47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

      1. Well, I am sure if Rochelle sees it, she’ll take it if she likes it.quite a few of my pics have been used in the past 12 months.
        This will definitely bring lots of death. Then again my umbrella pic and door pic did too 😏

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      2. Going to get? I just shovelled over a foot off my walkway and it is STILL snowing… Had to dig out my car so I could move it to the street and allow my snow remover guy to come back and clear the rest…


      1. Not having seen that one, I’ll have to check it out. When you live on the plains, those scenes are very familiar. That’s why I usually turn around and look back at the mountains. Even though I know better, they don’t look nearly as cold as snow on flat land. 🗻

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      2. It’s a Polish movie with English subtitles. I loved it (suggested by Merril 😉 ) and is exquisitely filmed and the music, divine.
        I know what you mean, though plains vs mountains!

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    1. I hope that means you like, history buff that you are.

      Sorry – I had promised you Tuscany, didn’t I?

      It also reminded me of the opening of the movie “Cold War” – driving along the barren tundra.
      I was driving home and it struck me. Had to pull over, hoping I could frame it so no power lines would be in the way…


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