The Fight To Regain Sanity

There’s a scene in the movie Goodfellas when wig shop owner and independent bookmaker Morrie Kesseler gets whacked most unceremoniously by Tommy DeVito (played by Joe Pesci). One minute he’s climbing into a Cadillac with the intent of negotiating his share of a big score over coffee whilst picking up a danish to bring to his wife Claire, and the next minute his brain stem is being severed with an ice pick.

This scene reminds me of what’s happened to this country since the 2016 Presidential election. We are Morrie. We were promised a danish and what we got was an ice pick in the neck.

Regardless of whether you climbed into that Eldorado or not, you sure as shit are wearing cement shoes. I realize this analogy is anathema to those peeps who think watching Fox News makes them a patriot. They are plenty fine excusing the unsightly state of affairs in Washington, believing it to be a matter of renovation.

On the campaign trail, a Trump presidency promised to ‘drain the swamp’ of business as usual politics. Instead, it is simply giving us the business. As usual. But with glaringly unique consequences whose comedy is perverse, insidious and downright hateful. It is as if the American people have been written into the scripted cheat sheets of a reality show. Only thing is, the shit ain’t funny and the scenarios are toting generational price tags. And maybe the worst part of this whole sordid mess is that, in the end, we can’t really blame the Russians or the flagellating GOP, or even the fucking Kardashians. Nope, the cold hard truth of the matter is that we’re all to blame.

This is what happens when the nation stops paying attention to the box scores in Washington. This is what you get when an electorate is more well versed in pop culture than who their elected representatives are. We got complacent. We assumed sides mattered more than progress. Debates became more a matter of being right than of getting it right. Somewhere along the way, we lost our compass and we just let the winds lead us.

So we were saddled with a President who wants to build walls; never minding the fact that such a mindset is analogous with burning bridges. We have a President who believes in name calling and alternate terminology and yet wants us to believe he’s a modern day Churchill. I have to think old Winston could’ve taught Trump a thing or two about what a national emergency looks like. And how walls are nothing more than symbolic trinkets compared to the heart and soul of a nation’s ability to stand together.

Listen, I am a fairly middle of the road sonofabitch with nary a sacred cow in my arsenal. I didn’t believe in Trump back then the same as I don’t believe Ocasio-Cortez now. I have a problem with using the nuclear option to expedite judicial confirmation, no matter whether it’s Harry Reid threatening it or Mitch McConnell using it. Being middle of the road doesn’t make me vanilla ice cream. It makes me rocky road. I trust my eyes more than my ears, every single time. And what I’ve seen over the last couple of years troubles me. Not as a politically affiliated individual but as a human being.

Trump’s campaign slogan vowed to make America great again, which was both demeaning to the current generation and ignorant to the struggles of generations past. To my way of thinking, the greatest strength of any true democracy is in its future. You win today for tomorrow, in perpetuity. Our founding fathers understood the consequences of walking backwards.

It’s a lesson we’re still learning.

102 thoughts on “The Fight To Regain Sanity”

      1. But . . in the event I make a run in 2020, if I were to win, you would HAVE to be my Chief of Staff. We’d clean things up and then settle the world’s problems with a couple tumblers at the end of the day’s business.

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    1. I’ll definitely read your post. I can’t watch tonight though. I just can’t bring myself to watch this. I know it runs counter to what I’m saying about being involved, but I just can’t watch him.

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      1. Sadly I did (yeah, I probably am a bit masochistic). Talk about a nothing burger with a big side of lies not fries. Once again he played media like the fools they’ve become by believing him in the first place. National crisis! 😳

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      2. Interesting to note, his Fatherland Channel actually took him to task with a rather extensive and unfriendly fact check. Shepard Smith hit Trump hard, as he should have. I happened to catch an article about it, which is as much as I know about the speech. I watched a B horror movie instead. Not nearly as ridiculous . . .

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  1. The biggest problem is that Trump started down the yellow brick road and the Dems have followed him willingly into this land of chaos. Trump is the master and most responsible for what has transpired the last couple of years, but the Dems have been his willing accomplices.

    The other point … the quality of the American people who have allowed this to happen. Indeed — it’s a perfect example of how technology, the internet, smartphones and social media have combined to make us dumber rather than smarter.

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    1. Trump once said his followers were so loyal that he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any voters. I fear he’s correct.

      The Democrats have proven incapable thus far of landing a punch that counts. I think they’re trying to ‘one up’ Trump, which plays right into his wheelhouse.

      You said it all with that one. The definition of smarts has changed. And not for the better.

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      1. The problem is that the Dems don’t need to land a punch to win this situation. They need to show what real governance looks like and they seem incapable of doing so.


      2. No, you’re right. But they are circling nonetheless, trying to find that opening. And you couldn’t be more right. Be the adults at the adult table and let the kids table make its mess without contributing to that effort.
        Like, when Governor Cuomo talked about how America was ‘never great’? I cringed! No, that’s exactly what Trump WANTS.


      3. Part of the blame here is with the media. We assume that everything politicians do and say is being reported, but that’s not the case. The media reports on what they think will get them viewers. That calculation these days is anything related to attacks and criticisms and impeachment talk. The media believes that the American people won’t tune in for talking heads talking about the policy proposals the Dems are putting forward as a response to Trumpism. Unfortunately, the media is probably right.

        They do this during campaigns as well. It is far easier and more interesting to talk about the horse race — the polling — and the attacks on each other than to cover the substance the campaigns put forward.

        I was talking to a co-worker about this today. What gets news? Occasio-Cortez’s rantings and ramblings, including her 70% tax proposal. Not that the House Dems first piece of major legislation was designed to clean up some of the corruption in our political system. Yes, the latter got a few headlines, but Occasio-Cortez’s every utterance gets top of the page, lead story coverage every single day.

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      4. Very true. The media is competing for eyeballs with so many other outlets; and many of those outlets are not constrained by veracity. I think by and large, the traditional media gets it right way more often than not. But it’s important to note that technology’s tentacles have changed the dynamic.

        And yes, you could see the Trump wave grow from a ripple to a tsunami during primary season. Every poll, every attack . . it became like fuel he was siphoning from his opponents.

        Occasio-Cortez is the new media darling just as Jon Ossoff was last fall when he ran in the Sixth District out of Georgia. The Democrats are playing this as if it’s NBA basketball for Christ sakes! And yes, in so doing . . they are never minding the matters that count. They’re looking for a rock star rather than being the voice of reason inside of this insanity.

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    1. SB,

      I am familiar with your opinions on the matter, yes. And to paraphrase another one from our pal Clemenza . . . We shoulda stopped Trump at South Carolina.

      Because once he gained a foothold in the primaries, the circus wasn’t slowing down until it got to Washington.

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      1. You DO realize we could play Tonto with the Godfather all morning, dont’cha? We could sidekick every memorable quote from that flick into a present day scenario. 🙂

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      2. What are you gonna do? Nice college boy, didn’t want to get mixed up in the family business. Now you want to gun down a police captain. Why? Because he slapped you in the face a little? What do you think this like the Army where you can shoot ’em from a mile away? No you gotta get up like this and badda-bing, you blow their brains all over your nice Ivy League suit. C’mere.

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      3. This is the business, remember, that we’ve chosen. Trivia 101…did you know the actor who played Luca started off as a bouncer at Noo Yawk’s famous Peppermint Lounge? Yes, one more useless piece of SB info you could, let’s say, wrap that fish in.

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      4. Useless you say? Imma break this one out at breakfast on Saturday with the kids. It will kick start a cinematic conversation with the boy that’ll go at three cups of coffee long.
        You’re one cool kitten.

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  2. At this point, I’d welcome a moldy bagel. *Sigh.* The institution of the president is so damaged and like you, I don’t think AOC is quite the answer. I wish the young NY legislator would dance in the background for a while instead of being the latest shiny item the media focuses on non-stop.

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    1. Monika,

      I was once a Reagan Republican who saw things one way and one way only. Over time, experience and the people in my life, that changed. Not through indoctrination or witchcraft, but through living a life and being a human being. I am not who I used to be, and I happen to think that’s a good thing. That said, I understand and relate to so much of what both sides have to say and offer. I respect someone with a differing opinion, and even if I do not agree, I do listen and learn.

      This President has always been a one way street. And unfortunately, the people who still stand behind him are of that same mindset. This isn’t simply about a differing opinion. This is about the responsibility of the office he holds being upended. He ignores the fact that he leads EVERYONE, or is supposed to. Not simply those who voted for him.

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      1. I’ve never seen anything quite like this guy. As a naturalized citizen, I take this whole civics thing seriously. He has broken my admiration for the country and figure our world standing won’t be restored in my lifetime. The damage is so sever. It breaks my heart.

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      2. Monika,

        It’s funny how many people I’ve met and read about who believe and behave the same as you when it comes to civic responsibility. Occasio-Cortez said something pretty spot recently. Immigrants as patriots, and in some cases more patriotic than the peeps here who believe watching Fox News makes them a patriot. Yes.
        Because they understand what it means. Or is supposed to mean.

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  3. B,

    The one good thing about arriving late to one of your parties, is the chance to read all your brilliant (and they are) readers’ comments that add to an already brilliant text.

    We, up north, look at our prime minister, many with total disgust, and shake out heads but find ourselves realising our devil is small potatoes compared to yours.

    More than one someone has to do something to stop his reign… it’s reached epic proportions of masse destruction no one could have fully predicted…

    You are more welcome to join our circus, it’s a tad less scary and the clown at the top is less volatile.

    Hugs from the Great White North,


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    1. Q,

      There’s the hostess with the mostess! Welcome back from your trip! And yes . . these peeps bring the game, presently company included of course! 😉

      We’d take a great looking dreamer who wants to Dharma his way through official matters. Every day of the week, lol.

      Who saw this coming? Well, once he got a full head of steam in the primaries, I think a lot of us saw it coming, LOL. It reminds me of that scene in the movie i-Robot with Will Smith where he’s like “Somehow, I told you so just doesn’t do it . . .”

      Fo. Shiz!

      Welcome! Queen of the Great White North!


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      1. B,
        Sweet of ya! 😉

        G’head, laugh at him… we sure did! While we hid our faces in shame… still better than your bozo!

        Hey… no way anyone could predict just HOW BAD it would get. We all knew it would be a disaster (said with little hands spread) but THIS much of one?

        QB will do…😉

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      2. I didn’t laugh at him. I am rather well versed in the other side of the coin, where chakra is trumped (pun intended) by shouting.

        We KNEW it would be different. We didn’t really know the extent or face of it, though. And now, my God . . .


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  4. My mother used to pick her Republican to vote for based on attractiveness — NOT SO THIS TIME for sure. I wish she, and all who vote that way, would have stuck to that this past time. So many better looking candidates! 🙂

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      1. Ick. Try: Patrick Stewart; Oliver Platt; Colin Mochrie. I’m the girl watching 21 Jump Street in the 80s who preferred Peter DeLuise over that pretty boy, Johnny Depp.

        I. Am. Weird. 🙂

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      2. As a dude, I’m predictable on this . . I know. So I ain’t familiar with Mochrie, but Stewart from Star Trek? Or Oliver Platt . . . Yes, I could see them in the Oval Office.

        I. Am. Weird. Too.

        It’s why we relate. 😉

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  5. Like you, I’m middle of the road with no party affiliation. I trust my eyes also, which means I trust nothing or no one in Washington. It’s a Petri dish. Both sides. Has been for many years, and I don’t see it getting better any time soon. Shame on us for letting it get to this point.

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    1. George,

      A petri dish . . . superb analogy.

      And yes, it is shameful and yes, we only have to look as far as the nearest mirror to figure out who got us to this place.

      Thanks for the chime! 🙂

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