38 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. This has a Brooklyn feel for me…Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens…The Heights. Then I thought of a trippy eye test like when you renew your driver’s license. I havn’t slept much so this perspective could change.

    I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHS. Have them framed throughout my house. A favorite gift to give is a hard copy of someone or their beloved, in a nice frame. Dale is very talented and has a pure eye. Think Stanley Kubrick when he shot for LOOK Magazine. There’s no excess anything, the image is filleted right down the middle. 🙂

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    1. SB,

      This one was mine . . . well, kinda. My daughter took it whilst in the passenger seat as we drove by a local art college in town. We were getting the bum’s rush by some PennDot workers who decided their donut break was over, so she missed the “E”. But I kinda dig that . . .

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      1. In my morning first thing fucked up meditation, it came passing through and realized it was a wall with the alphabet. BINGO. I shouldn’t have assumed it was Dale who took it, so it seems your offspring also has the pure eye. Wonder who she gets that from….:)

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