Heroes Of The Week!

Varsity Blues Redux: It’s not a crime to live with a sense of entitlement. So it’s easy to joke away the crimes that were actually committed in the admissions scandal. This whole episode will devolve into a series of Aunt Becky memes rehashed by late night comics. And really, we just hope William H. Macy’s career doesn’t take a hit as a result.

Privilege will win the day though. Again.

Not too long from now, the late night comics and the meme makers will get really pissed off when some rich person gets away with a real crime. They’ll rail on about it and they’ll score big ratings with impassioned dialogue. And they’ll never mind the fact they could’ve used the admissions scandal to broach the topic of a segregationist culture in academia. Because that is kind of a big deal. It’s just too bad the Aunt Becky jokes are an easier sell.

The MLB- Remember that dorky girl you kinda crushed on in junior high school? She had glasses and braces and she possessed a lisp that could’ve sliced through construction paper? And then she came back from summer break and everything was different. The glasses were replaced with contact lenses, and the braces were gone. The lisp was still prevalent, but it’d been painted over with group girl lingo so as to lose all of its charm. Her hair got big, her makeup went thick and her personality became duller than sixth grade Science.

She had become just like all the others.

That’s the kind of makeover baseball has given itself over the past few decades. Old fashioned (two games for one ticket) doubleheaders have gone away. As have World Series games played during the day. And in the most unfortunate example, all those sacred records that used to set baseball apart from every other sport, they no longer matter. Because steroids killed Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Willie Mays. And these days, OBP, WHIP and WAR is killing the rest of it.

The game has gotten sleeker if not smarter. It’s played with attitude and flat bills, and instant replay. The traditional first game of the season in Cincinnati? That’s old news. Hell, this years Opening Day wasn’t even played in the states. It happened in a joint called the Tokyo Dome over in Japan, at five thirty in the morning. And whatever, because I’ll still watch my Yankees from time to time. And I might even take in a game this year, not sure. I wonder why the suits who run such a beautiful game felt the need to sell its soul. I wonder if they care.

I wonder if they realize they’ve become just like all the others.

Tyler Perry- Lord knows I love making fun of Tyler Perry movies. But as with every rant I write up, I understand full well it’s only an opinion. Mine. Plenty of peeps are eating up these Tyler Perry joints, and hey . . if they want to waste a couple hours of their lives on that nonsense, who am I to harsh their clueless mellow?

Now, if you want me to state a fact as per Tyler Perry? I can most definitely do that as well. I’ll tell you Perry is a righteous, soulful gentleman whose good deeds will last a hell of a lot longer than some two hour movie.

After 45 year old Tynesha Evans was gunned down by her boyfriend, the four children she left behind were faced with an impossible challenge. They had to bury their mother while facing eviction from the apartment they had shared with her. In stepped Perry, who arranged for Evans’ body to be flown to Wisconsin for burial. He then covered the family’s rent as well as the college tuition for Evans’ oldest daughter.

I can’t attach a punchline to this sad story, but props . . oh yes. That.

Trump– The reason he doesn’t score a spot on my zeroes list every week is the same reason LeBron didn’t win the MVP every year when he was in his prime. Because it gets really boring to talk about the guy who deserves it.

This week, Trump outdid even himself. Shit . . I know right? But how else to describe his scathing attack on John McCain? Trump insisted he’s not a fan of McCain, and “never will be”. He claimed McCain was last in his class at the Naval Academy, and that he was to blame for the failed war in the Middle East, and then Trump complained about not even getting a ‘thank you’ from McCain’s family after approving funeral arrangement plans. Because, oh yeah . . McCain has been dead for seven months.

Anyone who defends this insane rant is not an apologist. They’re an accomplice.

They Are Us . . .

With those three words, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern provided a touchstone moment for her country and for the world. But words alone will not close the gaping wound left by fifty innocent souls who were murdered in two mosque shootings. Words need hands and feet to steady them, and words need heart and soul to carry them.

Adern is supplying.

She will not speak the shooter’s name in any public forums in an effort to deny the terrorist any publicity whatsoever. She has asked fellow New Zealanders to “speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them,”. Adern has learned the names and the life stories of those fifty souls over the past week, and she has visited the mosques. She has wrapped an entire community in her arms and let them know she stands with them.

Adern will ban every semi-automatic weapon used in the attack. Because words alone won’t change a thing for the better, unless you show the world where those words are coming from and what those words can mean. And all we know for certain is that Christchurch won’t be the last day stolen, and Adern will make enemies for not standing still. And maybe, through this latest darkness we have come to find something we’ve all been searching for.

A leader.









75 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. I need to zero in on Trump trashing McCain still.

    I’m no Republican, but he’s a HUGE hero of mine. If anyone cares to read about his POW record, he received the Profiles in Courage Award Caroline Kennedy posts in her book, Profiles in Courage For our Time, a spinoff from her Dad’s, Profiles in Courage. Here’s a man who was tortured, kept in solitary confinement where he wanted to commit suicide. They broke both his arms, I mean, I cannot imagine living through anything like that. But here’s where he walks on water….when they said they’d release him…HE WOULDN’T LEAVE HIS MEN. I’LL REPEAT….HE WOULDN’T LEAVE HIS MEN.

    Trump the gold weasel that he is, not only would have left his men, he would have sang like a fucking canary and folded like a deck of cards.

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    • Well said, and oh by the way . . the cool thing about these Heroes posts is the exchanges such as this one. You brought the 411 on McCain. And then some.

      As for Trump, he would’ve had to have been kidnapped and flown to that camp. Because there is no way in hell he was going to serve his country.

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          • Praise worthy. You inspired to reread Caroline Kennedy’s piece on JM. I cried all over again. I know this will seem like a trick question but, what the hell is Trump’s problem. Was he dropped on his head as a baby? I know, a redundant question. Sigh

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          • My Google search engine was exploding with ‘Adern’ recently as I pored over the woman’s bio. Fascinating, and so very hopeful considering her age. It’s good to know there are leaders still out there.

            Glad I inspired you to read that. And crying means you give a damn. All is good, lady.

            Trump’s problem is that he’s a company boss with no vision. He doesn’t give a flying fuck about the world outside his penthouse window. He’s a dime a dozen. But what irks me is all the minions who laud him. I had a conversation, if you want to call it that, with someone who voted for him some time ago. And this person’s thing was ‘well, he tells it like it is,’. To which I replied, no, he tells it the way HE sees it. He doesn’t care about facts, he doesn’t care about differing opinions, all that matters is what he thinks. And that’s fine in a boss, but it ain’t what a leader is all about. Sorry.

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          • Love the alliteration, flying fuck…that said, some of the most intelligent individuals support him leaving me scratching my head. The trouble with him and his ilk is, they are not true Americans like many of their esteemed predecessors: Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, John Quincy Adams. And Congress also, selfish beings. Where are the Henry Clays and Daniel Websters who chose their country before themselves. I can go on and on but won’t. But you get the gist.

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          • Yeah I just do not understand it myself. I think there is a segment of society that really feels as if it’s been screwed over, what with favored classes and PC movements up the yin. But rather than adapt, they want 1956 back. And it ain’t coming back. So when Trump fell into their lap, they jumped at the chance. He feeds on their insecurities and ignorance, promising them a country that never existed in the first place.

            And that is another thing that pisses me off. This MAGA business. When Governor Cuomo had the chance to hit back at the notion, he came up woefully short by dissing the greatness of our country instead of correcting Trump on what greatness looks like.

            The legit answer to MAGA?

            In a democracy, we should never look to the past for greatness, we should demand it of our present selves. Because all we truly control is this moment, so we have to make it count. And to my way of thinking, the truest strength of any democracy is that greatness lies ahead of us, not behind.

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  2. Re MLB … and you’ve seen the rule change coming in 2020, right? Every pitcher has to face a minimum of three batters. There are no words to describe my disgust at this. As I’ve told some friends, I’m switching to curling.

    Re McCain … I wrote a post about him after his passing. I’m not a huge fan of his, I think his honor and grace are situational in some respects. But that said, he was one of the last of a particular kind of politician. A kind that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. He had friends on both sides of the aisle and was willing to work with anybody who wanted to achieve results for the American people. He did some contradictory things and some things that enraged me, but he, at the end of the day, was a good man. And definitely a far better man than the Orange Clown who continues to use him as a means to rile his base. It just stuns me that this man is President and people continue to give him oxygen.

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    • I did see that, and I just can’t. It’s so ridiculous. Of course, if Manfred and Selig before him were so concerned about the length of games, they COULD change that. That means taking more ad money out of their pockets, so fat chance. Instead we get artificial enhancements.
      I second what you and Susannah have said. His was the example to which this President SHOULD be using, because Lord knows he needs it.
      Never happen.

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      • Yep. I think baseball should do what other sports are doing. The break between innings is as long as it takes the pitcher to throw his eight warm up pitches. If the action starts before the commercials are over, the commercials become a small inset in the corner of the screen so viewers can watch the game while the commercials play.

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        • That would solve so much. As for the rest of it, there really is no going back now seeing as how the game has become so specialized. Not just from the pitcher’s perspective, but from the batters that are used.

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        • And not for nothing, but the length of the game doesn’t annoy me. Pace and rhythm, does. Like, that’s one of the reasons I don’t watch March Madness any longer. The first thirty eight minutes go along nicely, and then the last two minutes are a barrage of commercial breaks. No thank you.

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          • Sadly that seems to be all sport events (NHL seems to have a series of commercials, then shows the inserted window of yet another commercial 👿). How bad is it when you think you are watching an infomercial and a game was highlighted in a tiny little corner in the crawler? *sigh*

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          • They gotta pay the bills, because the entertainment dollar is being stretched like never before. Hell, I think it’s only a matter of time before the players PARTICIPATE in the commercials.

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  3. I so look forward to your heroes post, Marc. This week was particularly exceptional. You picked out two examples of the best of human nature. I also love the statement of the obvious when it comes to Trump’s rants. Accomplices indeed. The President is a coward. My mom told me to never speak ill of the dead. Where was Trump’s mom?

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  4. B,

    That was exactly the thought that crossed my mind – I hope Macy’s career does not take a hit thanks to wifey’s transgressions (Of course, we know, he knows…) – and did you hear the latest? Loughlin’s daughter is “enraged” her parents have put her through this – especially since they “forced” her to go to college… I’m sorry, but I cannot help but laugh right now… Though this whole privilege thing is beyond wrong…

    I love your description of the dorky girl coming back to meld in… you kill me with your brilliant analogies.

    I’m with you on Tyler Perry – I don’t dig his movies, coz it’s not my flavour, but I sure as hell don’t diss him the man, the actor, the comedian (we need all sorts as we not all have the same tastes) and as for the Humanitarian – yes, a capital “H” is required here – nothing need be said except. Thank you, in the name of those he helps.

    Trump should be ashamed of himself. I know, what the hell am I saying?

    Jacinda Adern – now THAT is a Leader! Do not even whisper his name; he deserves no recognition (I always say that – especially if they are alive. These killers usually get killed in the crossfire so they can’t see that they are not getting their fame.). And lookit that? She didn’t wait for a twelfth shooting to make changes to their already pretty-good gun laws. Funny how that works.

    As per, dear B, you have your finger on the pulse of what’s what and have a fabulous way of sharing it.


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    • Q,

      I think these parents will be just fine, if not a tad bit poorer and embarrassed by the episode. And of course Macy knew. Hell, if he didn’t know, then Huffman and him are just a sham marriage. He knows.

      And poor little baby . . to have to go through this torturous ordeal. I just cannot imagine! Maybe she should ship off to a third world country for a year. That might be the best education they can give her.

      Dorky girls were ma thing, LOL.

      As I told Boss, Tyler Perry is always doing this stuff. And yes, plenty of peeps love his works. So I can make fun of it and they can be like ‘whatevs’. Win meets win!

      Trump is amazing in that he always finds some dumb shit to say. You would think every once in a while he’d make some sense, but nope.

      Adern is just JUST! She is a rock star leader in the making . . and I keep saying this but it’s only because I can’t believe it. She’s only 38! I’m kinda jealous she’s not a ‘Murican.

      Ya think? I wasn’t sure, at all. I loved Adern but that’s because I loved how she took the lead this past week. But truth be told, I was unhappy with this week’s post. True story.

      It’s good to hear the praise in these instances. So I thank you kindly, and much. 🙂


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      • Of course these parents will be just fine and of course Macy knew because they seem to have such a fabulous relationship (what the hell do we know?).
        And their poor baby. Pffft.

        Why am I not surprised dorky girls were yer thing? What about now? 😉

        Yep. Perry is a winner. Period.

        Adern is just JUST indeed. A 38-year old with more common sense than a certain 70-something blowhard this side o’ de ocean…

        I think. And you may be unhappy – and I canna say why… the subject? the delivery? Nah… can’t be that. And you’re rarely happy with your stuff anyway. AmIright?

        Of course. I say what I mean. You know that. Straight-shooting broad is what I is.

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        • That little girl best hope she always has money. Either that, or she should have to spend some time volunteering. See how the world really works.

          Dorky is a term like ‘Nerds’. EVERYBODY loves the dorky girls, so to speak . . now. Just as nerds are cool. But hey . . I was all about it before it became cool! LOL

          She has quite a career ahead of her. I wonder if she could file for citizenship here. I know we have stipulations that say you must be born here, but hey . . if Trump can get into office, I’m sure these stipulations can be reworked as well . . .

          This is the truth. I look at many pieces and just shake my head. Music saves em. 😉

          SSB . . . thats you!

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          • Which she always will so she will never understand lack. Fuggadaboutit. She’s fucked.

            You were before your time. I had always considered myself the dorky type but with athletic skillz – which saved me from being excluded except in spin the bottle. That I was not invite to 😦 Back then, anyway…

            She ain’t gonna chose the States! Canada maybe… 😉

            Nope. Music might add a little sumthin-sumthin but the don’t need no saving.

            SSB, my newest moniker?

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          • Sadly, yes.

            True story . . I never played spin the bottle.

            I don’t know. They don’t win Stanley Cups and they are muy liberal with the letter U . . .

            You schweet thing, you.

            Nah, sticking with Q.

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          • Yep . .

            Hell, when I was younger and there was a bottle to be had, I wanted to drink the contents! And once that mission was accomplished, the rest took care of itself . . 😉

            I assure you everything I said about Canada was in jest. Seriously. I even wore my Montreal Canadiens t-shirt yesterday. I love that shirt!

            No. YOU’RE the schweet thing.

            Love it!

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          • Wall…

            Coz now you don’t? 😉

            I know it. We Canadians are not all that bad. And the Montreal Canadiens got us all excited for a short while there…

            Ayt! I’ll be gracious and let you win. This time!

            So do I!


          • Sometimes my age shows up out of nowhere and harshes that mellow but good. I can go along, acting as if I’m a young pup and then out of nowhere . . BOOM!

            The Canadiens should STILL be getting y’all excited. They need new ownership, or something. There is no reason such a flagship franchise cannot be a contender. No one is saying the expectations are to win it every year, not with all the teams and free agency. But the Habs should be formidable. It’s good for the league.

            This time eh? 😉

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          • I know exactly what you mean. I think I’m one of the young chicks, Then my body says: HAHAHA! Wanna bet?

            And yes, dammit. They SHOULD. Hell. Price has the record wins for as goalie (unless that stat has changed?) And I know they have good players… But yeah, ownership, or something needs to change.

            Yeah, this time 😉

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          • I went for a run yesterday morning, at like 5:30. Before the sun even rousted its way out of bed. It was windy and cold and yet, I was feeling my second and third gears with no sweat. Kicked ass all day and then went to dinner and had a couple friendly drinks and was feeling like the King of Siam.

            Fast forward to me getting home some time after nine . . . sat down. Out like a light! The King done left the building! LOL

            I want to see the Habs raise a Cup again soon. I truly believe the NHL suffered a missed opportunity of its own making. Canada vs USA in the Stanley Cup finals, that would be fun.


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  5. I’m actually not speaking to a family member now because they say dumb things like “I don’t like who he is, but I like what he’s doing.” Whatever happened to INTEGRITY?

    Love the Tyler Perry story. Have never seen a Tyler Perry movie, though.

    I thought the dorky girl story was going a different way, like the duckling turned into a swan… YAY. But NO! The duckling turned into everybody else. Nice twist! I believe I was underestimating you (and all of the male of the species) there for a minute… my sincerest apologies.

    Speaking of gender, I can’t help but think that perhaps Ms. Adern in New Zealand’s awesome leadership skills are in fact partly due to her gender. What if the world were run by women? Yeah, yeah, there are bitches, yo. And I know some men have empathy (and apparently just a brain would do at this point in the USA). But I can’t help but wonder….

    Femininely yours,

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    • Integrity . . . that’s a car, right?

      You and me have something in common. I’ve never seen a Tyler Perry movie either. And I don’t plan on seeing one. But he is a righteous dude just the same.

      Nope, no need to apologize. It’s just, I was never attracted to the Barbie girls.

      Well, if women ran the world . . it wouldn’t be very long before they’d realize they don’t need us guys. I shudder . . just a tad. But that’s ayt . . guys had a long run. Shit is not looking very good, so maybe it IS time for a change.

      As for Ms. Adern, she is my new political crush. I wish she didn’t do her politics so far away is all . . .

      You are a riot! 🙂

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  6. Seems like one of the biggest problems with MLB is the money and day games aren’t in that equation. Thus you get what’s being doled out these days. $8 beers and single games at tax subsidized stadiums.

    As for the latest DJT and McCain episode this week, was it the senator’s daughter who said it best…’seems to be living in his head rent free?’ I know it’s not a surprise but every week seems to hit a new low. Then there was his comment on Brazil: “I also intend to designate Brazil as a major non-NATO ally or even — possibly, if you start thinking about it — maybe a NATO ally,” Trump said, while standing next to Brazilian President Bolsonaro. “Have to talk to a lot of people, but maybe a NATO ally, which will greatly advance security and cooperation between our countries.” {palm to forehead} Have a good weekend enjoying a few cold ones while watching some March Madness games before it too goes the way of MLB.🏀

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    • I miss day games. And bunting. And complete games. And hitting the other way. And sacrifice flies. And running out a grounder. And . . . okay, I sound like an old guy.

      That IS a classic line. And I’m proud of McCain’s daughters for how they are handling Trump. His opponents in 2020 should be taking notes.

      I think Imma take that Trump speech on NATO and run the old “Who’s on First?” skit over it. Then again . . that’s every Trump speech.

      A few cold ones this weekend? You best believe it. 🙂

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        • I think the key in going up against Trump is to keep it smart with the comebacks. Personally, I’d punch him in the mouth if he talked about my family or friends in a derogatory fashion. And that’s exactly what he wants. He wants his opponents to lose their cool, to get caught off guard.
          To beat this guy, his opponent needs to stand up to him while not overdoing it. Be the one thing he can’t be in these interactions. Smart.

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          • Especially when they’ve been gone for 7 months. Hey sorry about that last misfire-stupid phone. And of course, my laptop decided to die at the same moment. Judging from the thoughts on the release of the Mueller Report and lack of indictments, I’m guessing he’s win reelection. I hope the Dems take whatever Barr offers, say thank you and move on by switching their focus to election ANYONE but him. Lord help us.


          • LOL, I figured. It’s like, I think sometimes the machines are doing dry runs . . in preparation for their eventual takeover.

            Truthfully, I don’t know what is going to bring Trump down. Which is why the Democratic party has to be much more cohesive.

            I just added another cold one to my weekend ‘To Do’ list . . .

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    • You know what I thought about recently? The Trump Library. Here’s a guy whose only quotable moments, ever . . . are memes. And they’ll construct a library in his name just because he was President.

      Holy crap.

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      • Bwahahahaha. The fact that you can put library and his name in the same sentence is hysterically demented to me. Yeah, you’re probably right on the construction angle of it. My gawd, look how far we’ve fallen in the world. Talk about a banana republic.

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          • AMEN!

            I love this, thank you!

            And he hit on something that runs counter to all logic. When I was ten years old, most games were on in the afternoon. Now the most attractive games are moved to prime time school nights. Sorry kids!

            How do you grow a fan base like that?

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          • So true. I remember before Camden Yards in Baltimore opened, games were neighborhood events. Memorial Stadium was a distinctly home field environment for the ‘O’s. The Yankees loathed playing there because not only was the team really good, but the fans were so into it.

            Now? While I love going to Camden Yards, the home field advantage is gone. Replaced with a corporate crowd AND opposing team’s fans. When the Yanks travel there now, it feels and sounds like a home game for them. Sad.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Ugh! And the new Yankee Stadium . . . not a fan. For one thing, between parking which is outrageous and concessions, which are ridiculous . . you need to take out a second mortgage. And can someone tell me, please . . why anyone would need to dine at the Hard Rock Cafe when they come to see a baseball game?!

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          • Yeah, the Rockies created the first taproom & brewery in a MLB stadium. And let’s not forget the Jack Daniels Terrace Bar because EVERYONE wants to go to a baseball game pay $16 for SRO tix and to drink chi chi bourbon & other premium spirits at the recently remodeled spot known as “The Rooftop.” The stadium is already in a major restaurant area of LoDo. [insert rolling eyes here] Pardon me while I make a significant stock trade so I can afford to attend a game.

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          • It never occurred to Selig/Manfred that all the bells and whistles attached to the teams new digs missed the point. Back in the day, the game WAS the thing. It sold itself.

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  7. I love the position Adrian took regarding the shooter. I’ve always wished we’d do the same thing here but there are too many papers and commercial TV spots to sell to do the right thing. Money has always trumped logic, values and sensitivity.

    Baseball is lost because it’s trying to keep up with the joneses. It doesn’t realize that they’ve lost so much because they’ve taken away so much from younger generations. I’ve had a t-shirt for years that reads, “the record is still 61.” Sadly, many people don’t know understand.

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    • George,

      Sad but true. The very idea that we might keep the shooter’s name from being uttered is only good enough for a crime drama script. Like you said, the reality is there is too much money to be had.

      I understand full well. And, may I add, the records are also 755 and 714- two records . . oh by the way. Because Hank was THAT class of man, that he was plenty fine with sharing the stage with Ruth. Humble and in love with the game he played, even when it didn’t always treat him very kindly.

      I might add that one of my favorite career HR totals is 660. Willie Mays. It was trampled by the PED era. Selig should be ashamed of himself.

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      • I read a book about Hank Aaron when I was a kid and I always remembered one of the last lines. It said that if anyone had a chance of breaking Ruth’s record, it was hank Aaron.
        I always respected how he approached the game and his record and I spent a lot of time reading about him at the HOF in Cooperstown.
        He’s a class act.
        I can’t even think about Selig without feeling like I’m going to be sick.

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        • Aaron wasn’t flashy. His game wouldn’t ‘play well’ today as per the ESPN crowd that loves showboating almost as much as the game itself. All Hank did was play hard every day and produce, every day. Boring stuff to some.

          Baseball fans will always be left to wonder what might have been if Bart Giamatti had lived. There was a man who loved the game.

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          • His death, on the heels of the Rose banishment from the game, did change the course of MLB history.
            Think about it. After this, Selig became the de facto Boss for a long while. And he was the one who presided over a strike that canceled out the World Series. And Montreal losing its team. And then PED’s . . .

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        • What many people- present company not included- do not realize about the Subway Series moniker, is that it was used literally. Because back in the day, the Yanks and Dodgers would ride the rails to get to the games.
          Different time indeed.

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          • Some people forget that years ago Willie, Mickey and The Duke all played within a few miles of each other at the same time. (Love the song) For so many reasons that will never be duplicated. But think about what fans were treated to in this area before they went west.

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