85 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

    1. Darn tootin’. I brought Zeke for a walk, got to the water’s edge and the wind was ridonkulous. Went right through me! I managed to click five pics, hoping one would be Sorryless Wordless Wednesday Worthy and hightailed it outta there.
      Perfect song! I love it! Grazie mille, Signore.

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      1. Cincy,

        So what awv tha fact awm a Red Sawx fan who’s rooting fawh the Pats and Gawd’s gift to the gridiawn . . Tawm Brady . . Not ta mention the Celts!

        Okay, I can’t even. The only thing I dig about New England proper is Sam Adams. Which I order OUT, oh by the way. I’ll be rooting for the Rams next weekend, mister. And I’ll be rooting for whoever plays the Patriots in the big game next year. And the year after that, and the year after that . . . and . . the year after that.

        I propose we build the wall around Ohio, and for every snide New Englandah comment you uttah . . that wall gets higher. And it’s not going to be concrete, or steel. It’s gonna be titanium! And it’s gonna be HUGE! Bahlieve me . .

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      2. I like that he shares his site this way. He’s a wonderful writer who loves to write. It’s clearly not just about popularity, how many LIKES can he glean. I don’t read many blogs, but find his prose compelling, and your photos inspirational. Ya just never know who you’ll meet on the page. Sincerely, Susannah

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      3. He is a wonderful guy and his writing is outstanding and blows me away, each and every time. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about likes and stats whatsoever.
        Thank you. I really appreciate it. I’m gonna have to mosey on over to your blog, now because those who follow Marc, have something to say, too πŸ™‚

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      4. I wish I could write as well as Marc or you or a few others I follow. My style is more of a no-fluff-style and less of a useful metaphor one.
        And as for taking pictures, I just enjoy it without claiming to be anything else but a girl who likes to photograph her life.


      5. That was a compliment. Spare means you zoom in on what’s beautifully necessary. There’s no excess. I try to write like that. I feel you see that way, my impression of the few photos I’ve seen. My favorite might be the amusement park. 😊

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      6. Oh, I do take it as a compliment.
        I do try to zoom into the core of what I want. I don’t like when they are too busy and you don’t know what you are supposed to focus on.
        So very glad you enjoy what I offer πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much, Susannah. Much obliged for your kind comments. And yeah, it shows it’s chilliness, doesn’t it?
      Mama Nature – methinks she is definitely suffering from menopause and refuses to take her meds!

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    1. Well, guess what? Mine’s a-brewin’ as we speak! and Omnificent or Omniscient, they are both grossly over-much! I’ll accept I have some creativity and some wisdom… but don’t push it. It would be way too much to live up to and frankly, I don’t have that much energy!!

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