The Vera Farmiga Invitational- Govt Shutdown Edition!

vera farmiga

It seems as if the shutdown has dragged on for so long that we should be using Roman numerals to count the fucking days. And the weather ain’t helping things any, with temps that resemble the hopes and dreams of many Americans right about now.

I decided to warm things up with a Vera post, since it’s been way too long. I watched The Commuter recently, in which Vera plays a total bad ass opposite Liam Neeson. So basically, Vera took a highly forgettable movie and turned it into bad girl theater. Worth it.

I’ve compiled a magnificent seven of politicos with the express intent of not being political in the least. And for anyone who believes it demeaning that I post a beauty pageant for women who’ve achieved great things, chill the fuck out. It’s an appreciation of looks and smarts, and it’s a couple minutes of your time in which politicians are not being talked about in derisive tones by one side or the other.

You can thank Vera for that.

kamala harris

Kamala Harris- She just announced she will be running for President in 2020. But you don’t need 20/20 vision when setting your sights on this lovely. Feasting your focus on the Senator from California will have your eyes feeling as if they’re swimming in warm honey. She’s a razor sharp dresser with a smile that could talk the sun into overtime. And we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of her in the next couple years. No complaints here.

aocAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez- She has crazy eyes, crazy silky lips, crazy dance moves and a crazy Latina temper. And really . . she had me at crazy. She’s not only representing the fourteenth district of New York, she’s representing a Paul Simon three minute novella. The one that saw independent minded mamacitas doing the business of men in suits in the proverbs of sass and soul.


FORTUNE Most Powerful Women Summit - Day 2

Sheryl Sandberg- Okay, I cheated. Ms. Sandberg is not actually a politician but . . this is my list. And in my humble opinion, she should be. My forever crush has got the net worth (a billion and a half large) the reach and the oratory skills to mobilize. She’s got hot mama versatility in that you could see her rocking a Harvard sweatshirt to the movies or a jaw dropping black dress to a five star joint. And when she reads you to sleep with poetry . . oh my God. Not that I ever fantasized about such a thing . . .


Krysten Sinema- She’s the hottie next door neighbor you always want to run into for a friendly chat. Because she possesses the next gen librarian look, replete with Amy Lee lyrics in her locks and those sexy specs. It’s a mathematical equation I learned in the third grade, thanks to Ms. Makowski. Hot girls with glasses equals ballgame.

Marijuana Data Collection Act press conference, Washington DC, USA - 24 Jul 2018

Tulsi Gabbard- She’s got a Victoria Principle vibe going, which wins the vote right there. And that voice, it’s so history teacher serious-like. And it makes me wanna find a reason to stay after school. Oh yeah . . and TG is running for President too! These debates are going to be the creamiest.

kristi noem

Kristi Noem- As the Governor of South Dakota, I imagine Kristi wears a cowboy hat and a sidearm. I imagine it all the time, in fact. This felonious femme brings the tropics to sub-zero weather. North Dakota should be petitioning for one Dakota, just so they could be in the same room with her.


Teresa Tomlinson- I dated a lady from Harrisburg who was the Mayor’s mirror image. From her sharp dressed sexy to the baubles that frame her neck in come hither to the smart ‘do that can erupt into crazy flames to the “I sleep alone,” parting shot on the other side. Let the record show that I never dated Ms. Tomlinson, however. Unless she’s running for President too . . .

That’ll do it for the first Vera voyage of 2019. I’d like to thank all the lovely ladies who took part in this Invitational for bringing the heat to sub-zero temps. In putting together this post, it was my sincere hope that we might be able to break bread, no matter our differences. And if some wine were to make the scene, all the better.

Just saying.







95 thoughts on “The Vera Farmiga Invitational- Govt Shutdown Edition!

  1. B,

    Love me a male feminist. You rock, simply by putting yourself into the line of fire with this list. And, though I ride the other side of the fence, so to speak, these ladies could definitely make one ponder one’s choice 😉

    Always a delight to read your observations and great taste in women.


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    • I don’t really see myself as a feminist. I dig the differences is all. Unless females take over someday. In which case, I’m a feminist. Totes.

      These ladies bring it. There’s nothing like confidence, smarts and yum. And ain’t nobody judging the ladies for skimming their toes in the same pool. I’m a feminist on that point.

      Like I said, this one was Vera’s fault. She plays such a great villain.


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      • You might not see yourself as a feminist but your actions show you otherwise. I think you are pro-female as in equality should reign.

        They do. And again, you make my point 😉

        G’head, blame her while we enjoy the fruits of your labours.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Fair enough. Far be it from me to debate away a compliment, which is how I take it. 🙂 And yes, I am totally about fairness for all. Vera for President!

          What point? Oooooohhhhh! Well, on a serious note . .I don’t agree with a lot of the political views these ladies possess. However, I’d like to think I would have a solid conversation with any of them. One in which no shouting was involved. One in which opinions were shared and not judged. Respect. Where did that stuff go? And how do we get it back?

          Uh . . you spelled labor wrong . . .

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          • And a compliment is was meant to be! I figure she can’t do worse than the numbskull there now…

            No. You don’t have to agree with all of their views and yes, I do believe you would be able to have proper discussions in a respectful and intelligent matter. I like to think some of us still have some.

            That’s ok, it gives you something to pick on me for. That’s why I won’t quit my U 😉

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          • I know it mama, totally! And let’s face it, Vera would take office with as much experience as Trump brought to it. So yanno . .

            It’s insane to think that every political discussion gets broken down into an “I’m right, you’re wrong” hot take. Whatever happened to debating, disagreeing and learning? Or was that never really a thing to begin with? I forget now.

            It must be laborious to be friends with me, 😉


          • Exactly! So yanno. . .

            I know. Why can’t we discuss things, debating, exchanging, learning, broadening our horizons, opening ourselves to other views… I like to think it was and is – somewhere – still.

            I find it helps when one has a sense of humour and a friendly, neighbourly attitude 😀

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          • He’s such an outsider that he might as well be . . . wait for it . . . living in Russia.

            There were leaders who believed in such things once. I recently watched a doc about Sadat, and the one about Robert Kennedy. These were men with vision, they believed in things that got them killed. So yeah, there has always been dissension and worse. But nowadays, the lack of consensus . . it just feels more insidious. Not sure why.

            U said it all in that sentence. No . . seriously . . you placed a U in every other word . . .

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          • Huyck hyuck hyuck!

            That’s the trouble, issn’t it? As soon as you have someone who is willing to actually discuss and listen, he gets killed. It does feel insidious.

            Well, I supposed I could have coloured my response with more…U words but didn’t want to seem over-exuberant… yanno.

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          • It’s frightening is what it is. And now that we’re talking about it, I realize that opposition has been getting crushed since forever.

            When people talk about the possible conspiracies involving JFK or 9/11 or some other horrible event, I think to myself that it’s pretty sad that we can posit questions that involve our government and be serious about it.

            Too late. U were really Using the U-words with exhUberance.

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          • It really is. Don’t like what you’re saying! You’re fired! Da fuck?

            That’s for sure. And, let’s face it. It’s not impossible that the government was involved – that’s a horrid thought.

            That I like to do… Toss them willy-nilly so that I secure my place in the grand scheme of things. You can’t just relegate me to the plain and ordinary file, now.

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          • All the world- or at least the United States- is a stage.

            It’s ’63 in Dealey Plaza, when we as citizens were put on notice of the horrible consequences that come when you mess with the establishment. Not saying there was a government conspiracy, not saying there wasn’t. But let’s face it, the Kennedy brothers took on the establishment, and they were both taken out within five years of each other.

            U are right about that. When U are right, U are right. See? Now U got me doing it!

            Liked by 1 person

          • That is sooo true.

            Let’s face it indeed. It is quite suspicious…

            I know U would be sad if I suddenly ‘Muricanized my spelling and dropped all the proper spelling…

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  2. Ms. Hawaii is opposed to gay marriage and so if it were my list, she’d be booted for that. Pretty people are pretty, but they have to align with my values on the big deals. And Sheryl’s too “in” with Mr. Creepy at Facebook so…. Just sayin’.

    Look at me, tryin’ to ruin your list with ma ethics and stuffs…. sorry. 🙂

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    • T-Siz,

      For one thing, there are no ethics here. You should know that already. For another, it’s okay to bring ’em, since yanno . . the pantry is bare.

      You can’t harsh my mellow on these chicas. I went with how I would likely react if one of these ladies walked into the room. And Sheryl . . she’s such a great speaker. I dig a chica who can work a room like that. I’m a fool for it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Fine, fine. I think it’s a guy thing, though. I can’t think of someone I disagree with on the big issues that I would still think, “Hey, he’s a hottie.” Hmmm. This needs further study, methinks.


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        • When I was a younger fella, I was a Reaganite. Almost all the women I dated possessed an opinion that was in stark contrast to mine. My wife was a devout liberal and we differed greatly on these matters.

          My opinions have changed quite a bit over the years, but I still dig debating.

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  3. I will be watching all of these politicians for a spark of someone who knows a little something about leadership. My doubtful side says they will melt into a Barbara Boxeresque man-hating diatribe and show us they are just the same as the current dufus. I hope not cause I agree, they are nice to watch. Thanks for the Vera photo and “Simply Irresistible” video. I never get tired of trying to see if I really see what I think I see. Anyway, Pilgrim, you made my day. 🥃

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    • Boss,

      It’s why I kept my perspective in the apolitical lane. Because it seems that symbolism is the keyword of the day with peeps in any position of power. Espresso shots beat fine wine in the here and now. And the crash is usually regrettable. I hope there are surprises, good ones.

      Always good for a Vera photo. And the video, like I was telling Monika. So eighties.

      Oh I saw it too. 😉


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  4. Well now – certain a bright post for my day. Of the pics of seen of Rep. Gabbard, this one is the worst – but I’m not convinced she’ll still be in the race when it’s time for the first debate. The new Arizona senator surely brightens up the place – especially in the midst of many old men. Woo hoo to the GOP governor of ND. Meanwhile, the perfect song for this post.

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  5. That’s an impressive list. I think you’re right about Harris being heard from. Its just a matter of when. Not sure if she’s serious about the next election or setting the table of the following one.

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  6. You had me at Vera, whom I saw live in the flesh (just the normal amount of flesh, it was in public, you D.O.M.). Need to catch that flick, since it was in the theaters about as long as a passing train. Ever see Boundaries? Great film with VF, Christopher Plummer and even a cameo by Christopher Lloyd. Not sure I’m on board with the others except AOC but not saying no either, since we’re in fantasy land anyway.

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  7. It reads like a beauty contest with brains and no swim suit competition. Hilary must be beside herself no longer being the lone lady at the podium. Frankly my faith In government presently is doing the hula. I can’t believe this shit show of a shutdown is still in play. All the people unpaid while these shameful reps in all shapes and sizes, oval and otherwise, act like kids in a schoolyard. I hate him too the asshole we elected. I’m a team player we being generous, but enough Nancy, make a deal. And the roster of women in their Manolis, I dunno Sorryless, they better be able to pull a rabbit or two outta their pill box hats.

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  8. Kristi Noem- As the Governor of South Dakota, I imagine Kristi wears a cowboy hat and a sidearm. I imagine it all the time, in fact. This felonious femme brings the tropics to sub-zero weather. North Dakota should be petitioning for one Dakota, just so they could be in the same room with her.

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