Top 5 Heroes Of The Week

The news sucked this week. Retail stocks are on the down slope after Macy’s, Kohl’s and Target bit the big one in the fourth quarter. In sports, everyone wants to get paid, but nobody wants to run to first base. Meanwhile, Washington continues to fuck up a glass of water.

So Imma scrounge up some heroes we can lean on for a couple minutes time. Here’s a top five.

Book ’em Andrew: The star quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts has lots of stuff going on. He’s healthy again after having missed twenty six games over the past three seasons. He played like an MVP in leading his team from the abyss of a 1-5 start to a postseason berth, and he has the Colts playing white hot ball right now. Add to that one of his many adoring fans created a hysterical Twitter page in his honor . . and oh yeah, he has a book club too!

A voracious reader, Andrew shares his love (and reading list) with fellow bibliophiles whilst also visiting schools to get the word(s) out. No matter what happens with the Colts this weekend, Luck is already winning. Big. A tip of the hat to Frank for turning me onto this cool story.

Shut Down, Not Shut Out: Did you realize the Coast Guard peeps aren’t getting paid during the government shutdown? I didn’t, until I read this article from NPR. Undeterred, these peeps banded together to help their own. They distributed more than thirty thousand pounds of groceries to Coast Guard personnel at a makeshift pantry set up in Boston. The dope show in Washington could learn a lot about leadership from these guys and gals.

And somewhere, Freddie is smiling: I didn’t catch the Golden Globes last week, but I was thrilled to hear that Bohemian Rhapsody won for Best Picture and Rami Malek won Best Actor. It’s a wonderful run up to the Oscars, but really . . win or lose, this film has more than done its great good work for kids of all ages who love music that breaks all the rules. And it made me think . . . man, if Freddie were alive today? He would’ve been a home run get for Oscar host, huh?

When Stickups Go Hilariously Wrong: What do you get when you cross a mugger with a fake gun and a mixed martial arts fighter? A major ass kicking. Which is what UFC fighter Polyana Viana laid down on a would be thief in Rio De Janeiro. One minute the dude was asking that time honored question of all muggers. . . You got the time? And the next minute Viana was like Bitch, time is up! To be a fly on the wall when this dude realized he’d chosen the wrong benefactor. Check that . . never mind. The wall was probably splattered with this guy’s DNA.

You’ve probably gathered by now that I have a thing for ladies who can fight. It’s not a fetish though. It’s more of an insatiable appreciation. Yeah . . that’ll work.

Turning a new Leaf: As an NFL quarterback, Ryan Leaf was an insufferable loser. The number 2 overall pick of the San Diego Chargers in the 1998 NFL Draft, Leaf was a fucking mess from the get. He never fulfilled his potential on the field and he got in trouble off it, and before too long he was out of the league. And in prison.

On the flip side, Leaf’s sordid past is feeling like ancient history. Forty years old and in recovery, he is the program ambassador for Transcend Recovery Community- a sober living environment in Los Angeles. He frequently shares the story of his addiction to painkillers and his subsequent suicide attempt with students from across the country. And just recently, Leaf paid the mortgage for a furloughed park ranger.

Fame and fortune was never going to be the answer to the question of who Ryan Leaf truly was. And really, thank God for that.

Peace and heroes, kids.

51 thoughts on “Top 5 Heroes Of The Week

  1. B,

    Wonderful list, indeed. Don’t you love it when we find out a jock is not just a jock? A book club is the last thing one would expect of a football player – I know, bad of us to assume….

    That article in NPR really made me shake my head. Proof that those at the top just don’t give a rat’s ass about their people… wonder how many, who are presently not getting paid, actually voted for him?

    Malek totally earned that Golden Globe! And the movie too! Here ya go… just for you, Rami’s acceptance speech…

    Poor bastid totally picked the wrong chick to rob! Woot for her!

    I always tip my hat to those who use their misdeeds to teach and help others. True hero work, right there.

    Kudos to you for making these lists!


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  2. You know I’m going to always have some comments on this weekly post of yours. I gotta say what I gotta say.

    First, as much as I absolute love the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, Quea en, and their music, I just don’t feel like the movie is award quality. I’m still listing to A Day at the Races on an almost daily basis, with random samples from News of the World, Night at the Opera, Sheer Heart Attack, and other albums dribbled in the mix. Love the movie, but best movie of the year? I just don’t know about that.

    And …

    Wait a sec …

    Andrew Luck has a book club. I may just become a fan of his. The books look interesting and I’ll start following his book club. But, no, a fan of his? I’m still a Steelers fan.

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    • I agree with you as per Bohemian Rhapsody nabbing best pic at the Globes. I was surprised, because I didn’t consider it best picture worthy, not that it mattered. I loved it for what it meant to me, and to those who remember them. Also, Black Panther was a best pic nominee as well? Was this a slow year?

      Luck does have some great reads in there. I will never forgive my Dolphins for missing out on this guy in the “Suck For Luck” draft. If ever there would have been a time for them to go winless, that was it!

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      • Yes, the movie is great for those of us who are Queen fans, but as a cinematic effort? Eh, maybe not.

        Don’t be too hard on the Dolphins … every draft in every major sport has an example or two of a player nobody else got. Look at how many teams passed on Steph Curry.

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        • Oh, if only it were that one draft. But it’s one draft after another. From taking Ted Ginn- a punt returner- in the first round to trading up to pick 3 to take Dion Freaking Jordan . . . ugh!!

          And yes, but thank goodness Curry went to Golden State. Can you imagine if the Knicks would’ve lucked into him? I like the kid too much to wish that fate on him.

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          • I’ve long been a believer that some players achieve greatness because of the coach they have and the system that is developed around them. Joe Montana is exhibit 1A for this. If he had been drafted by a different team with a different coach and a different offensive system, would he have achieved what he did? I wonder if Curry is the another example of this. This theory likely applies a little less to him just because of the nature of basketball and his otherworld talents, but still what might have happened if he had been coached by somebody who didn’t have the confidence to let him loose, or somebody who refused to coach a system other than half-court, iso ball?

            Teams screw up drafts all of the time, but then they frequently screw up draft results by forcing players into systems that don’t work for them. One of the things I’m surprised about this NBA season is that Dave Joeger, who I believe was known primarily as a slow it down, half court offense kind of coach, has completely let the Kings loose. For that alone, he deserves coach of the year consideration — he changed his system to fit his players.

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          • It’s an excellent point Mark. How many times do we hear about a “system quarterback”? I mean . . MOST every quarterback you have is that. And look no further than Jared Goff of the Rams. I don’t see him as the second coming or anything, but the difference in his play from Fisher to McVay says a lot.

            And yes, Joeger is the kind of coach I appreciate. He isn’t going to fit square pegs, he’s going to mesh the pieces. That’s good coaching right there.

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  3. You like da sports. Many heroes there. Of course, Washington’s filled with way more zeroes. My hero of the week is the deli man who sliced my pepperoni after making sure the plastic covering was actually removed — the last THREE times, that didn’t happen and pepperoni, cheese, and PLASTIC do not a delicious stromboli make. Dinner should be tasty this evening.

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  4. Glad you enjoyed the Andrew Luck story, and thanks for the props. Cheers to Ryan Leaf! The shutdown is almost as pathetic as the person who caused it. Hooray for the Coasties and many others who press on … and to people who have stepped up to help other government workers regarding required payments. Do you watch Malik’s series on Amazon Prime?

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  5. This whole shutdown is so horrible and now that the pain and consequences real when civil servants (and contract workers) don’t get paid. Personally I think Nancy should pass a bill for a gazillion bucks strictly for border security, and dare McConnell not to bring it before the Senate. And in the good news in college sports, I’m still relishing the Clemson Tigers win. What an amazing feat with the true frosh. Happy weekend.

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    • It’s a shameful act, really. And it gets more so with each passing day. I agree with your sentiment as per the Pelosi move.

      Yay Clemson! And in two years . . . let’s hope my Dolphins can nab him! πŸ˜‰

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  6. You always get the best comments. I too am thrilled for Freddie, even though many don’t remember him. How can you not. He’s like a shooting star, no pun intended, that wasn’t meant to be here all that long. Like Hicks, or Kurt Cobain.
    Love…Washington continues to fuck up a glass of water. Succinctly put. Just this morning I was reading about all the workers who didn’t get paid this week. It’s so wrong, and I can’t believe, the Pollyanna I will always be, that they have not come to terms. This, whose dick is bigger game leaves me cold. That said.

    I admire your following. People so love what you pen, the highest compliment a writer can receive. Susannah

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    • Sadly true, SB. The genius that doesn’t last forever here, is still lasting forever inside those who carry them along. They are like uber special belongings we possess until our lights go out.

      It’s a Goodfella reference (Thank you Tommy DeVito) that I felt was appropriate to that place. And you’re right, it’s a pissing contest. With people’s lives in the balance. For shame.

      I am enigmatic, I guess. I possess a gregarious personality that belies my rather introverted character. I’m the one who sidles up to a person at a party and sticks right there. And yet . . if someone dares me to do karaoke, I ain’t gonna turn em down. After which I sidle back to that one person.

      At this point in my life, I have learned not to mess with the brew that is me.


        • Haha!
          I haven’t placed a personal ad since Yahoo dating (Which would become I had a lot of fun on there, after which I realized I didn’t need the online help. I dig the old school way of connecting, yanno?

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          • And I refuse to be algorithm’ed into a corner. Because just like baby, ain’t nobody puts me in a corner, LOL.

            Seriously though, dating has morphed into this insular activity that possesses the same dynamic as driving. In a bubble, driver’s rules, don’t learn the what’s what until after crashing.


          • I prefer the organic way like two canines who meet in the park. Gives animal husbandry a whole new look. Chemistry. You can’t make it bubble to borrow your word regardless of how great everything looks on paper. And blind dates were meant for the blind. This is why I have few readers. And so it goes. Thank you Mr. Vonnegut.

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          • I couldn’t agree more.

            You can’t fake chemistry. When it’s there, it’s Shazam. I wish I had saved my profile, because it was brutally honest and straight forward. I slam dunked the very concept to which I was pissing away twenty bucks (back then) a month. Because I WANTED to converse with the gals who would reply to such a thing. Because I knew, if nothing else, good conversation was gonna be had. And it’s that simple. Really.

            I’ve been set up before, on the low key “Let’s just introduce them” . . . .I felt like Paul Castellano outside of Spark’s Steak House at the moment when he went “Aww shit!”.

            When I started this blog, I wanted a thousand followers in one year so I blog hopped and followed and commented and on and on. And then I thought . . it ain’t me. It so ain’t me. Cut it out and just be! So I stopped cold, I might follow a peep here and there when they write something I relate to. But no more of being who I am not on here.

            You are who you are SB. And I am most honored to be a part of your circle here on the blogosphere. So yanno . . there’s that.

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          • For someone who is so humble you have a huge following. Reading your comments equals a book. I’m not a very good self-promoter. I write for the love of it, that’s not to say I don’t want fans for lack of a better term. The few I have like my prose, it’s not read me I’ll read you which for me is like pissin’ in the wind. But that’s how it works quite a bit. I tell myself how fortunate it is when you love something…anything, another person, a cat, a pair’a shoes or your art. That’s all she wrote…for now…:)

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          • Once upon a time, I was caught up in the idea of gaining a following and all the shit that came with it. Even then, I was more about the writing though. I had a blog partner back then, and he was the ‘networker’. Which is another way of saying he wasn’t as caught up in the writing as I was.

            For what it’s worth, I love how you write. You have a classic style and a unique way of pitching it. And the hook? I KNOW it means something to you, and a whole lot more than something. And that is the whole shebang for me.


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