Top 5 Heroes Of The Week

The news felt as if it was on a loop this week, what with more shutdown business . . more sniping . . more threats and accusations . . more talk of Russian meddling. Oh . . . wait a minute. The news has been on a loop for most of the past two years come to think of it.

Silly me.

Born Again Loser: John Wetteland is a World Series MVP and a member of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame. And none of it mattered as much as the details of his arrest on Monday. Wetteland was charged with sexually assaulting a child on three separate occasions, beginning in 2004 when the child was four years old. He was released on a twenty five thousand dollar bond, which is every bit as crazy as the idea that born again Christians are good people because Jesus said so. Innocent until proven guilty? Yeah, I get it. But it just goes to show what I’ve always said. Show me someone who is born again, and I will show you someone who has done some fucked up shit, and is capable of doing more of the same, pious label or not.

I Hope Pelosi Is Taking Notes: Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is insistent on getting in the mud pit with Trump, and it’s a big mistake. Huge mistake . . in fact. She recently suggested Trump should cancel his State of the Union until the shutdown is resolved, which played right into Trump’s wheelhouse when he canceled her trip overseas in retaliation. Instead, Nancy should’ve canceled the trip herself . . held a press conference to announce as much, and then vowed to get to work on a resolution to the shutdown. Tit his tactless tat. The way former NFL great Michael Strahan did when he invited the National Champion Clemson Tigers to a lobster dinner feast after they were done grubbing on fast food at the White House. In effect, Strahan went “better person” whilst giving the silent middle finger to Trump. He didn’t name names, he didn’t get in a scrum, he simply one upped Covfefe. That’s how you beat Trump.

The King And His Court: Representative Steve King out of Iowa wonders why terms such as “white nationalist” and “white supremacy” are considered offensive. And I wonder how a clueless ass hat can win his seat nine times. And then I remember, it’s how Trump won in 2016. Because we have a bunch of people in this country who are in agreement with King. And they don’t wear white hoodies and burn crosses. Many of them say the right thing in public, and so I guess we should be thankful to King for being such a clueless dolt. Democrats and Republicans alike are calling for King to get scarce. But what of the constituency who voted for him . . nine times?

How Did He Get This Job?: John Engler’s tenure as Michigan State President was, to put it nicely, a shit show. From the get, Engler showed himself to be a tone deaf, narrow minded schmuck. Engler was asked to resign on Wednesday, effective immediately, over comments he made last week in which he suggested the survivors in the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal were “enjoying the spotlight”.

For anyone who has suffered abuse, this is the ultimate slap in the face. Again. The assertion that these victims derive enjoyment from such a horrible violation is nothing short of inhumane. Basically, he compounded the physical assault with an emotional one. And I can’t write another word about this asshole without throwing my laptop into the street, so I’ll stop.

Mr Clean: Thank God for Jim Kelly. The Hall of Fame quarterback done saved this week’s Heroes post from dissolving into a bleak bucket of blight. And then came the news that Jim Kelly is cancer free. Initially diagnosed with oral cancer in 2013, Kelly has now beaten back its return three times since. He called this latest news a single page of a chapter to a greater story, and who am I to argue with a guy whose heart and soul could light up Broadway?

Kelly’s eleven year NFL career was filled with plenty of big wins. The dude lead his team to four straight Super Bowl appearances, which is two more than Tom Brady can boast of. Those Bills teams never were able to take home the ultimate prize, but I always found their accomplishment to be most impressive. I mean . . the thought of coming back again and again and again. I always wondered how they found the fight to keep on coming back.

Now I know.

88 thoughts on “Top 5 Heroes Of The Week

  1. B,

    I can’t believe I accidentally flushed my answer just as I was about to his Post comment… sigh… Lemme see if I can do this again!!

    Don’t get me started on “born again” as being a pass for committing such heinous crimes. Guys like him (won’t give him extra notoriety by naming him) should have their dick cut off with a rusty spoon, let the infection set it…

    Yay Strahan! Period.

    KIng: What? NOW you want him out? Really? Nine times he was chosen and now he’s bad? I dunno.

    As for Engler. I cannot help but think of Marsellus letting Butch go after having undergone a most unpleasant experience on the assurance he would stay gone and remain mum. Methinks there is no one on this earth who wants that type of spotlight, much less enjoy it. He’s got to come out of the dark ages…

    And hey… you had two positives this week. Bravo to Kelly. May this cancer thing be beat for realz…

    You rock these lists.

    Cheers to the winners, a pox on the losers!


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    • Q,

      So we do believe in the same kind of justice when it comes to scumbags like him? No surprise. There are certain crimes to which I, like you I’m sure, do not give a damn for leniency. Messing with kids is one of them.

      Strahan knows how to deal with Trump for sure!

      I always worry about the constituency who voted for a guy like King in the first place. Because it would be easy to say it was ONE guy, when the truth of the matter is, there are plenty of peeps who side with his point of view.

      Nice Pulp Fiction get! And yes . . go and stay gone! Yeah, this asshole is a reminder that the mindset is still very prevalent. The idea that little kids ‘ask for it’, that women ‘ask for it’, that they are not victims . . it’s unfuckingbelievable to think this guy was the President of a University. But . . as with King, he’s not alone in his stone aged mindset.

      Yes, yes I did. But I’m afraid Michael would’ve been lost in that sea sickness if not for Kelly. That dude is the epitome of fighter, wow.

      Fuck the zeros, here’s to the heroes!


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      • I do believe we do believe in the same ZERO tolerance for such crimes. There is no born again from that. Terribly not sorry.

        Wonder if Trump even realises what a flip of the bird this was?

        It is most worrisome that this point of view is still so prevalent.

        Thank you – to my credit I had re-watched it last week 😉 Just suggesting anyone ‘asks for it’ makes me want to puke.

        Well, to your credit, and maybe you didn’t do it on purpose but it was good to have Strahan 2nd in the list and finish with Kelly.

        Ya baby! To the HEROES!

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        • If you’re truly a good Christian, you ain’t have to say a word. It’s example, not talk.

          I dream of the day when someone comes along who answers his roundhouses with aplomb instead of more bombast.

          It is very disturbing, but also predictable. It’s why movements such as MeToo have a lot of work ahead of them. Uncovering the bad guys is only the beginning. Changing the mindset takes time, a lot of time.

          Kelly is when I invoke God, in thanking a higher power for blessings. And may this chapter be the first of many, many more for him.

          To blessings.

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          • Exactomundo.

            You be dreamin’

            It is. And we already get comments of – Oh? they still on that “MeToo” crap? When will that be a thing of the past? Uh hello? When you guys stop acting like you have all the rights in the world!!

            May it be indeed.

            To blessings.

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          • I keep wondering why it is that not a single Dem has talked about how weak it is, to want to build a wall. Not that long ago, the GOP was railing on about how hope and change was just so much symbolism. And now they want a wall that is . . . so much symbolism.

            So many people have that mindset. And not just men. There are plenty of women who believe it as well. It’s like when the Penn State scandal hit and you had a bunch of lemmings insisting that these victims were after Penn State money. So . . I had to ask these geniuses . . . it was the victims plan to get anally raped? And then, be hushed to sleep by an institution that behaved as if organized crime members? And then, be called to testify YEARS and YEARS and YEARS later, after they had somehow made it through all that and now had families of their own? To cash in. Fuck, how stupid is that assertion?

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          • So do I, to tell the truth. I just don’t understand the whole lack of unification on their part to stop this whole train wreck.

            You are right, it’s not only men. women are guilty as well.
            And that assertion is completely, excuse me, RETARDED. As in bass-ackwards…

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          • It’s not too late for the Dems to get a clue. But they need to be more cohesive and they need to practice some patience on the long game. I do believe there are plenty of members of the opposition party who are simply getting shouted down by their own party.

            When asked why the MeToo movement came about, I explained that it’s like a class action lawsuit. One person gets wronged, nobody cares. Ten people, still no. But when hundreds and thousands join together and say “We’ve been wronged”, people are forced to pay attention.

            Of course, in this dynamic, people aren’t crazy about being forced to pay attention so they react much like Engler. That’s why the movement has to be persistent and realize this is only the beginning. They have to keep making people feel uncomfortable. Because this IS not a comfortable topic.

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          • Well I’d like to see the Dems get that clue, rally and do what needs to be done. It’s worse than Divorce Court out there.

            Yep. Christ, look at the black movement… that’s been going on for years and people are STILL saying they should get over the whole slave and racist thing… um… no. Still out there. MeToo ain’t even hit the tip of the iceberg.

            Yes. No comfy couches on these issues.

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          • Where have you gone Judge Wapner??

            Yes, that is true. Listen there are times when I will be like, let’s not play the race card. But . . . there are more times when I see low key racism happening. And guess what? Low key racism . . is racism. It’s still very much prevalent and I don’t know how or if that will ever truly change. Of course, there is also plenty of blatant racism going on as well.

            If someone feels inconvenienced, it doesn’t mean we should stop talking about it.

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          • Oh man!

            I hear ya…it all counts. As do many “jokes” of all sorts. I’ve become “cranky” because I no longer laugh at any of this type of humour because, frankly, it’s not even remotely funny.

            Darn tootin’!

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          • It’s interesting how the code words work for that sort of thing. If you’re a woman who doesn’t go along with that sophomoric humor, you’re “cranky”.

            I have a code word for dudes who take part in that kind of humor. Dumbasses.

            Okay . . it’s not much of a code word.

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  2. Your introductory paragraph gets to a thing I’ve been thinking about blogging on this week. Maybe it’s me, but everything has become an endless cycle of repetition. It’s not just the political news, it’s sports talk shows, entertainment news. It’s everything. There are so many venues and avenues that have to fill the 24/7 cycle that they are cannibalizing each other and themselves. I listen to or watch the news and it’s the same things over and over and over again. I occasionally listen to a local sports talk show on my drive to work and they talk about the same few topics every single day. On other radio shows, the jokes are the same, the gags are no different. CNN is an endless, repetitive, relentless Trumpfest.

    I find it all so incredibly monumentally boring. The cycle is on an endless loop and there’s absolutely nothing new under the sun. Apparently.

    And, yes, you’re right, Pelosi was going great on the shutdown but the last week or two has been horrible. Refusing to participate in a “bipartisan” lunch at the White House and then dis-inviting Trump from giving the State of the Union in the House chambers. Just absolutely horrible decision-making on her part. Her advisors should be fired. Dems must look like they are doing everything they can to resolve this and to act like adults. She has utterly failed that test in the last week. It’s just so monumentally disappointing seeing this happen.

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  3. Pelosi needs to detach from her personal dislike of the Donald. It’s turned into a pissing contest to get even while Americans fall helplessly by the wayside. They’ve forgotten government is for the betterment of the people, period. She surprises me because she’s antagonizing the beast which will do nothing but cause more delays he’ll guarantee out of spite. He’s a big child playing an adult’s game that’s turning into Parchesi or better yet, Twister. I’s amazing, they haven’t broken bread over this. Shame on them all.

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  4. PS I’m in love with Jim Kelly and your…bleak bucket of blight. Goin’ in the alliteration Hall of Fame. Beating cancer needs more play, but the media prefers when you’re carried off the field in a box. At least 20 times a day I ask myself, what’s happened to us, we’ve gotten so mean and careless. I know, we have a commander-in-chief who I refuse to name nor capitalize who doesn’t give a shit either, thus…our new role model, with selfishness, the new presidential seal. Pretty soon the flag will be flying at half mast at all times, in memory of who we used to be.

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    • I watched the tail end of the Concussion movie with Will Smith. The book was so much better, darker. It speaks to our bread and circuses existence where Instagram and selfies prevail. We have become “Self Nation”, insistent on being liked and loved in algorithmic splendor.
      So when a guy like Kelly comes along, it’s a refreshing break from all that shit.
      I do not envy this generation.

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  5. Fast food burgers vs. lobster? Umm, yeah… Good on the Tigers for not crawling in the mud pit and whining about it. While Nancy’s previously scheduled trip debacle gives her a bad look, she has however revealed she is a far better negotiater than the mango colored White House inhabitant. Still, tit for tat is not a good look for Congressional leadership, unless you’re Mitch. He seems to wear it well even when it’s audacity is mind blowing.

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