Heroes Of The Week!

The world can be a mean and torturous place. It’s full of thankless and feckless and shameless souls who would like nothing more than to punch the light out of us. And I didn’t help myself any with my reading fare this week. The breaking news I coughed up might as well have been served to me in a beaker full of toxic waste. And the stuff I bookmarked to read later? Hells, it would have been better served as wallpaper in Edgar Allan Poe’s crypt, if the salty bastard had a crypt.

There were plenty of zeroes on the board over the past week and change, and I’m not referring to Bryce Harper’s 330 million dollar signing with the Phillies either. I mean, inking that check on a .250 hitter is enough to make Mickey Mantle crap in his dead pinstripes.

And while I’m on the subject of crap, it’s the entree being served up at 1600 Pennsylvania these days. This administration is offering up more denials than the executive producers of Real Housewives. 

Michael Cohen went before Congress and pulled Sammy Gravano out of his ass. Maybe it’s my old neighborhood talking, but I hate a rat. Even if this rat dished on some damaging shit that might come back to bite Trump. My thing is, Cohen was plenty fine working for this guy until he wasn’t. And I’m sorry, but principles ain’t like instant grits, so he can kiss mine.

As for the Dems choosing to have their coffee kaffeeklatsch with Cohen whilst El Comandante was in Vietnam breaking bad with the North Korean Supreme Leader formerly known as Dennis Rodman’s bestie? Welp, it’s not hero or zero . . it’s just shitty timing. Because Trump blamed the Cohen hearings for his epic fail of a summit. And the peeps who fall in line with him are plenty fine with this narrative, which makes it a fucking shame. Because if the House Oversight Committee had waited another couple weeks, Trump’s marshmallow retreat could have failed just the same . . and then they would’ve had a brutal one-two-three punch to dovetail that with. Consider this. The summit fizzles last week, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort gets sentenced this week . . and then Cohen. Three weeks . . three different news cycles.

I know I keep beating this drum, but we’re a year from pitchers and catchers as per the 2020 primaries. It’s time for the opposition party to work its long game.

That’s nuance, and it’s in shorter supply than iron chins in big time sports. If it ain’t Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant bitching about how everybody’s picking on them, it’s Kyler Murray’s agent, Erik Burkhardt moaning about all the shade his client is catching. As far as Irving and Durant are concerned, they want to be The Man but they don’t want to bear the cape. Sorry dudes, you work in a billion dollar industry that is gonna speculate and propagate on anything and everything. Addressing these questions IS part of your job. If y’all don’t like it? Go sell insurance. And to Burkhardt, I’d just say . . chill. Criticism is part of the process and not every scout is gonna kiss the kid’s ass. That’s life. Instead of bashing the messenger, Burkhardt should simply let Murray read the following scouting report on a quarterback out of Michigan.

Poor build, Skinny, Lacks great physical stature and strength, Lacks mobility and ability to avoid the rush, Lacks a really strong arm, Can’t drive the ball downfield, Does not throw a really tight spiral, System-type player who can get exposed if forced to ad lib, Gets knocked down easily

This was none other than Tom Brady’s report card in the lead up to the 2000 NFL draft. And yanno . . he did okay.

And speaking of okay, I got way better than that in the form of a dynamic duo of bloggers who bring me the sunshine on the rainiest days. Dale from A Dalectable Life and Cincy at A Frank AngleWhen these two ain’t making trouble, they’re actually digging for gold. And finding it. 

Frank shared the story of Sister Rose Ann Fleming. She was eleven when her mother passed away. Rather than crush her faith, it strengthened it. So much so that she knew she wanted to be a nun by the time she made it to high school. Her life became one of purpose and perseverance from there.

After graduating from Mount St. Joseph University in 1954, she traveled across Europe before entering the Sisters of Notre Dame convent. With a voracious appetite for knowledge, Fleming moved up the academic ladder quickly. From teacher to Superintendent to University President. Over the years she has accumulated three master’s degrees, a doctorate in education administration, as well as a law degree.

No one would have blamed such a brilliant soul if she would have gone another way with all her many accomplishments. But Fleming was always steadfast in her passion for teaching kids and representing those in need. She’s a literal Swiss Army knife at Xavier University- teacher, academic advisor, and special assistant to the President among her many titles.

Fleming was recently named a Great Living Cincinnatian by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. Lucky for them she kept her talents in Ohio . . .

Dale over at A Dalectable Life shared with me the story of twelve year old Thomas Moore. And lemme tell you, he’s the kid superheroes could be modeled after. He’s got the heart, the soul and a terrific head of hair.

When Moore was seven years old, he watched a video with his mother which featured Kyssi Andrews- a five year old girl who would eventually lose her battle with cancer. Thomas’s mother explained to him the ravages of chemotherapy, and how it oftentimes results in hair loss. That was all he needed to hear.

Thomas Moore, all seven years worth of kid, decided he was going to grow his hair out. Enough for two wigs is the way he figured it. And so for two years, he kept to the promise he’d made that day . . never minding his tender scalp or the pain he endured when he would have it braided. Until the day came to donate his labor of love, and it’s when he learned that two wigs? Wasn’t gonna happen, nope. It turns out, he had grown enough of that terrific hair of his to donate three wigs.

From the mouths and manes of babes come the answers to all the most important questions. And maybe all the smart guys and gals can take their cue from this super kid as they navigate all the trials and testimonies of this fiery age.

Let’s face it, the kid’s got a kick-ass long game.




63 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. The Warriors lost their soul when they signed Kevin Durant. Sure, as a fan of the team, the last two championships were nice, but nothing will ever top the first in this run. Durant is an angry, sullen, unhappy basketball player and he has changed the “fun” dynamic of the team that was. I will be happy to see him leave the team.

    Imagine my surprise then when Kerr was quoted a couple of days ago after they lost big time to Boston. Kerr said something about the Warriors not playing with enough anger. Durant’s response was something like “what happened to joy, have we switched to anger now?” And I just thought to myself that he has got to be one of the most cluelessly unaware individuals — he has never looked happy or joyful playing basketball. He has that scowl and he just looks like basketball is a job and not something he is having fun doing. It’s just amazing.

    I kind of get their frustration a bit. With all of the reporters and bloggers and tweeters dissecting every single word and action they take, but as Barkley said — if you make $20, 30 or 40 million a year playing a sport for six months, such it up buttercup.

    It’s time for the Warriors to implode. Durant is gone and he’s been toxic from the moment he arrived — the only thing that has saved the team is their massive talent and that Thompson and Curry don’t have the same kind of ego-driven approach to life. Cousins was a mistake from the beginning also. I really don’t think they know how to incorporate him into their style of play.

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    • Mark,

      I was the biggest Durant fan a few years back. I still love his game very much, but the rest of the package is lost on me. They call him ‘cupcake’ in OKC because of his inability to take criticism. If the moniker fits . . .

      Yes, the players ARE under the microscope, but that’s the neighborhood. That’s how it works when you are involved in a billion dollar business. How is it that some players can deal while others make it a national emergency?

      I get a kick out of the Durant to New York rumors. They would eat him for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If he can’t deal with the West Coast scribes . . all bets are off.

      Cousins=million dollar talent, ten cent brain. The ultimate me player. Someone will bust the bank on him for what he does on the court. Probably a team like my Heat, who yearn to be relevant again. Problem is, they ain’t getting anywhere with that kind of relevancy.

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      • You’re right about Durant in New York. If he goes there or any other large market, he’ll suffer mightily. Bay Area media is pretty soft on the Warriors these days — I think most of his issues are with national sports writers/bloggers. But, in New York???

        As for Cousins, living in Sacramento, I’ve seen his act since the beginning. While I watched that Warriors-Celtics game, when he was in the game, their whole offense bogged down, which I predicted would happen when they signed him. Yes, they have five All-Stars, but they are a worse team with him out there. Apparently, beyond how he mucks up the offense, their defensive rating is horrible when he’s on the court.

        And then there’s his whole crybaby routine. 😉

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        • Durant would need to bring that whole Warriors team with him to NY, and even then it wouldn’t be pretty.

          It’s ironic how Westbrook was the ‘bad guy’ when KD left. Welp, the little guy stayed put for one thing. And then he changed his whole game to fit Paul George. They pegged the wrong dude in that whole episode.

          Chemistry. It matters. I’m frankly a bit surprised the Sixers have come together this well. But the playoffs will be a whole nother matter. Part of the NBA’s problem is they’re a league built on stars, so everybody wants to be one. Everyone wants a max contract, everyone wants their own team . oh yeah, but very few of them want the responsibilities that come with that.

          Seriously, I’ve never seen such a run on crybabies! Makes me appreciate the old guard that much more.

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          • The star-driven nature of today’s NBA which is worse than it’s been in my lifetime is gonna ruin the game at some point. The need for any team to be truly competitive to have at least three superstars on the team means there are fewer and fewer teams with a chance and the way the players have taken over the whole dynamic is not good. The neverending movement of superstars from team to team in search of the right combination to win a championship is getting tedious.

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          • The genesis was Magic and Bird. They became the faces of flagship franchises, after which a slew of talent followed. Dominique was Atlanta, Malone and Stockton Utah, Isaiah Detroit and then the transition to branding the face to the city came with Jordan.
            Player mobility has changed the zip codes but not the mentality. Westbrook is an anomaly. Maybe players like Giannis of the Bucks will stick with the team that drafted them, because he seems like a different cat. It seems certain of the younger players are actually pushing back at the idea they need to switch teams to get it done. Except for Kyrie, I think he goes chasing something somewhere else. LA would almost be fitting, as if Larry David penned it.

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  2. B,

    You know me and professional sports. I can’t wax poetic on the whole scenario like you can and do – even when you are bitching about it ;-). I CAN say is there is a lot of cry-baby going on.

    As for Cohen, I agree. A rat is a rat is a rat…just like in the game of Survivor – switching sides to serve your needs. You might win the game but you lose the respect of the other players. Not that any of that lot has any respect for anyone.

    It’s rather perfect that you share Sister Rose Anne Fleming’s story today… you talked basketball first, she’s helped 109 basketball players graduate AND today is International Woman’s Day. Tell me she does not qualify! What an outstanding woman.

    That Thomas Moore… what a fabulous and caring human he is. That is dedication. And yes, talk about a kick-ass long game! (Glad I could help you find a hero for this week… I’ll keep on keeping my eyes peeled!)

    As usual, your prose is a feast for the literary eyes!


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    • Q,

      Let’s just say it. These dudes are the antithesis of hockey players. You never hear those guys whining. And if they did, they wouldn’t be in the league very long. Last of the Mohicans is what they are.

      That’s how I feel. Cohen was palenty fine with all of Trump’s many transgressions, and for a good long time. So really, you cash his check until the bills come due and then you turn tail. Nah. Let’s hope Cohen’s dope comes back to bite the Boss during the mean season of the primaries, but still . . like you said . . a rat is a rat. And that, as they say, is that.

      With a jersey that hangs from the rafters. I wonder how many big time college coaches can even come close to the legacy she’s forged. I mean, the legacy that has nothing to do with winning games by hook or crook, but rather . . the legacy that comes with changing lives for the better. In perpetuity. Methinks she has a primo parking space waiting for her on the other side.

      You do quite well in this Heroes business! Yes, Thomas is Super Kid. Sans the cape. To have that kind of perspective at that age? Life is going to be good to this young man.

      Oh you! Stop. Okay . . don’t stop. Please . . don’t stop. LOL.


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      • Now that you mention it… this is so very true… mind you, hockey players don’t earn quite the same coin as basketball and baseball, eh? Or am I out in left field…

        I don’t think any could come up to her ankles (so to speak… This is a direct word-for-word translation of a French expression!) Definitely primo for her.

        I like to look for the good in this world that seems to sometimes only contain shit. Super kid sans cape for sure! He is going to be a fantastic adult!

        I ain’t stopping any time soon, so enjoy the flowers…

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        • No you’re right, they don’t. And maybe that would change the dynamic somewhat. But not totally. Because hockey is a completely different thing. You don’t see lazy or overweight hockey players, because they don’t make it. They get trampled. So the idea that a hockey player could ever truly be a ‘diva’? I don’t see it. It’s a tough gig.

          She is quite the hero. Like, that is what struck me most of all. They’re always splashing kudos on big time coaches. Here’s a woman whose only agenda was to improve the lives of the young people she came across. I’ll take that, every day of the week.

          It just goes to show, the kids are alright. 🙂

          To the flowers. Excepting if Carol is telling you to look at ’em. In that case . . do not stop to smell the flowers . . . ever.


          • I thought so. And no, they would not make it by being even slightly lazy. I don’t see it either.

            This blessed Sister, for me, is what a hero truly is. She just wants to help kids have a better chance in life.

            They are. We just have to let ’em!

            Buahahahah! Zeke just jumped because I hooted! No, never look if Carol tells you to…

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          • The game has changed a lot, but the toughness remains.

            And she has done just that. For more than half a century. Forget the Nick Sabans and Roy William’s of the world. Fleming graduates players so THEY can succeed in life.


            Zeke wants a walk. Hey! Maybe you should get him a Fitbit!

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          • The pretty boy superstars like Gretzky needed their enforcers. But aside from 99, even those dudes knew how to throw down. Gretzky was so great, he got away with not fighting. He was priceless in their eyes.

            FYI- One of John’s comments on your WW went to Spam. I fished it out . . .

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          • There will never be another 99. Back in the early eighties, I was a huge hockey fan. I rooted for the Blackhawks and the Islanders. Went to games at the old Coliseum in Nassau when the team was winning Stanley Cups in that barn. I remember those Oiler teams with Gretzky, Messier, Coffey and Fuhr. We HATED those guys. I mean, that was the impact of 99. Here we were in New York, hating on a team from the middle of nowhere. And truth be told, if the owner Pocklington hadn’t been in money trouble, that Oilers team might have won 10 Cups.

            You’re pretty cool yourself! 😉

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          • He definitely was one of a kind. You don’t get to be called “The Great One” for nothing. Funny. I was very into hockey in the 80’s too. Of course, back then we actually won the friggen cup now and again…we hated 99 and the Oilers too 😉 while we loved him …

            Aww shucks! 😊

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          • It’s always like that, isn’t it?
            Now when I think back, I would LOVE to see that Oilers team playing again. They had Hall of Famers at every position.
            And the 80’s . . it was the golden age of hockey in Canada. The Oilers were a dynasty, the Calgary Flames were perennial Cup contenders and the Canadiens, while not the dynasty of the late 70’s, were still plenty formidable. Hell, even the mediocre Vancouver Canucks made it to the Stanley Cup finals before getting swept by the Islanders.
            I think the American-ization of the game has hurt its appeal for fans such as myself. I know it was exciting as hell when the Islanders broke through and won the Cup. When they rode that first one to three more after that, it was mind blowing. To think a team from Lonk Eyewland . . could win Canada’s Cup, because that is what it was. And still is, to me.

            Go Oilers! Or Leafs! Any Canadian team, really . .

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          • It so is.
            I would love to see that level of hockey again!
            Now that you mention it… yeah. The Habs did rule the 70’s for shizzle, though they were not the dynasty they once were come the 80’s. We won’t discuss the 2000’s, K?
            And yesh, once the Quebec players started going down south, that was the beginning of the Yanks taking over… coz, as you know… 😉

            Go Habs Go! (a girl can dream…)

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          • 1986 and then the Habs final Cup in 1993. Over the Los Angeles Kings. Little did we know the irony of that last one, beating Team Central Casting with 99 in tow. But that was the last hurrah for Canadian Cups, after which the floodgates opened and Amurica started doing its thing. Not the same.
            The Nords leaving sucked. And I AM an Amurican!

            It’s not the same sport it was when Montreal was relevant. It’s just not. Still great, mind you. But they were like the Celtics, Lakers, Yankees . . . they were the flagship franchise.

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          • No comment. Nordiques were loved to be loathed.
            You are not a standard ‘Murican, all I can say.

            No. It is a great sport. And I still enjoy a game or two… I am so outta da loop, I don’t even know how well we are doing. Gonna check into that so’s I don’t look foolish in front of ya.

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          • I thought they had such a cool logo. So there’s that.

            Since the Blackhawks suck now, I’ve also lost interest. The Islanders have been doing fairly well, but they don’t appear to be a serious contender.

            The Oilers actually have a formidable squad, as do the Leafs.

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          • I think the NHL lost a great opportunity when the league became American-ized over the last quarter century. Because the Stanley Cup finals SHOULD be USA vs Canada.
            That would be fun.

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          • Right?
            Of course the Habs win! I remember the local rock station having a fun competition with a Boston joint re: wings to the winner… them there were some fun times.

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          • The Habs and Bruins remind me a lot of the Yankees and Red Sox.
            The Habs beat their asses forever and a day and yet Boston had the audacity to call it a rivalry. Hell, it didn’t become a rivalry until the Bruins finally . . . FINALLY broke through and beat them in a playoff series. Puhleeze!

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  3. First off, I love the word feckless that for me says it all. You call someone that and I have his number straight down to his socks.

    Also, Mickey Mantle line about his dead pinstripes.

    As sentencing for Cohen and Manafort…how come Trumpet gets a pass? It’s so obviously, whether either one of them were opportunists or not, that’s he’s complicit since you know he knew about their shenanigans. Now facing the Big House, why shouldn’t they sing like canaries. I hate a rat too but at least Giancana, Capone and even Gotti, all took care of their own. Trump would abandon his cat saying…never saw her before.

    Best recap…Thomas Moore, Now that’s my idea of a hero. Made my heart do somersaults and then some. 🙂

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    • SB,

      Feckless is a great word, isn’t it?

      And good old numbah seven. Here was a guy whose numbers would’ve fetched him part ownership in a team.

      That is true about Trump. I just don’t dig how these guys were plenty good with him until they had to turn tail and run. The idea that there is any nobility to what they’re doing is laughable. But you’re right, there is no one to like in this whole mess.

      The kid was good for a few quarts, huh?

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  4. My Dearest Friend,
    Even if you wrote nothing, your choice in music speaks volumes, much like the photography of Dale. Your prose is truly without equal, and is always a true read. Much like in Le plaisir du texte, your words alway seduce me : desire is there.

    Billy Boy

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    • Billy Boy,

      The music breathes something into a piece. That is something I dig about blogging, that ability to attach a tune to the ending. To show the reader a certain mood that I was riding through whilst writing.

      Thank you in bunches for the kind words and continued support. You are a doll. 🙂


  5. Well, I don’t pay any attention to sports and probably never will, but your heroes are top notch! It is too bad Trump blames his failure with Rocket Man on the Cohen hearing, but if it hadn’t been that, it would have been something equally specious.

    I hope other 12-year-olds are paying attention to the like of Thomas Moore. We need a whole generation of him!

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  6. The primates can’t be that close. Please tell me they’re not that close. I can’t do this again. It’s too soon. I can’t even do whatever this is going on, how do I couple that with this. I can’t. I don’t want to.

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