Top 5 Heroes Of The Week

This week’s Heroes post is an abbreviated version on account of the government shut down. See, not all services are running at full capacity. And that includes yours truly, who is a tad bit under the weather. I didn’t number my top five, since there is no particular order to ’em anyways.

Let’s go weekend!

A bulldog and a steer walk into a bar: College football has never been confused with the Mensa society. It’s a minor league football league where academics are a suggestion, not a prerequisite. Of course, this fact makes it fun as hell to watch. And not simply because of the play on the field.

Prior to Monday night’s Sugar Bowl tilt between Georgia and Texas, a meeting of the mascots was organized. Georgia brought out its mascot Uga while Texas trotted out Bevo. One problem. Uga is an English bulldog and Bevo is a steer. And, oh yeah . . . they’re real.  What in the blessed fuck did the thumbtacks who planned this meeting think this was going to happen? At the very least, put bumpers on those fucking horns! Uga is the only one with sense in this entire episode. She was like Fuck this! Stubs don’t fail me now . . I am outta here! 

Win or Lose, DeAndre Hopkins is a Champion: Fret not, because not all Texans wear wear ten gallon hats to hide their ten cent brains. Take DeAndre Hopkins for example. The Houston Texans star wide receiver is donating his game check to the family of 7 year old Jazmine Barnes, who was killed on Sunday in a random shooting. The donation will help cover funeral expenses as well as assist in the search for the killer. It’s worth noting that for every bad act in professional sports, there are way more good guys like Hopkins.

Super Size This!: Okay, I got turned on by this video just a little bit. But lemme ‘splain. The female in this video defended herself and then some, so all’s well that ended in a TKO. Yasmine James has attitude and game . . how can you NOT dig her?

She best not be fired. Listen, I get it . . the optics aren’t ideal when an employee is laying a beat down on a customer. But the only time I grimaced during this video is when those piping hot french fries fell off the counter. James kicked the shit out of this guy, and guess what? He fucking deserved it.

Man of Steel . . . Umm, No: Trump’s campaign promise for a concrete wall, paid for by Mexico has turned into a steel wall paid for by American taxpayers. He’s claiming the government shutdown is a conspired effort by Democrats to win the White House in 2020. He’s pulling stunts in the White House briefing room. Basically, he sounds just like this guy.

So props to CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, who refused to play the Mystery Woman from that Blues Brothers flick. All Trump could do was offer a fake response to a real news reporter’s line of questioning. Shocker.

President Tom Kirkman Returns: The show Designated Survivor will be returning for a third season, leaving ABC for Netflix. And what am I doing tucking this four month old story into my Heroes of the week post? Welp, as far as I’m concerned, the government shutdown ends as soon as Kiefer Sutherland strolls into the Oval Office. Trump voters can have their fake President.

I’ll have the real deal.




70 thoughts on “Top 5 Heroes Of The Week

  1. B,

    Hope you are starting to feel like your own self…
    What in the name of blessed fuck? I can’t even – and not just any old bull… let’s bring in a LONG HORN?
    What a beautiful thing to do. Such a horrible thing to happen to a family just minding their own business. Nope. I won’t do the rant on the firearms thing.
    If Jasmine James gets fired for defending herself against this lunatic… I hope the whole town boycotts the McD’s
    She can’t shoot, but Carrie Fisher was a cutie patootie, eh?
    What a patronizing blowhard… How she keeps a straight face, is beyond me…
    So does that mean you’re gonna fold and sign up for Netflix? 😉

    As per, a wonderful Top 5 sans order…


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    • Q,

      Me too. Not sure what the deal is but I’ve been getting plenty of rest . Sucks that I am off the running schedule again, but that’s a quick fix.

      What were they thinking???!!! There was a photographer who almost was gored, in the head, by this beast! I mean, it’s NEVER a good idea to bring Bevo to a stadium. Ever.

      Hopkins said that the little girl reminded him of his own daughter. So thank God for dudes like him, to bring some semblance of sanity to the insanity of it all. And no, it is unimaginable. To think it’s happening like this every single day.

      That girl can fight! She was NOT letting this asshole get the best of her, and so yeah . . no way Josie, she stays! Or yes, they all should boycott the place if she is fired.

      Carrie Fisher was a fetching young gal, for shizzle.

      This reporter did a great job of going after him on his lie.

      Yep, as soon as I know when DS is officially back.

      Thank you lovely!


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      • At least you’re getting some rest! As for the not running, don’t fret. More important to get any other woes out of the way…
        They weren’t thinking, that’s what!
        Angels walk amongst us/
        Can’t imagine they would even think of firing her… then again, there are stupider things out there.
        I’ll keep you on the DL when it comes on 😉

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        • Yeah, and you know what? Not having the Fitbit alleviates any of that “Oh man, gotta keep on schedule” stuff. So when I go back to the running, it’ll be there. And so will the Fitbit.
          I want to know what happens with this young lady because if they fire her, I’m writing them a letter.

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          • It’s worth it for more than just the tracking of steps and miles. It had an option for meditation that I used all the time.

            No need for the letters. James is taking a leave because she’s freaked out over the whole episode. She hired lawyers for the purpose of having misdemeanor charges against this creep into felony charges.
            On a positive note, she talked about how McDonalds needs to do a better job of educating its employees in the event that something like this happens. Maybe she can lead the way on that front.

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  2. Kiefer Sutherland, like Martin Sheen and Jimmy Smits before him, is a far better president on screen than what we have right now. Jasmine James acted in self-defense. No customer should get away with treating a worker, any worker, like a pile of refuse.

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    • Righteous,

      We could have a pretty solid primaries based on the fictional Presidents, that’s no joke. LOL.

      And I agree. This man reached across the counter and assaulted her. Those who say she should have drawn back or stopped punching have never been in a situation where your adrenaline kicks in. When you do not engage in flight, then you will fight.

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  3. McDonald’s smackdown — people are idiots.
    Steer meet bulldog — people are idiots.
    The Wall — our President is an idiot.
    DeAndre Hopkins — not an idiot.
    Keifer Sutherland/Designated Survivor — I’ve got nothing, although the first few seasons of 24 were the best of TV.

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  4. I gave up on my faux (ex) boyfriend Kiefer when Designated Survivor started to feel like the chaos we were currently living (different circumstances, same chaotic feeling). Now, if they made it like Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde but with Jack Bauer/Kirkman, I’d totes watch again. Of course, I don’t have Netflix anymore. My free trial after viewing Nanette and about a million other comedy shows ran out and since I have Prime that I’m paying for, I decided one pay service was enough.

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  5. The man in the video has a way of continually repeating saying nothing. An idea for next week, I saw a great piece about Andrew Luck on CBS This Morning.

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  6. Feel better, Marc. I gotta give Mz. Yasmine a ⭐️What a douchebag that customer was! I hoped he learned the lesson you don’t mess with a sistah. Fool anyway. As for Georgia and Texas with their mascot meeting…is it a wonder the South lost the Civil War? Oh my lor’.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Monica, lots.

      And yes to this chica! I think the dude was under the impression he was going to scare her. That didn’t work out very well.

      I mean, who came up with the idea? Ridiculous!

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  7. Sorry you’re unwell. It’s goin’ around, and the shutdown isn’t helping. Trump should just resign and put everyone, including his cabinet, out of misery.

    This is a nice feature of yours, by the way. Once again, you and your pretty anchor Dale, have the best badinage since Huntley and Brinkley. Well, for lack of a snappier team.

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