Top 5 Heroes Of The Week

This week’s news included more investigations, government shutdown stories and football games that peeps take much too seriously. And then there was the Covington High School lesson in viral economics. It was a frightening look at the power of social media.

Yanno . . those survivalists might be onto something.

The Lesson of Old Lady- A pretty special pooch named Old Lady becomes the first canine to make the Heroes edition, and with good reason. After being lost for seventeen days in the woods, in sub-zero temps, the 10 year old St Bernard was rescued. Again.

When it comes to survivors, this lady is a front page headlines super-heroine whose paws are mighty and whose ability to overcome inspiring. Her two and a half week ordeal in the wilderness came on the heels of having been rescued from a puppy mill, where the owners were using her to breed. Her nine lives are not the result of luck, but of an impenetrable will that us two legged peeps could learn from. Because life has been telling her to quit since the day she was born. And she’s here for one simple reason.

She didn’t listen.

Rudy Guiliani- Remember when he was “America’s Mayor”? Holy Fiorello, this guy’s reputation has taken a bigger hit than Sears shares. His disingenuous denials of any Russian collusion with the White House have morphed into a pathetic series of genuflecting gaffes in the new year. Basically, Rudy taunted the press for much of the last two years whenever questioned about discussions between Trump and the Russians. He behaved very much like all those mob lawyers he once took on as Attorney General of New York back in the eighties, when he was busy taking down the mob whilst sewing the seeds for a Mayoral run.

Rudy’s omerta license must’ve expired, because he’s been pretty chatty as of late. He flipped his story into an admission that discussions about a Trump Tower Russia were going on between Trump and the Russians throughout 2016. And then Rudy got more specific, admitting that talks were taking place from the time Trump announced he was running for President all the way up to and after his election night victory. Now Rudy claims all that chatter on his part was purely hypothetical.

It’s sad when you watch a political figure become a trivial pursuit question and a caricature of his former self. It’s even sadder when you realize he chose this path.

Magnum PI- The only reason Roger Goodell is still capo di tutti capi is because he’s been a rainmaker for the league during his tenure. Much like the retired MLB commish Bud Selig, Goodell has preached for the fan’s best interests whilst screwing them royally. From pricing families out of the game to looking the other way in the CTE crisis, the NFL boss has always proven expert at saying one thing and doing the other.

Excepting for now, when it feels as if Rajah has been auditioning for a role in the A Quiet Place sequel. With the white hot noise that has resulted from “Pass Interference-Gate” in New Orleans, and with fans hollering for more replays and even a do-over, the commish remains silent. Excuse me but . . what in the blessed fuck is this guy being paid for if he refuses to get in front of a microphone and address this mess? Goodell pulled in thirty five million last year and is negotiating a new contract in which he is asking for 49 million a year, lifetime use of a private jet and lifetime health insurance for him and his family. You’d think for that money that he might . . yanno, actually show up?

Reactionary Fans- New Orleans made it back from Hurricane Katrina, so I’m fairly certain that a football score ain’t the end of the world. They were robbed? I don’t know about that. Because if you’re going to go back and change the non-call on the Saints last drive, then you’re gonna have to change the non-call on the preceding Rams drive in which Jared Goff was grabbed by the face mask; because that would’ve made it first and goal for the Rams at the one yard line, and that would’ve change the dynamics as well.

Saints fans threaten lawsuits and rail on about how the integrity of the game has been compromised, and I have to wonder. Isn’t this the same organization that once presided over “Bounty-Gate”, in which bounties were awarded for knocking players out of the game? Sorry but, I ain’t taking ethics lessons from that organization or that punk head coach. It was a bad call, but it wasn’t a crime. They’re right about Goodell’s Houdini act, but spare me the Opera.

Paying It Forward: Organized religion has taken a beating thanks to degenerate priests, for profit apostles and a status driven, country club ethos that permeates too many churches. Jesus is a glove-box totem for many; to be used in moments  of crisis as well as to proselytize on politics and people.

Pastor Noah Schumacher’s journey to the better places of this world began a few months ago when he learned his mother was suffering from liver failure. He went through a series of tests to see if he might be able to donate a portion of his liver, but he wasn’t a match. The transplant coordinator he worked with informed him he was a perfect match for a dying child who was also in need. After talking with his wife and kids, Schumacher agreed to undergo the six hour surgery. No matter the possible complications or the significant recovery time. He was in.

This story spread like wildfire throughout his community and now neighbors and strangers alike are being tested themselves in order to see if they might be a possible donor for Schumacher’s mother. Turns out, you can win favor and a good name in the sight of higher powers if . . yanno, your faith is this strong.

Schumacher isn’t waiting for Jesus to take the wheel.

He’s driving.




46 thoughts on “Top 5 Heroes Of The Week

  1. As a sports fan, I’ve been known to get annoyed a time or two at bad calls against my teams, but, you know, there are bad calls everywhere and some go against you, some go with you. I have a friend who wants to replace umpires with cameras and computers. The day that happens is the day I stop watching baseball for good. The human element is an important part of sports. If you replace umpires with technology, you might as well just pull out your Strat-O-Matic game and play the games that way.

    Besides, what happens when the computer system needs to be updated right in the middle of the game. 😉 Or crashes? Or … horror of horrors is hacked by the Chinese!!!

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    • I always hearken back to 1985, when Denkinger blew the call at first base in Game 6 of the World Series between the Cardinals and Royals. It provided the opening through which the Royals would come back to win that game and then win the title the next night. Horrible call, no doubt about it. And it was one of the examples used many years later when IR was proposed.

      But here’s the thing. IR was supposed to be used in THOSE instances. Not for every single instance in which we study a sequence as if Zapruder.

      Tennis actually does it right. They have real INSTANT replay and they have judges. How novel an idea!

      You’re right. The MLB replaces umps and I stick to minor league and independent league baseball after that. No thank you.

      Buahahaha! The MLB involved in an international incident? It wouldn’t go well . . .


  2. Rudy’s downfall began when he Disneyized Times Square. Ruined it, ya know. I never liked him. I have a pretty good bullshit detector. It went off LOUD AND CLEAR when I first saw him. Now it’s deafening.

    Why would anybody let Jesus take the wheel? I’m pretty sure he didn’t take any driving lessons back in the day. 🙂

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    • I liked Rudy for the most part. I thought he was a good Mayor. But I never saw a fit, nationally. There is something to be said for the lost in translation effect of these Northeast pols. They don’t work on a national level because there’s no polish to ’em.

      I never understood that whole Jesus take the wheel thing myself. But hey, lots of peeps in this day and age can’t drive worth a shit, so maybe they figure . . why not?

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      • I have a natural dislike that I simply can’t help for men who rotate through wives like a merry-go-round. I’m sure there are some in the northeast that have the polish you speak of. Unfortunately, we’ve been stuck with the likes of Rudy and Christie and Trump and people now think they’re ALL like that. Bada-bleh.

        According to Dr. Phil, Jesus will give you an oar, but you still have to row. So my logic tells me that Jesus would sit in the car, but not drive. Maybe the Jesus take the wheel people don’t really want to go anywhere? hahahaha (I’m amusing myself here.)

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        • Christie was insufferable during the debates. Ironically, it took another bully to put him down, huh?

          The Jesus take the wheel people either want the world to end five minutes ago, or they never want to die . . yanno, in the event they were right about what all that sinning gets ya.

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  3. My advice to the Saints fans, “It’s a game folks. Get over it.” My advice to Goodell. “Quit pimping the owners and get right with God.” My advice to Old Lady, “You got this darlin.” My advice to Rudy, “Get off the stage. You are being handed the wrong lines.” My advice to Pastor Schumacher, “Keep making your boss proud of you.” My advice to Marc, “Keep writing these wonderful posts

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  4. B,

    Another wonderful Top-5 this week.
    Suvivalists – I am starting to see why, too. Get away from the complete and utter madness that is life on Earth.
    Man… Giuliani really stepped un in 9/11 then… what in the name of hell happened to him?
    Yes, it is a game and yes, there will be mistakes called, but lemme tell ya… this one was pretty obvious – if someone like ME can see it… But, I did miss the face-mask thing, so there’s that.
    Way to go Old Lady. Wow… takes that “Incredible Journey” story to a whole new level – coz it’s a true one. So very happy for her that she not only survived but will now be surrounded by the love she deserves and never got.
    And, stories like Pastor Noah Schumacher make my heart swell and prove to me that, regardless of the why they did it, the important thing is that the DID do it – whatever good that may be. The good Pastor has definitely secured his place in the beautiful hereafter.

    To your fabulous lists,

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    • Q,

      I used to make fun of my high school pal Dave Miller, who had a legit bomb shelter. Now? I might have to look him up. And Rudy is simply a buffoon anymore, it’s really sad. The PI call was fairly obvious, even though I could lawyer that one into a bang/bang play and the fact the WR couldn’t have caught it anyway. But . . there was also a helmet to helmet call. Which puts the league in a bad spot, since if they fine the Rams player for it . . they’re admitting their goof.
      Old Lady is in bonus round territory, and thank goodness it’s going to be a happy end to a very challenging life.
      For once, a Pastor who makes the news for all the right reasons!

      To fab!



      • Funny how perspectives change – you best reconnect and make nice with him 😉
        Rudy is definitely buffoon material – just so sad. Being the eternal optimist, I choose to think he would have caught it. But yeah, call is made, no turning back now – and if we get all tit for tat one was missed on the other side so. C’est la vie and we move on and we root for the Rams though we wanted to root for the Saints.
        I’m with Susannah, Old Lady needs a better name, like Queen Malala
        Yes. Finally! Someone of the cloth not making headlines with misconduct!

        To fab!

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        • The SOB probably sold the house, during the Clintonian Era- when peace seemed a thousand miles long.

          It is truly sad what has happened to Rudy. For those of us who remember a very different man, and leader. He’s not just a shill for this President, he is a caricature. No resemblance to his former self, whatsoever. Eighteen years feels like a hundred, it really does . . .

          I hope the Rams win and that is ALL I will say about the game, because I’ve seen this fucking movie too many times before. I mean, for Christ and his sakes, I thought LAST year was it for the Patriots! Tom Brady . .he proved his point. He can leave now.

          Queen Malala is the new leader in the clubhouse! Ding! Ding! Ding! I didn’t think about the name until she mentioned it. But yours works.

          Isn’t it novel? A person who, yanno, actually goes with God?

          I wonder if I could make fab fobs?


  5. Roger Goodell…umm…yeah. THAT guy. In my books, he kind of ranks right up there with Tom Brady and Michael Vick in the douchebag of the league. Jerk.

    Bless that pastor. I hope a match can be found for his mum soon. Two years ago my postal carrier decided to donate a kidney and is now close friends with the recipient who also lives in town. Those kinds of people deserve $49M annual salaries, not NFL sleezes. Happy weekend.

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    • You are not wrong, Monika.

      Rajah is the button man for the league bosses, and as long as he makes them money, he’s not going anywhere. No matter that the NFL has priced a lot of families out of their game. Lots of times, the ones who do still go are flexed out when the league decides to change a one o’clock start to prime time on a school night. And don’t get me started on PSL’s. And of COURSE the league should be ashamed at how they had to be dragged to the table on CTE. If they were capable of shame, that is.

      Yay to Mr. Schumacher. A REAL boss!

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  6. I don’t know where to start…the liver donor, I’d like to hop on a plane to be his Geisha. What a story, and the Saint Bernard comes next. It’s karma man…all the times her breed saved a skier from an avalanche by popping by on her sled, I mean, really. Do the math. and may we stop callin’ her Old Lady? I take umbrage on her behalf, I don’t care what the fuck her papers say. No girl likes to be called OLD, I don’t care how many legs she has.

    As far my former mayor goes, it’s like he fell on his head. I’m thinking, he owed Trump money so he’s paying it off with concealed resentment, or not, because his gaffes are pretty un-Rudy like, so he’s probably doing it on purpose.

    Omerta indeed….he’s singing like a fucking canary…sigh

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  7. Rudy is trying to out-pathetic his boss while not realizing that he probably can’t reach that high bar. Love the Goodell-Selig commonality … both are worthless leaders who would sell their souls to the highest bidder.

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  8. Rudy was The an some years ago. Makes me sad to see what he’s become and for whom. For the life of me, I can’t understand why. I just don’t get it.

    Roger, on the other hand, was never a man… just a patsy for the rich and famous. For many reasons, football has become difficult to take seriously for some time. Just another brick in the wall.

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