Thought For The Day (The Plus One Edition!)

If you’re pushing your own boundaries, and if you care what others think of you, you’re bound to experience humiliation at some point in your life. 

Jonathan Harnum, Practice Like This

Absofuckinglutely! Listen . . . no one is saying you should go through life totally indifferent to the opinions of others, but for fuck’s sake . . be yourself. When you’re being who you are, there is no opinion more valid than the one you’re toting around. And if the real you is not acceptable to someone else? Fuck ’em. 

Do you or go home. 



49 thoughts on “Thought For The Day (The Plus One Edition!)

  1. Do you have my office bugged? Twas having a conversation with myself this morning about this very issue and that’s the same conclusion I came to, but now here you are saying the SAME THING.


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  2. I loved this ringing back, what you think of me is none of my business. A particular goal of mine. I can’t take casual criticism, and it comes from every direction. WHO CARES IS RIGHT. People should have to check their mouths at the door. And by the looks of your comments, this whole matter of thinking we’re less, taking that verbal punch, has gone viral. SHUT THE FUCK UP….please. A nice little essay Mr. Imma. 🙂

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