Sunday Evening Post

I sat down and wrote up a brief letter I was gonna send to the White House, requesting an interview with Trump. Short, concise and pleasant. And then I started filling in all the required information and learned that my email had to be shorter than a tweet. No pun intended, I’m being totally serious. All I was able to write was that I was requesting an interview with Covfefe (I didn’t use that name) before it cut me off at the pass.

Upon careful consideration, I thought it better not to send a request that was going to relegate me to a list which consists of fifth graders and nut jobs. Soooooo . . . the Trump fake interview will happen instead. Unlike the legit interview I would’ve done with Trump . . I get to make up my own rules with this ‘boob job’.

A few more thoughts that zig inside the zag of voices in my head? Sure why not . . .

  • Never, ever run in frozen winds that whip harder than a Dominatrix with anger issues. I know this rule. I abide by this rule, like almost all the time. Excepting for today, when I ran into the face of an arctic blast that put my face on ice as if it were a button man for the mob. And what’s worse, I ran after having imbibed a couple glasses of water. There I was, a mile out when my nether region was called on to provide a service that wasn’t feeling natural in the least bit. I did an about face, prayed to Jesus, Mary and Joe and went Sun Tzu and Mojave with my thoughts until I arrived back home safe and dry. Moral of the story: Failure to prepare is akin to pissing in the wind (almost).
  • Four episodes into Mr. Robot and loving every minute of it. Rami Malek plays a hacker with a righteous soul who’s trying not to drown inside an evil world. Dark, dastardly, delightful. Thanks to Frank for the 411 on this show.
  • My body has returned to it’s regularly scheduled programming (a wind chilled run notwithstanding) after taking on the black diamonds of Blue Mountain last week. I never realized I was taking my life in my hands when I used to do this shit on a regular basis.  I gotta say, I felt downright fucking heroic after surviving it. Also stupid, a little stupid. Bourbon is a great peacemaker . . just saying.
  • I wouldn’t give a penny to this wall. A strong leader doesn’t need a wall, because a strong leader makes the existing policies work where they failed before. A strong leader doesn’t make promises he knows he can’t keep for the sake of political expediency. A strong leader doesn’t blame everyone but himself when shit goes wrong, because he knows where the buck is supposed to stop. I didn’t name names, because I don’t have to.
  • Besides, a moat would be so much more cost effective. And way cooler. Way . . .
  • Potato salad always seems like a good idea until I’m eating it.
  • Bundt cake . . it never disappoints like that.
  • Tom Brady crying “poor me” just doesn’t work. Feeling sorry for Brady and his team because they’re Vegas underdogs is like feeling sorry for Brad Pitt’s penis . . or Bill Gates’s bank account. Ain’t. Happening.
  • I never got on the craft beer bandwagon. Craft beers are like sliders, they don’t jibe with my particular opinions on beer and burgers. But . . I do have a few faves as per the former. Rogue Dead Guy Ale is one of ’em. Linds B reminded me about it recently when she told me she picked some up. We are not easy customers, so let’s just say the stuff really is very tasty.
  • Storms, more winter storms and freezing temps. And not a single Dennis Quaid sighting. I think we’re safe . . .
  • I want to pet a lion before I die. I mean, not right before I die from being mauled and then eaten by said lion. Like . . I pet the lion, survive . . and then many years later I remember that moment on my death bed. Okay, you know what . . I just like lions. I don’t really need to pet one.

Welp, I could go on. And on. But there’s only so much time in the day, and I have to go in fresh when I see my therapist.

Peace and warmth.








138 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Post”

  1. B,

    Can’t wait to read that fake interview.. Honestly. It will be way better than any real thing could wish to be…

    There are some interesting zigs and zags going on in there… just sayin’…
    There’s staying hydrated and timing said hydration. I shan’t even try to imagine anything else. Coz as a chick any option to … right. Stop.
    My friggen son is trying to negociate his Prime access for some chicken parm… did I negociate his using my Netflix? da hell…
    A moat would be way cooler than a wall. Drawbridge down (get it 😉 )
    You seen Brad Pitt’s penis? Maybe he does have a reason to cry.
    I’m with ya on the craft beers. So far, there are very few I would return to but hey, ya gotta try once in a while, eh?
    My sister gets back from her safari with her daughter tomorrow. She took a picture of a lion thisclose to the jeep she was in. Face all bloodied from his recent fight with the two other males near the tree over there. She didn’t think he wanted any petting, but maybe if you’d been there?

    Peace and keep on dreamin’ Papa!

    Q (Mama – remind me to tell you about my “initiation” where I had to be Mama Cass…)

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    1. Q,

      Well, as you just heard . . there’s still hope of an actual interview! At least until I get my autographed pic of Covfefe with a form letter . . .

      After which . . “Boob job” interview it is!

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      1. Putin would probably challenge me to a push-up contest. I max out at 100, so I KNOW that asshole is gonna take me down.

        And vodka is out, he has me beat on that one too.

        Vera Farmiga trivia, Space Armada and shooting free throws . . . I will kick his ass when it comes to that.

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      2. You think he can do more than 100? Hell… I wanna see YOU do 100 😉

        I’ll do the vodka for ya. I been in training thanks to my Ruskie-wannabe son…

        Then, we shall steer him towards that Vera thing – to make it fair to you.

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      3. I can do 100, not a single push-up more.

        You got the vodka? Coo! Does umm . . he know anything about the shenanigans of 2016?

        He ain’t gonna bite. He’s not into damsels like her. For all we know, he’s into Brad Pitt’s penis . . .

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      4. Not a single one, eh?

        I gots lotsa vodka… and, I would not be surprised, to tell the truth. I think he likes to pull my chain by saying Trump rocks… He likes seeing my reaction.

        You’re probably right… or he’s into little male hands…

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      5. Nope, not a single one. Because I never tried. I get to 100, I’m good. I made it. I’m Neil Armstrong in Nikes at that point.

        Trump rocks? Are they like pet rocks?

        Yanno . . this might start up some Putin gay rumors. The way the internet works, you never know.

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    2. I like the zig zag. It went out of style with Charlie Brown. Even if, truth be told, it wasn’t even in style when old Charlie was doing it up.

      No, as a chick that wouldn’t be fun. At all. It wasn’t fun for me this afternoon when I kept asking myself why I hadn’t worn an adult diaper. But really . . . adult diapers . . the very thought is a tad bit depressing. Even if . . I mighta used it today.

      You negotiated him into this world, so there is that.

      Drawbridge down! It would be the perfect meme . . .

      His penis ain’t crying with all those exotic locales it has visited. Can you imagine his penis as a steamer trunk? A-Listers plastered ALL over the thing!

      Yeah, I don’t get down with too many of the craft beers. And when they start getting all cute . . like with Tootsie Roll or Strawberry Creme filling . . nah. You ain’t Oreos . . you’re beer.

      That’s right! And yeah . . lions are so majestic. Tigers and lions are proof of something bigger than all of us. I loves ’em. Even if I know better than to pet one.

      Peace loving Papa am I!

      Okay . . this is gonna be gooooood! As long as it doesn’t involve a sammy.

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      1. Ya think? Maybe you could bring it into style… no?

        Maybe using them when you know you don’t NEED to doesn’t have the same depressing factor. Yeah. No.

        I did… and I would quote a certain comedian about bringing him in to the world so I can take him out but…

        Drawbridge memes. Let’s work on it!

        Buahaha! Quite the image you have given me now…

        No. no. and no. I can’t even stand a Blue Moon with an orange slice. Don’t be messing fruit with my hops.

        They are gorgeous and regal and yes, majestic.

        That you are!

        No sammies, I assure you.

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      2. I have a Guayabera. That’s as close as I get to the Zig Zag swag of Charlie Brown.

        Yeah maybe. But . . no.

        He’s doing three to ten in a state pen north of here. And I don’t blame you one bit for giving him the Voldemort treatment.

        Maybe moat memes instead . . .

        It’s not a smoothie . . it’s a beer dammit!

        Much funnier than a sammy. Much.

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  2. Your support points for feeling sorry for Tom Brady still has me laugh. He’ll, I may even have to get some bourbon to toast Covfefe to you. Glad you are enjoying Mr. Robot. Got to go against you on craft beers. Finally, real beer on the market – and beer isn’t my first choice for a drink!

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    1. Cincy,

      And it’s not over quite yet. Because I came home tonight and actually DID get to write to the WH! For some reason it wouldn’t take my copy and paste job. But . .I sent my request so we shall see.

      Loving Mr. Robot. Great stuff, and thank you!

      Of COURSE you’re into craft beers! Okay . . what’s your poison?

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      1. You are a brave man … that or totally out of your mind for wanting time with the one who probably won’t come close to answering your question.

        Craft beers? OK … Keep in mind beer isn’t my normal fare as I consider myself as a beer lightweight. However, a couple of friends are into crafts beers, so I listened, learned, and applied my wine knowledge to it.

        I’ve learned enough to try them. I know what I don’t like – Hoppy and bitter – that eliminates many (if not most) IPAs. (I occasionally find one that I like, but I don’t try them often.)

        Lagers are easy to drink – and a go-to when necessary. Thumbs up to many Red Ales. Smooth darks are good as long as they aren’t hoppy. Fortunately, many serves are knowledgeable, so when I tell them what I don’t like, they come through.

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      2. Cincy,

        It will never get that far. The thing is, there wouldn’t be any ‘gotcha’ questions, as defined. However, the administration has provided plenty of ‘gotcha’ material, so there’s that.

        If you enjoy it, that’s all that matters. I have a friend who partakes and reviews craft beers on the side. The community, they know their stuff. So . . I really just love to throw jabs. It’s what I do.

        It reminds me of the time me and my long time pal- we call him Big Papi- checked out a new craft beer joint years ago. They had a sampler of seven different beers so we each ordered that. They brought us out two trays EACH. We didn’t turn it down, since that would have been rude. Good thing he lived near the place, because we walked back after which I got a ride home, LOL.

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      3. No such thing as gotcha-ya material for President Trump. He can cry the fake-news defense while having a free ride when it comes to contradicting himself by pleading the never-said-that defense.

        The Big Papi story is a hoot!

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      4. Ugh! Why do you have to make total sense! LOL

        Yeah, I remember calling my gal pal up and her response was priceless. I’ve been railing on about craft beers forever, and she took full advantage of my Waterloo.

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      5. His strikeouts were up last year but he just never seemed to fit in the rotation for us. He’s still quite young, as far as games and innings pitched, so if there’s something there, with the right pitching coach he’s an asset. I consider him a discount version of Burnett, who never was able to get it done in New York but had good years once he left.

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      6. He was a righty in a lefty friendly park last season. I always look at it this way. Halladay dominated in a matchbox called Citizens Bank. And while I’m not putting Gray in the same class, if he has something then he can show something. Hell, I don’t even know what the Yanks got for him, LOL.

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      7. I saw that this ERA in Yankee Stadium was like 3 times higher than on the road. That’s brutal.

        The Yanks got a Reds minor leaguer, who they turned for someone in Seattle – a CF – but I don’t know what level he is.

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      8. I don’t think he was a New York player. Now we get to see if he’s an anywhere player. Maybe not, who knows?

        It’s still possible we get Machado, and I’m not good with that. If I HAD to choose between Harper and Machado, I’d go with Harper because he’s a lefty. But really, I want neither.

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    2. Gotta jump in here, I’m right there on the craft beer, though my caveat is simply, beer’s gotta be tasty, not some millennials right of passage. I’m not into impressing anyone, least of all with beer! 🙂 And forget those $10 brewskis. A simple beverage without being affected as if it should underscore some sort of self importance.

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      1. Thank you and thank you. Good tasting beer, because of course. Damn straight.
        Ain’t no payoff to impressing people. And there sure as heck is no payoff to ten buck brews.
        Well said Monika!

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      2. Mostly I like ales but don’t want my beer too hoppy tasting or bitter. They gotta have flavor (I’m talking about you, Coors!). I’m very fond of the Kona Brewery’s brews, such as their Big Wave but also enjoy a nice cold Longboard lager.

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  3. The Patriots won today and are going to the Super Bowl. I simply cannot begin to respond effectively to your post as a result. I’m just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo monumentally frustrated.

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      1. On this point I think we agree. The only thing worse than seeing Brady in the Super Bowl is seeing Gronk there with him. Two of my least favorite players in the league. And then there’s hearing the “they’re so amazing” comments. Blech. Give me a break. Are they skilled, yes. Do they have a cheater coaching them, sure enough, but jeez, it’s not like they’re the second coming for crying out loud! I only wonder by Josh freakin’ McDaniel couldn’t coach the Broncos like he does now. Punk!

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      2. I told Dale I won’t be watching ESPN for the next couple weeks, because it’s going to be wall to wall Brady.
        And the “Tuck Rule” helped usher in this long, national nightmare. The Raiders won that game in New England. After which the Patriots started taping opponents practices and well . . the rest is history.

        McDaniel wasn’t so hot in Denver, was he?

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  4. If I printed this I’d have a posse in front of my house. First off, I LOVE THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS, I don’t care how fat Mama Cass was or whether or not, John really molested McKenzie.

    That said…love the wall paragraph. I’m now dreaming about it, and can’t believe the stand-off is still going on. Fuck all the Americans, my dick is gonna be bigger than yours Nancy if it’s the last thing I do. It’s not even a fair fight since, how big a vibrator could Nancy even come up with.

    Yes, she’s going up the Wall, so to speak, me and Nancy and Chuck who looks as if he never takes off his suit.

    You have much more profound, stellar comments than I can ever make, so I will stop here.

    Your writing not only entertains, it illuminates. How fine is that!

    Susannah…Forgotten American Citizen #20,100.05

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    1. SB,

      A posse? Sounds muy serious.

      True thing you bring. Think about how little we would be able to enjoy if we took to task all the actors, artists and musicians. And I don’t know about you, but I ain’t even bothering my turntable with Pat Boone. No way, no how.

      According to the Donald, that thing is huge . . I mean bahlieve me when I tell you . . it’s HUGE! And please, don’t look at his hands as he tries to convince you . . .

      Okay, you know? I totally believe that! I think Chuck had suit made custom. It’s got a ventilation suit, a self cleaning option and wrinkle free system that dry cleaners would envy.

      Oh please, your comments are both stellar and profound. I know . . I know . . those cranky compliments. But sorry pal, you’re in the posse when you visit this joint.

      And to think, I sat down to share my cautionary tale about running with a gallon of water in you!

      Susannah . . . they ain’t stealing your fabulous name, they can’t!

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      1. Ya flatta me…that’s my Rhoda Morganstern imitation. It’s 7 degrees here. I’m expecting seals and Eskimos, or at least an Eskimo pie. I haven’t looked at the news yet today. Don’t really want to know what he’s done, or hasn’t done, now. I long for the days of Murray Kempton and Bob Newfield, even Jimmy Breslen and Pete Hamill who has been MIA for much too long. I gather he’s the next to check out. He and Jimmy both at RFK’s side when he fell for the last time in that creepy kitchen. I’m on a tangent..forgive me. Susannah

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      2. From one of the greatest sitcoms ever.

        Of course, I ran yesterday knowing full well that a run today would’ve been a cryogenic enterprise.

        Trump tweeted out his favorite fast food burger in all caps. After which he blasted Switzerland for not picking a side. Then he prank called Jim Acosta . . again.

        Jimmy Breslin’s work on the Son of Sam murders is a 101 class. And Pete Hamill wrote books inside his articles, before he actually started writing books, and great ones.

        You remind me how much fun the old school of things was. It’s like, we knew the world was screwed, but we had a much more authentic sense of ourselves and it seemed worth fixing. Now? I don’t know, I just don’t.

        We could riff on those writers from the canyons and Bobby’s short cut that changed the direction of a country and I am pretty sure we could do it all day.

        You’re definitely in the posse! You gotta be. 🙂

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      3. I met him on the street a while back, right after reading his Downtown, for the 3rd time. There he was on Astor Place like in a dream. I ran up to him as if he were one of the Beatles, and he was and is, my Beatle, and even tooling through his 70s, was one sexy guy yanking my girl out by her roots. He was friendly, when I did everything but burst into song, before running away so embarrassed at my behavior. When I turned one last time, he was still gazing my way, smiling, before I ducked into the subway. Confession number 209.

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      4. That’s a great story! I love how he brought your girl out to play, and how you lost that SB cool in the moment and just went with it.

        This confession book would be a best seller, thin chica. A white hot page turner that would be impossible to put down until the pages were spent.

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      5. I can’t help myself…you’ve popped a file…have you ever read his, Why Sinatra Matters? If not, go to Amazon where they let you read the first dozen pages…it opens at PJ Clarke’s where he’s with Murray Kempton, and Sinatra among others in the back room where Frank is holding court while ya hear him on the jukebox. Hamill at his best. 🙂

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      6. What a town that was! Can you imagine the Hall of Fame that was busy walking those streets once? To be transported back to a time, where a simple walk would fetch all of that.

        Thanks for the 411, SB.

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      7. People are too busy on social media to really care about what came before. It’s funny though, if I go on one of my rants, there’s interest then, I guess because it’s put in front of them. All I know is, I would die if I couldn’t read.

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      8. Social media has reconfigured the whole social dynamic, and to rail on it is akin to pissing inside a turbine. I rail on it anyway, because hey . . WP is considered social media and I am dabbling in the stuff. And I am witness to what I speak of.

        Rant away! I dig your rants. Nostrils flaring as you bring out your inner Brasi.


      9. I never feel blogging is the same as tweeting all day like a gold–plated pres we know. It’s a venue to write. Alexander Hamilton in 1801 created the Sunday Evening Post, a blog of its time, so he’d have a place to write his two cents. WordPress can be viewed as very Hamiltonian if you will. My two cents. 🙂

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  5. I missed this last night, Marc. I usually try to get here before the comment count reaches 65. It takes me an hour to scroll to the bottom and because of my advanced years, I totally forget what I wanted to say. Here I am fresh in the morning and know exactly what I want to say…..*crickets….Oh yeah. I loved the Brady discussion. What a crybaby. I now have to sit through another Superbowl wondering what hack The Patriots have come up with to win. I’ll be rooting for the Rams for sure. Mamas and Poppas are always on my mixes. I fell in love with them in the sixties. Have a great week.

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    1. Boss,

      You’re always front of the line, you know that by now. 😉

      As for Brady, he is the biggest crybaby! Cry me a river! He’s got five rings, Giselle and generational wealth . . and he wants us to feel sorry for him? Of course it was ALL a ploy to rev up his forty one year old engine, and damn if it didn’t work. Again. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that a forty one year old dude can still come out on top against such a great young player as Mahomes, but puhleeze! He and his team were an underdog for a reason! The game was in KC!

      All that said, I’m hoping for a full circle win for the Rams. Seeing as how they were the St Louis Rams, and heavily favored, when they took on a young Brady eighteen years ago and lost. Maybe McVay and youth will be served and Brady and Belichick will go crying into that dark night. For once, and for all. A boy can dream.

      Yes, they are a permanent part of the rotation.

      Have a better one mister. 🙂

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  6. 76 comments? I am tardy to this party. Sorry — twas watching my new faux football boyfriend, Patrick Mahomes, who’s way better than Boo-hoo Brady, then I slept in.

    Bundt cake is da bomb. I shall make a layer cake later today, though — tis yellow with chocolate icing and that always says “layer cake” to me. I made the executive decision to spend the day of sub-zeros not in a cold office (in more ways than one) but in my jammies, lounging in the bed with the fleece sheets for, like, ever. I shall reward myself for this awesome decision with cake.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wait! It’s 87 comments! You know what this means T-Siz . we gotta make it to 100 now!! That would be history in the making for the blog! And the best part? Without Tom Brady’s help!
      Mahomes day will come, sooner than later.
      Bundt cake is . . as the kids say, life. I made a spice cake with buttercream icing recently. I made my son and his new bride take home half of it because I did not trust myself to not eat all of it.
      That makes YOU the executive decision maker of the week! Nicely played.

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      1. Twas a patriotic 76 when I typed my responses. I’m sure you and Dale can get them over the 100 mark easy!

        Aw, that spice cake sounds good and good on ya for giving it away. I would totes eat it all, too. I’m thinking of freezing half for later.
        Yes! I have the POWER! bwahahaha

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      2. Welp, if not for the fact we watched True Detective whilst partaking of adult beverages on the phone, 100 never would’ve been possible. But here it is . . . I think this reply and the next one will sit us ALL atop the century mark.

        Group effort. I sure as hell wasn’t getting there my less than social butterfly self. My posse did the heavy lifting, for shiz!

        In my best Pacino . . . POWAH!!!!

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      3. The talking on the phone part sounds fun, but I can’t watch my shows with anyone who might talk during them. BLASPHEMY!

        It’s a group effort, but everyone did their part, unlike group projects, in which there’s always one who won’t.

        And lalalalalalala. I haven’t watched this week’s True Detective yet so… no spoiler, please!!

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      4. Ironical as Alex doesn’t seem like a group guy, a team player. If he was, he’d be that obnoxious member who knows EVERYTHING and how to do EVERYTHING better.

        YAY! Fenks.

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      5. Believe it or not, I ain’t either. I can definitely synthesize, but I dig jaywalking too much to ever be a group guy. Not obnoxious about it though, like Alex.

        In a zombie apocalypse, I’d be the dude who scouted and made camp elsewhere. I’d also be the dude elected to kill Alex.

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  7. In addition to my comment replies above, can I just say running leaves me inclined to call Uber (and I loathe Uber), let alone doing it in windy conditions with a big fat side of Arctic temps? You’re a better human than me running or doing 100 pushups. Gold star for you, dude. ⭐️Oh and one more thing, I want to party with you and Dale! Sounds like some g.o.o.d. times.

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    1. I’m a much more clueless human on the running front, tell you what. But I figured it was better yesterday than today. I was right on that point, because today is nasty. I made the mistake of venturing out before and it was the second dumbest thing I’ve done in the last two days. I’m on a roll!

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