it, the game “just got too hard,”.

Good thing for us Marshall didn’t quit before her directorial career moved into a different stratosphere with the 1988 motion picture Big; a movie in which she became the first female director to top 100 million at the box office. She was a known commodity who went blockbuster with that one, and she would do it again four years later with League. And oh by the way, the film also happens to reside in the United States National Film Registry. Good thing for us Marshall never gave in to the idea that the Hollywood game just got too hard.

In that 1992 classic about an all female baseball league, Dugan tells Hinson that baseball is supposed to be hard or else everyone would do it.

It’s the hard that makes it great.




















66 thoughts on “Top 5 Heroes Of The Week

  1. B,

    Facebook… ah yes… we do love to hate it… or hate to love it 😉 I *may* be guilty of the latter…But hey, it has brought me business, eh? I can smell the business cooking ….Ka-ching!

    People actually go to those City Council Meetings? I mean outside of the “go-get-em” scenes in the movies… Yo mama!

    What to say about Curry? Now all I can think of is this!

    As for Aquaman… all the mamas are going to see that one!!! Maybe not for the same reasons as you… ahem. He can save me any day…

    Penny Marshall – another great one gone too soon. From her hilarious portrayal as Laverne to sitting in the director’s chair, she “done good”…

    Love your Friday Lists!


    Liked by 2 people

    • Q,

      FB . . . (wait for it) is what it is. And at the (wait for it) end of the day, whether you use it or lose it, no matter. But these little mercenaries are pathetic.

      I love that Yo Mama moment so much. It’s my new old fashioned tag line and I fear if I keep using it, I will soon have no friends. But I can’t help it . . .

      I wish Curry wouldn’t have said anything at all. I just hate when peeps talk things back. Just own it!

      Yes, that is the general consensus. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a win win!

      And as for Penny, the angels always win.

      Go Friday!


      Liked by 1 person

      • Aaarrrggghhh! But yes, they are.

        Marc Yo Mama B!

        Just like the Mahr thing… own what you said and move on.

        It is win-win!

        They do, indeed. They are gathering quite a collection, dontcha think?

        Fridayz Rool!

        Liked by 1 person

        • My mama?! Yo mama! Our mama! All mama!

          Yes, just own the shit! I don’t understand why these peep insist on rolling back. It’s an opinion, it’s allowed to be an opinion. Still. When that changes, we’ll know we’ve reached Trump’s third term.

          Wonder Woman and Aquaman are saving Batman and Superman, I mean . . seriously.

          Yes they are. And they are relentless little buggers.

          Umm . . . rules is spelled with a U.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not a FB fan which may explain my obscurity. It’s become such a monster stealing time from the classics since who has time to read anymore when I have to keep up with whether you had pork or fish for dinner. Toss in every Tom, Dick
    and Dick you’ve ever known who wants a reunion thinking how happy it would make you and excuse me while I take another slug straight from the bottle. You hit a nerve there Sorryless. I know your name is Marc but nicknames are more intimate. Fuck Facebook and that child who sired it and all his money he could give to better causes than himself.

    Penny Marshall. With all her money she couldn’t get help with her diabetes. Makes me sad. She bought a piece of art I had years ago when I needed money. I remember though upset I had to sell it, I was glad it went to her. We’re all connected by a thread it seems. I appreciate and applaud all the time you put into your postings. You clearly like to write. Me too. Replaced cocaine and Tattingers that rivaled my rent bill. Oy

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  3. Cheers to your Penny Marshall tribute. The Curry comment reminded me of Shaq and other NBA players promoting a flat earth. It will be interesting to see if Facebook fades away or re-invents itself. Good choices, Marc!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Curry comment wasn’t as ridiculous though. It’s at least plausible. I’m not trashing him, because he’s as classy as they come. But I ain’t much for walking back an opinion. And if he was saying it in jest, he might have prefaced it by saying so.
      I think FB will morph. It’s too popular to go away entirely. The fact that it’s two decades strong is testament to its reach and pull.
      As for Marshall, the angels took another one.


  4. I’m with you…three cheers for Berlin Boyd! And here’s to Aquaman. We all need a couple of hours of pure entertainment especially after this bugger of a week. Don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been ridden hard and put away wet with the tone and fury of this week’s gut punching news stories. So does my 401K. 😬As for Steph Curry, it’s hard not to wonder…WTH? Personally I’m good with sports stars limiting their comments to defenses, offenses and current contract negotiations. I don’t need to hear their views on life outside their respective leagues. No one is interested in my thoughts on stuff outside my realm and that should be reciprocated with sports notables. I mean, take Tom Brady who may arguably be the best GB ever in the NFL but beyond that I have to wonder how he manages to get himself to the game every week. Curry should just keep popping 3’s and leave the rocket science to well, rocket scientists. Happy weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Double B just done broke free of the suit and went all neighborhood corner on us, and it was refreshing as hell.
      Aquaman! I hope it does really well this weekend. I gotta go see it, but seeing as how my son is not a fan, Imma have to find someone else or just go by myself.
      Ugh! It’s not good. But remember, it’s not Trump’s fault.
      Well said on the athletes chatter. Personally I don’t care one way or the other. They have a forum and if they choose to use it, coo. I don’t take their word as gospel, or anything like that. It’s their dime. But the thing is, if you say something, own it. Simple as that.
      We already have a guy in the White House who won’t own a damn thing that ever goes wrong. We need to be better than that.
      Happy Weekend!

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  5. Gotta say I’m a little pissed at those Facebook juveniles. They have the cajones to tell us how to behave on their precious app. Then they go around selling our stuff to anyone who is willing to pay. On top, the head teen lies about almost everything. Good on ya for selecting this bunch of miscreants as a hero of the week. (I know you were pointing to the bottom feeders who wanted to be paid to quit) I think I like the thumbs down icon and want to add my endorsement.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eilene,

      I don’t mind FB. I, like you, ain’t cuddling up to it nowadays. And that’s fine. I distrust most social media sites as per personal info, because we have no idea what the true clearinghouse effect is. And what’s more alarming is how most people don’t even really care about these breaches any longer. It used to be a shock, now . . it’s more of a shrug.
      Penny Marshall was a crush of mine back in the day. Laverne had attitude, and she actually made bowling look pretty cool! Her movies were a feast which Imma dive into again.

      Liked by 1 person

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