34 thoughts on “Flame

      • At first, I thought, nah… he ain’t gonna. Then when you kept coming back, I though, well now, I cannot wait to see what will happen.
        And you more than blew me away. ‘Course it became a challenge in word count, not in theme which I am more than jiggy with!
        Any time I can get your creative juices going with such fabulous gusto, I will! MWAH!!

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        • Yeah, I kept stewing on it. I had the same fucking twenty odd words this morning and then it hit me. I guess that’s what a draft folder is for!

          It was a challenge, not on the level of that seventeen word challenge you nailed. But still, thirty six words doesn’t even cover many of my opening paragraphs of a post.

          Gracias for gifting me the gusto!


          • I love it. And yay to draft folders.

            It was a challenge indeed. One that you nailed to a level far surpassing mine. (Though, like I said, you didn’t use the word that we were challenged to use, but that’s not what’s important to me here.)

            Gracias to you for taking it on and giving us way more than gusto!

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          • Oh? See . . I get inside my head and there is no coming out. So mine’s a spinoff of the challenge, how about that? And umm . . what WAS the word, out of curiosity?

            Gracias a tu!

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          • Woolgathering?
            Well then, I consider my retrofitted ‘challenge’ attempt to be as good as it’s gonna look considering as how I didn’t really use a word but just stuck to a word count.

            I must have subconsciously dropped woolgathering from all possible considerations, LOL.

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          • I know, right?
            Pffft. I say. It’s not like you linked to the challenge.
            And frankly, I don’t shive a git about the world, I love that you put yourself out there and challenged yourself to something you said you couldn’t do. And then, not only rose to the challenge but wowed me.
            And the rest of your readers, I don’t doubt (and just may go snooping to see…)

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          • You know my first thought when you said “woolgathering”? Samuel L. Jackson sermonizing on some ‘woolgathering’ mofo who ain’t got a clue.
            It’s what YOU do all the time. So there’s that. 😉


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