Today’s Birthday! (Reading Between The Lines Edition)

Not easily understood, your emotions fluctuate a lot (no shit), although you tend to wear a manner of strength and will (because that sounds a hell of a lot better than anger and bitterness). You have very refined and particular tastes (as your credit card debt attests to), and others might find it difficult to know how to please you as a result! (Your exes could fill a convention hall). The truth is that you are very sensitive to subtle issues that others might overlook. (Like . . at three in the morning when you wake up your partner to ask why they haven’t changed their Facebook status yet) At times you can be very frank (nasty), which can be refreshing to some (More specifically, your therapist. The vanity tags on her Mercedes should include your initials . . . just saying), and offputting to others. (Everyone other than your therapist). You are highly competent and success-oriented. (Which is a really good thing, considering . . yanno, all that credit card debt). 

43 thoughts on “Today’s Birthday! (Reading Between The Lines Edition)

  1. You know, it was kinda of a turn on reading all of that. It’s sexy to be human. What’s that word you like? Automaton? Like a male model who vies for the mirror, of a WASP who talks through his teeth.

    Real men do eat quiche, and bitch in bed. See, you penned this as gender friendly astrology, but I peeked through Mr. Imma’s blinds.

    Crankiness, fancy cars, debt, initials. So telling…:)

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  2. B,

    Ha ha ha! I have to agree with Susannah… We are your official fan club of two (I’m sure there are more in the wings but we are the most vocal about it 😉 )

    We love you with all your imperfections because, yanno, perfect is way boring…


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