The Miracles In Asking Nicely

Peace and goodwill to all will begin its annual manifestation not too long from now. And for the next twenty four hours, we’ll get cooking on the better ideas of a day. Things like love, peace and friendship will prevail. And we’ll be really good, or at least better at all the little things that matter. Maybe it’s because Christmas asks us nicely, I don’t know.

But it’s always a good idea to pay attention to small sample sizes, seeing as how great big things come from somewhere. So if we abide to its supple plea with earnest and open souls, then maybe we’re not nearly as fucked as we think. Maybe those other three hundred and sixty four days of the year have a better chance than we ever imagined possible.

Maybe tomorrow is a calendar day that bears a remarkable resemblance to your best friend in the world. Yanno, the one who believes in you so bloody much that if you came to them with a body in the trunk . . well, they’d fetch the shovels, lime and a bottle of something 80 proof. Because maybe when you’re busy dwelling on your worst qualities, Christmas day sees the best of who you really are. There is a definitive spirit to such a thing as that. And that spirit is a gift, given to us in a small sample size that promises bloom. If we ask nicely.

Merry Christmas




85 thoughts on “The Miracles In Asking Nicely

  1. B,

    There you go again with a magical marriage of words flowing into fabulous phrases, expressing a beautiful thought – with just the right amount of B-Marv to spice it up. This was most lovely because, yes, we do seem to try a little harder on this particular day of the year. And maybe, just maybe, we try today, feel the love spread so we try again tomorrow…

    And love that “Christmas being the friend to fetch the shovel…”

    I don’t know how you do it, but I love that you do and we, your fans, get to read it.

    Merry Christmas, Marco.

    Dale xoxo

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    • Q,

      And therein lies the whole shebang. Too many peeps treason the season because they abide by the Christmas manual that has absolutely nothing to do with spirit and goodwill.

      It’s the peeps, such as yourself . . who Advent the days and sing the songs with spoons and violins. It’s THAT kind of spirit that ministers the flawed logic flocks into maybe . . just maybe, thinking longer and harder on what the spirit of this thing called Christmas really is all about.

      And hey, I gots a very solid circle of ‘miscreants’ who are shovel worthy- your lovely company is included in that ski masked group, 😉

      And what makes blogging worth it, for me? Those fans? Are friends.

      Merry Christmas, Ms D. Rog of Boucherville way.

      Love and peace. Gobs of it.

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      • B,

        Yep, that nasty commercialisation that has up and ruined things.

        If enough of us keep making the effort, all hope is not lost. And Christmas can be a jumping off point for a more generous spirit of kindness.

        Yes. I am honoUred to be amongst your miscreants!

        Yes. That is what blogging does.

        Merry Christmas Mr. Marco H. of Lancaster, PA

        Gobs and gobs (but no drool, coz that’s gross) of love

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        • I know of its insidious nature all too well. And really, it’s funny (stupid) how the merchants of mice and menace always seem to crumble over time.

          If ever there was a time when spirit was needed in heaping spoonfuls, it’s now. To be better than the leaders who have no blessed idea what leading is all about . . that is what we’re enlisted to do.

          How do I say this nicely? Honored? 😉

          Gobs, sans drool, yes!

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          • You are in a perfect position to see it first hand (and chapeau (hats off) to you that you don’t completely go mad – thank God for writing, eh?)

            That is the truth right there. So we’ll hold tight to the good and let the crap cascade outside of our bubble.

            ‘sokay… You, MUah, I MWah… same difference and gives us something to banter about 😉


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          • Thank God for writing. Always.

            Yanno, not to get all weepy but. I actually cry sometimes when I think about writing. And not writing. Crazy huh?

            I want a bubble. An actual, legit bubble. The kind those peeps barrel down the hill inside of. My question is, would it be socially appropriate? And if not . . where do I get one?

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          • I never would have thought. Methinks it has stopped me from losing my mind at times… And I’m not at your level of “need to write” as you have explained it to me.

            And no, it’s not crazy, at all. People like you, who observe and feel and soak stuff in… it has to come out somewhere.

            Yes! And I dunno if it’s appropriate but do we care? Can I come, or is this an individual kinda thing? Coz I do get it, if it is 🙂

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          • There is a crushed velvet quality to writing that ministers me inside the quiet. You can relate to that peace that comes over us when we’re inside our ‘bubble’.

            Any creative endeavor lends itself to a rather intense immersion, when you go in hot.

            We can customize this puppy, fo shizzle! And come to think of it, maybe a sound system too?

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          • See? Now that, I just can’t do: “There is a crushed velvet quality to writing that ministers me inside the quiet.” If it had been me? It would be something like: “Writing helps me to deal with stuff.” Not quite the melody you are singing…

            Those who go full throttle, anyway.

            Absolutely! Must have tunes as we roll/bounce/shimmy on down the hill! Oh, maybe something to drink?

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          • Well yanno Q . . . at the end of the day. The straw that stirs our drinks ain’t getting in the way of the method we employ. All it concerns itself with is getting there, to that place where everything, or anything at all, makes sense.

            Yes something to drink. Now, we might need to use sippy cups so’s not to spill anything.

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          • It is what it is, B. Rhythm vs Lead: rhythm provides the groove of the song, while lead provides the melody. Guess we need both, eh?

            Of course, that went without saying.

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    • Dearest Rochelle,

      It seems that I have a bit of winter reading to do! Thanks to our comrade to the North and you . . two mistresses of mayhem, tell you what. 🙂

      And MUAH to you for the lovely notes to yours truly. I have a nice little collection of signed books from people I actually know, yanno? That is so special, and so was this gift.

      You will be hearing from me on the B side.

      Many thanks once again!



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  2. Merry Christmas Marco. Your words here made me smile. After all, you have a way of saying the right things in a different way. Interestingly, my favorite sentence are the third from the begging and the third from the end.

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  3. You get such nice, warm comments all true. Funny you should include Mariah’s version of that song. Just last night I was reading the 10 best, punk Xmas songs and she made the cut.

    Love…promises bloom. Those daisies are coming up through the concrete once again. You have a habit of doing that…:)

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  4. I’m sitting here thinking, a danger in itself, that you’re what I call a 3 ply writer. Your prose has layers which separates the men from the boys…the bloggers from the writers.

    I read so few blogs because I’m bored. I think it’s because I’m such a serial reader that it takes a lot to hold my attention. This of course is why I have a minuscule following. If that sounds haughty, so be it. It’s my raw, unadulterated truth.

    One can see how much you love to write…it’s not just a hobby, blogging merely a venue for you to have a place to hone and honor your art.

    I give you a 10…and you can dance to it….I’m bettin’ you’re the only one who will know where that comes from…:)

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    • Monika,

      Some sayings never go out of style, and that there is one of ’em. I use it still. And really, I love using it on kids who have no blessed idea what I am talking about. Good times.

      Happy Howlidays to you and yours!

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  5. Lots to opine about – start with the best line: Because maybe when you’re busy dwelling on your worst qualities, Christmas day sees the best of who you really are.

    And end with, your imaginative talent wrapped with the sincerest wish for goodwill among men is a gift. Thank you for sharing it. Merry Christmas.

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