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In this week’s edition of Heroes, Imma continue tinkering with the format. I’m ditching the top 5 of the week and just going with whatever articles of inspiration I come across, to the good and bad whilst leaving out anything that hints at indifferent.

Soooo, as the great Jimi Hendrix used to say . . All I’m gonna do is just go on and do what I feel . . . .

When I heard the news about Bob Kraft, I didn’t derive any satisfaction over the idea that the Patriots had suffered a missile strike in their dynastic complex. My first thought was of Alyssa Silva, the young lady whom I featured in a Heroes post along with Kraft earlier this month. Silva and Kraft are friends, and it hurt me to think how disappointed she must have been to hear the news.

A couple weeks ago, I learned that Alyssa Silva had read that special edition of Heroes I posted in honor of her and Bob Kraft. She said that my words helped her to break through a terrible rut she had been going through. The idea that a complete stranger might sing her praises as if a long lost friend provided her with inspiration when she needed it the most. I think of Alyssa and it reminds me there are no winners in this story.

People are going to whoop it up to the news about Kraft losing his happy ending to a dragnet, as if the details involved X’s and O’s rather than young girls. Their reaction to this episode speaks to the ignorance many Americans possess when it comes to the world of sex trafficking. As for Kraft, his arrogance is borne of power that makes him believe he can get away with just about anything. Sadly, Kraft’s brand and the headlines it garners will shield other big name power brokers who were involved in the investigation as well. Absolute power corrupts?

Absolutely it does.

That’s how power works, it’s a fluid dynamic whose symmetry is an illusory sustenance. Which is what LeBron James is learning right about now as his T-Minus is showing some cracks. After eight straight trips to the NBA finals, James’s team is currently in danger of not even making the postseason. It would be an extraordinary development, considering the expectations he brought with him from Cleveland.

He doesn’t ever have to win another playoff game to go down as the best player of his time. But umm . . he kinda branded himself the heavyweight champ of all time recently.


Forget titles, scoring records or MVP’s . .  that ain’t why I won’t put James on my Mt Rushmore of the NBA. Nope, the reason he ain’t getting in there is because of his preening and moping and piss poor handling of coaches and teammates alike. When called on to lead, he hasn’t. When called on to finish, he can’t. He joined a young team with lots of potential, and he has them going in reverse.

He’s got a platinum brand, but Michael Jordan’s title is safe.

I’m sure if Richard Pryor were alive and reading my blog, he’d probably leave the same comment to every Heroes post I wrote up. He’d tell me that a hero ain’t nothing but a sandwich. Which would provide me with the perspective that was needed to keep on getting something out of the nothing of too many news cycles.

And sometimes, I wouldn’t have to look in order to find. As is the case with this walk off homer of a sendoff gifted to me by the lovely Dale over at A Dalectable Life.  I was bitching and moaning (I’m really good at it) about having bupkis in the brain for this week’s installment when she snuck me in some contraband from north of the border.

“It’s just a small Montreal story . . so I would understand if it didn’t make the cut,” She said.

Welp, this local story puts Kraft and LeBron and all their merry bands to shame with enough heart and soul to fix the planet up in neon, and send Timothy Leary in search of his Ray Bans. Because that’s what heroes do, they light up the darkest spaces.

Carey Price is a goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens, and if you’ve never heard of him before, you’re probably an American. And that’s alright, because Price is doing his thing without our help. He’ll never be the owner of the Patriots, or an NBA mogul. But he’s writing checks to a constellation that never minds all that jazz, so it’s all good.

Thanks to Montreal Canadien officials and the family of a boy named Anderson, dreams came true during the team’s morning skate recently. The boy’s mother lost her battle with cancer last year, but her echoes reverberate still. Because within these echoes, a promise was made from mother to son; a promise that she would arrange a meeting with him and Carey Price. The fact that she was taken from the world much too soon didn’t silence the heartbeat of that promise.

And so it was that Anderson met his boyhood idol, and in so doing they shined a light into that darkness. Price signed Anderson’s hockey sticks and hockey pucks and his hockey jersey and he gave the kid a hug. And if there is a sporting event known to man that feels as good and as compelling and as worth it as this minute and a half video of a kid and his hero? I want tickets . . front row.

To promises kept.













37 thoughts on “Heroes of the Week!

  1. Always good stuff. Cheers to Alyssa reading your story – and quite the thrill that you touched her. I’ve got a hero for you … see the nun at the end of the first section in my current OITS.

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  2. B,

    I agree that not focussing on the whole Kraft affair is respecting Allyssa’s friendship with the man. No need to give him even more “air time”.

    I am so glad I was able to bring a hero to you this week! Hard not to shed a tear watching that video, eh? I would add that if you’ve not heard of Carey Price it’s probably because you’re an American – who doesn’t watch hockey! 😉 I love when guys like this do things like this.

    You da best!


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    • Q

      The sad part is, there are a lot of big name peeps on that dragnet list who will skate thanks to Kraft’s name being the headliner.

      Nothing will be accomplished until these names are out there and they and their companies are held accountable.

      That said, I hope we understand the price that is paid by innocents when we want to score some weed or buy some coke, or whatever else. Any illicit business is run on the blood and sweat of innocents. I’m guilty of it as well on this count.

      It was a major league move indeed! And gracias!

      You too!


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      • That is indeed a sad truth. And you’re right, as long as big companies protect their employees and don’t themselves get nailed for their wrongdoings, nothing will be accomplished.

        Yes, it is. And most of us are guilty in some form or another.

        De nada. Any anytime you whine and I can supply with a chime… the pleasure will be mine! (Day-um!!)


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        • And the beat goes on. Indeed.

          And not me. I’m not guilty of anything. I was a virgin choir boy before I got married.

          De Nader. It’s Ralph. Not the Wreck, nope . . the seat-belt savior.

          Ding! Ding! Ding!!!!

          Winner winner, chicken dinner!

          Love it!



  3. Re Kraft … I agree with you, his name being involved means the real story is being squashed. But I go back to my original thought on it. Who cares if he was soliciting prostitution? What matters to me is if he knew, or should have known, about the human trafficking connection to what he was doing. Something tells me he did, or the facts will suggest he should have known — and that is inexcusable.

    Lebron, Lebron, Lebron … I can’t understand people who are fans of his. I have a co-worker who is. I just shake my head. The reality is that they may still sneak in as the 8th seed. If they do, his apologists will breathe a sigh of relief and continue GOATing about him.

    Thank you for the feel good story. It’s needed these days.

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    • He knew. Sorry, but he knew. And so did all those other big names who didn’t get rich by burying their heads in the sand.

      You and me have gone back and forth on LeBron for quite some time now. I have always been his defender, excepting for that GOAT conversation. But this here season is showing me that you may have been right.

      Season’s not over yet, so settle down. I’m not willing to admit I was wrong . . not just yet.

      That is a great story, isn’t it? And hells yes, we need more of ’em.


  4. The question of why keeps running through my head when it comes to Kraft. I mean, I understand why he could but not why he should or would. And of course he pleaded innocent because the video tape was probably altered in some way, right? I was always indifferent toward him, not that he cared. But I felt sorry for him when he lost his wife and I know he’s done some good things with his money but times like this make me think maybe it was just smoke and mirrors. What could he have possible been thinking. What a jerk.
    Amen to your LBJ comments. Terrific talent but that’s as far as it goes. Any comparison to Michael is a joke. He doesn’t even make my top five.
    I had read about that story Dale passed along and of course I got teary eyed because I’m a sap and cry at the end of some movies no matter how many times I’ve seen them. But how can that story not touch your heart. I don’t follow hockey much except during the playoffs, but I’ve always believed there is a major difference between professional hockey players and those of the other three major sports, in terms of accessibility, ego and basic appreciation for their sport and its history. I know its a generalization because not all athletes in the other sports are jerks but hockey players have always seem more grounded.

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    • I featured him in a Heroes post recently and I’m not sorry I did. Because to be sorry for that would be to throw the guilt on me, when it’s all his own.
      Kraft knew. I won’t let him off the hook for that. No way.
      I agree with you as per hockey players. It’s a different dynamic. Those dudes just get it. And if I’m generalizing, that’s okay. At least I’m doing it to the better end of things.

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  5. Yes. Grown up parent.
    Defined? It means they no longer have all those answers they had when they were teenagers. Sooooo, when they call me to admit they ain’t the Einstein’s they professed to be? I’ve got my phone charging. Can’t answer.

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  6. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. We just watched the Canadiens handle the Kings 3-1 and the fact that you’re writing about Price and his good heart and good deeds is a definite sign from the Universe. My son was just saying what a good goalie he was at the same time being bummed out about another Kings loss. I of course had no idea of Price’s awesomeness as I fall in the I’m an American category, but I’m glad you enlightened me. Such a good story to read on one of my first days back. Good to see you’re still here upon my writer’s return from an unexpected 3-hour-tour-Gilligan’s-Island absence.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cali,

      It’s been a tough year for West Coast proper as far as the local teams are concerned. The Dodgers lose the Series and then lose Harper to the Phils. The Kings, like my Blackhawks, are unrecognizable from their Cup years. And what in the blessed hell happened to the Lakers? Yikes!

      That Carey Price is good peeps indeed. The story was gifted me from a friend who IS Canadian. Because there is no way an American is thinking glass half full when it comes to professional athletes.

      And that brings up a great point, Cali. It’s a three hour tour. Why were they bringing luggage?

      Welcome back! 🙂


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