It’s Deja Vu, All Over Again

Fucking Patriots.

They make me want to dabble in communism. They make me feel like the Brits were misunderstood. They make me want to subvert the steeple chase of a nut that Thomas Paine broke bread with once upon a time. The one that made babies with capitalism and stirred up tasty drinks in the form of monthly baby daddy payments to Uncle Sam’s house of rocket fuel.

This ain’t bitterness talking. It’s . . . wait for it . . . common sense.

How do we find ourselves here for the third time in five years? Because the Patriots are more buttoned up than Luca Brasi on a Smith and Wesson bender. While rival clubs engage in trade demands, holdouts and the kind of drama that would make Meryl Streep get all hot and bothered, the Patriots simply are. They are not exciting like the Chiefs, they do not possess the soap opera twists and turns of the Steelers and they are nowhere near as pretty as the Rams. All they’re good at is winning the last game of the year. And to that end, they are really, really good.

I’ll take Marco’s loose thoughts for a dollar, Alex . . .

  • Tony Romo is a maestro when it comes to calling a football game. And you know why that is? Because the dude is unpretentious, that’s why. He refuses to chime and dime on the dilly of the current template. Where “running north to south” and “going vertical” are downhill slang terms used by the so called experts who feel the need to justify the Armani. Until they’re cut loose for being nickels on a dollar’s worth of investment. Romo is different. He’s bright, he’s real, he’s effusive and he knows what is going down. On a Buffalo Springfield level of expertise.
  • Sean McVay didn’t lose his smarts overnight. But its funny how a dude twice his age kicked his ass in the biggest game of the year. Convincingly. Will rival executives have an “oh shit!” moment as a result? Because there were a lot of dudes hired because they worked under McVay or they were FB friends with McVay or they rode an elevator with him once. Moral of the story? Winning organizations act. Everyone else reacts.
  • My silver lining in Sunday night’s shit show was Brian Flores, the brand new head coach of the Miami Dolphins. His defense looked like the ’85 Bears. Now, he goes from a team that does its business the right way to the South Beach Social Club. I believe he’s up for the challenge, but time will tell.
  • Someone please tell Adam Levine that showing your nipples ain’t worth the price of admission unless you’re Janet Jackson.
  • Price of admission is Gladys Knight. She is velvet to the senses when her syllables take flight. I remember seeing her in Vegas and marveling at how she turned every single song into Friday night.
  • Remember back when everybody was bemoaning the lack of defense after that 54-51 game the Rams and Chiefs played earlier in the year? Peeps insisted the game had morphed into the NBA. Welp, the Vegas books put the over under for total points scored in the Super Bowl at 56 points . . to which these offensive juggernauts answered with 16 points. I guess defense still matters, after all.
  • Tom Brady looked like Mark Sanchez for most of that game. But for a couple passes in the fourth quarter that were bread basket perfect. Some players, such as Jared Goff, find it damn near impossible to face up to the big moment. Brady lives for it.
  • I dunno if the Saints would have been able to fare any better than the Rams against that suddenly tenacious Patriots defense. But I do know they could have done better than three points. Hell, the Dolphins could have done better than three points.
  • It’s pretty sad when, up until the fourth quarter the highlight of the game was a punt. I believe it was a record setting one, but I forget and you know why? Because it’s a punt . . .
  • It almost looked as if the Patriots D knew what was coming before the Rams snapped the ball. Which, if you’re a follower of the NFL, is always going to make you wonder, given the organization’s rap sheet.
  • Bravo to the Swiss Army Knife known as Julian Edelman for being the MVP not named Brady. Edleman missed the first four games of the season due to a PED suspension. If this were baseball it would have been a major story but in football, it’s an accepted fact.

And my one final thought on the national nightmare that is the New England Patriots.

They’re gonna have to be taken out the way Luca Brasi was taken out. By a band of young turks that wield knives on a doctorate level of Dante. The end of this reign must be certain, swift and surgical. And make no mistake, they will not surrender until the throne is taken from their cold dead hands. The team that slays this dragon is gonna have to do what the Patriots coaches are doing right now, as we speak.

Start planning.










109 thoughts on “It’s Deja Vu, All Over Again”

  1. Mr. Romo bugged me for not wearing socks with a suit and dress shoes, but after watching however long I’ve been alive number of football games here and there, I learned something NEW! He explained that at 15 seconds on the play clock, all the techy whisper in their ears crap gets cut off, leaving the players to, you know, PLAY THE GAME, without coaches telling them how. Fascinating! I always hated the idea that the coaches, etc. were moving the pieces, if you will. Now I know, from 15 and under, THEY CAN’T.

    I stopped watching not long after the punt and enjoyed the puppy bowl. Way more action. 59 to 51 — high scoring game. Vegas shoulda bet on that one.

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    1. You football fashionista you! I didn’t notice the socks thing. Or whether Tony wore a suit. Us dudes are pretty clueless on such matters sometimes.

      Yeah, Tony’s commentary is no nonsense, nuts and bolts stuff. He doesn’t beat us over the head with useless stats or annoy us with pompous boasts. And when he gets something right, he never says “Told ya so”. How refreshing.

      The Puppy Bowl would have been a much better option. All we did was grub out and shoot the shit for three hours.

      59-51?! They should have preempted the Super Bowl with THAT coverage.

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      1. He’s like Simms, but not as, um, unenlightened… OK, he just doesn’t sound stupid. There, I said it. Phil Simms sounds stupid.

        The Puppy Bowl was fantastic! The hamster keeping score (running on his wheel facing each team’s way to make the scores rise…) got quite the workout. I would have been hanging with the kittens in the Temptations Treat sky box. Twas some good competition between the puppies. Good to chow down on homemade stromboli with.

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      2. You know Tara, maybe some day you’ll tell people what you REALLY think.

        Maybe they could start using the hamsters in the NFL game? It would be a marked improvement over what we got going on right now.

        Kittens in the sky box, love it! All that AND homemade Stromboli? Now we are talking chica!

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      3. I know, I beat around the bush too much, eh? 🙂 I used to get paid for my opinions (essay/commentary writer). Now I just spew them for free!

        The hamsters would make football much more watchable. P.S. I watch the games mostly so I can make the signals and call the penalties. I’m, like, the 12th man, if the 12th man was a referee.

        Shaaaaa. Twas awesome.

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      4. And we are all the grateful recipients! 🙂

        Welp, I think there are going to be palenty of referee openings come this NFL offseason after that shit show of a performance in some big games.

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  2. Thank you for this post. I felt immature because I almost did not even want to watch the super bowl this year because of them being there.
    And whew –
    My big concern
    You know how lance Armstrong kept winning and we found out later the truth about cheating.
    Well I heard someone say that this better not happen with Thsinteam (cannot say their name)
    But wouldn’t that be super sad to find out there was more than deflate gate and more than filming other teams –
    And nothing agains the quarter back – he takes care of his health and has talent –
    But a little suspicious at the moment

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    1. Prior,

      That’s not immaturity, it’s attrition. This Patriots thing is the longest running show in the history of sports. They are beating the crap out of the old Dylan song about how the times are a changing.

      The deflate gate I thought, was nonsense. The spying was quite serious stuff, after which, there is always going to be a suspicion surrounding this team. Which, they brought on themselves.
      Brady doesn’t play like he’s forty one. And yeah, like I said, the team has done nothing to assuage our suspicions in the past, so this is what happens.

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      1. And time will tell – there is an old saying about how truth always surfaces – and so we shall see…so props for now
        And on a side note – as a coping mechanism I am still so glad the eagles finally got their rings – hah

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      2. The truth does make the scene, sooner or later. You’re right about that.
        Can you imagine if they did find something? I would have to think not only would it affect the Patriots organization. It would have to have repercussions on the league as well.

        Living in Eagles country, I have to say, the fans have lost that nasty edge ever since their team won.

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      3. Time will tell (and my mom would say “your sin will Find you out” which I think applies here)
        And thanks for a post that some of us really needed for post game adaptive coping

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  3. B,

    Fucking Patriots.

    Like Tara, I had no idea there was a fifteen-second timer where the quarterback actually has to work on his own.

    Adam Levine can keep his titties. They ain’t nothing to see and I dunno that a man trying to prove a point will work in this instance. Another woman? Now we’re making a statement. And honest-to-gawd, who gives a flying fuck? Apparently everyone and their brother.

    Super Bowl. It was the Punting Bowl! Thank gawd for those commercials – and when I realised I had forgotten to turn it onto CBS, I wanted to smack myself. I missed the first half by watching the boring Canadian ones (only a few years ago did an uproar cause the change in simulcasting….

    So, ya. Someone, ANYONE, please take ’em out. And to give credit where it is due, ya gotta admit, the man does not look or act 41… don’t think I was anywhere near that level of fitness at 41…way back when.


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    1. Q

      I needs to chapterize my replies to this fab comment. So don’t be thinking I’m going abruptly on this. It’s just that, at my age I need to pace myself.

      Yes, there is a fifteen second rule. And no, I don’t think it’s necessary since most QB’s who know their shit (Brady, Rodgers, Brees, et al) probably ain’t even listening to their coach jabber on. I betcha they’re tuned into Spotify. And how cool would that be? Surround sound in your helmet?

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      1. Love when you do that 😉
        At your age… uh huh…

        Well, no. I should think the coach way over there on the sidelines ain’t got much to say, really… at this point. but hey, what do I know? And that might explain certain players lack of concentration. They gots to bring that volume down a notch!!

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      2. I look at some coaching staffs and I wonder if they’re calling plays into the game or ordering from a Five Guys menu. Both . . maybe both.

        And I’m 52 going on 45ish. Not horrible.

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    2. Yeah, Adam Levine doesn’t do titties very well does he. Music, eh. He’s got a few catchy tunes I guess. We were giving Big Papi shit for owning his CD’s, calling him a ten year old girl. LOL.

      Apparently, Levine pissed off a lot of peeps by not following through on his Sponge Bob act. The kids at work were telling me all about it. I am woefully out of the loop.

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      1. Maybe he does to the chicks who actually find him sexy. Which would not be me. I don’t dig on skinny, tatted all over dudes. But hey, that’s me. Buahaha! Poor Big Papi – you guys are just mean! Even if you’re right…. I don’t hate all their tunes but I can do without.

        What was he supposed to do?

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      2. This whole body art thing really has gotten out of hand. I appreciate a cool tat as much as the next person, but it’s an obsession with some peeps.

        You dont know the half of it! LOL.

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      3. Yep. The sleeves thing, I can’t imagine getting a sleeve. Not even a short sleeve.

        Hey, I picked him up and drove him. I fed him and alls he had to put in for was a six pack. So there’s that.

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      4. I believe ya.
        I can’t imagine either. It would be weird.
        Chuck – a Montreal chef
        (Who won an Iron Chef) has all sorts of food tats: lemon meringue pie, lobster, etc. But it makes sense. He’s got a LOT of tats…

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    3. Would you believe I didn’t watch a single commercial? I really dropped the ball. Which makes me no different from most of the players on Sunday.

      The Punting Bowl would have been some truth in advertising, tell you what.

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      1. Oh for fuck’s sakes. What am I gonna do with you? LOL If you really did care, you could just Google ’em anyway. Did you miss them when you were snoozing?


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      2. I don’t know what the world looked like before YouTube, really.

        As for the fourth quarter, it really didn’t go the way I liked. I mean, I KNEW how it was going to go. Like reading a suspense novel and knowing the ending before it happens.

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      3. It seems like we’ve had it forever, but it’s only been like fifteen years. Amazing.

        My aunt reads the last chapter before she gets to reading a book. I think she’s crazy, but I would never tell her that.

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      1. Mmmmmmm! Pralines and cream is an excellent choice! I ain’t got ANY ice cream in the house. It’s beer or ice cream, I gotta make sugar choices.

        I never forget eggs. That is one of my sammys with avocado.

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  4. Bravo, Marc. What a commentary. Simply divine. I agree on Romo. He called it from the experience and knowledge of the game. it was like he was on the field the whole time. He did say vertical one too many times but is forgiven. I wonder where the word “physicality” went.

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  5. Dear Marco,

    You had me at “fucking patriots.” Truly what I know about football would fit in a thimble and there would still be room to swim laps around it. What I do know is that the Chiefs were robbed. What should have been a touchdown was taken away because supposedly the ball hit a Patriot’s thumb. All views of the video indicated not so, even the announcers said it. (Did I mention that I really know nothing about football?…But I do have eyes. Hello?) Do the patriots have the refs in their pockets or what? I don’t normally watch the games, but this was the playoffs. 😉
    I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. Sour grapes from a Kansas Citian. 😦
    Thank you for sharing the video. There’s always room for cello.



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    1. Rochelle,

      What I would have given to watch the Chiefs go this season. They’re going to the popular choice next season. I hope it doesn’t go to their heads.

      The Patriots? Get away with something? No. Way. LOL

      You didn’t miss anything. It was a bigger snooze fest than watching C-Span.

      Great music video, eh? Glad you liked.



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    1. I didn’t really have a horse in this race. I’m simply guilty of Patriots fatigue.
      Thank you. I feel that when you wield a mythical pen in the direction of something you find appalling, you best aim for the haunches. Make the attack count for something, yanno?


      1. Remember when catchy meant bumper stickers? Now it becomes a meme. Shelf life used to be however long you owned your car. Now it’s about twelve minutes. Andy Warhol wasn’t down with giving it the full fifteen.


  6. Yup…your first sentence said it all. And can I just say I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH. THE. 2 CELLOS. Seriously, I love those guys and have a few of there cuts on my playlist. Bless you for that video offering! While they’re not Queen, they sure hit the spot these days.

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