Wordless Wednesday – K, Not Even

I know, I know, not supposed to write a darn word for WW.  But I just wanted to introduce my cousin’s gorgeous Irish Wolfhounds, Eagle and Lace, properly.  And this felt like the perfect venue, right B?  Shoot… maybe I’ll get fired over this…

They are gorgeous and elegant and the size of small horses.

Eagle and Lace

Can be quiet and quite well-mannered


Or not.


50 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – K, Not Even

  1. Q,

    First of all, there is nothing in the WW rules that says you can’t deal up text if text provides the propers on the pictures.

    Second of all, your position is in no danger whatsoever. As a boss, I abide by the tenets of putting the right peep in the right spot and letting them do their thing. To micromanage great talent is like touching up Van Gogh’s Starry Night. You just do not do such a thing.

    And third of all, these two are absolutely divine creatures. So majestic and beautiful. And their names- Lace and Eagle- so perfect.

    Here’s to Word(y) Wednesday! 🙂


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    • B,

      Well, by virtue of the name of challenge, it does imply no text, but hey, if the owner of this here blog don’t mind, and my job is secure, (what a GREAT boss you are!) then hells bells, when I feel the need to text, Imma text! And dang, one would never touch Starry Night, that’s for shizzle.

      Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous? Huge beasties, gentlest of souls (says much for my cousin, I say). Pet them once and you’re done for. Love their names, too.

      Wordy Wednesday When Willed!


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      • As a Boss, I also tend to retrofit the rules in order to sate the artistic whims of my talent. And really, so long as I ain’t breaking any laws, who’s gonna stop me?

        As Jim Croce once said, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit in the wind, you don’t pull the mask off of old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess with Q’s outside the box thinking on Wordless Wednesdays.

        Okay, he might have said that if he’d written that song today.

        Magnificent creatures, indeed.

        Woot to Wordy Wednesdays!

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        • Then a good boss you are. I find you get much more out of your talent when you let them loose.

          He did say that… and I dunno about adding that last line, but hey, we’ll never know!

          And adored.


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          • Too many bosses micromanage, which runs counter to leadership. Desired results happen when you plant the seed and let it do its thing.

            We will never know.

            Which is way better than the WWE.

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          • Sad, sad truth. I ever tell you about a boss of mine who gave me shit for taking initiative by saying: “Taking initiative is ok, but ask me first.” Uhhh… okaaayyy…. Needless to say, we did not get along.

            Nope, so we can imagine all we want!

            Way better.

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          • Lots of bosses are insecure and it affects the tribe as a result.

            Croce was a master storyteller. We missed him even before he was gone, because I think we knew his kind wasn’t coming along again.

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          • Yes! We need more bosses to wake up and realise that happy personnel equals successful company because they will want to succeed!

            He was. I know I mentioned his son before – not the same genre but so very enjoyable. Such a rarity nowadays to find storytellers…

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          • I think when you’re in that role, unless you are the kind of individual who is secure in themselves, it’s bound to happen. And the problem with that mindset is, it doesn’t facilitate growth. It stunts it.

            It really is.

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  2. Absolutely love it!! My daughter raises these ponies (in fact her latest equine looks strikingly like one staring at the camera). When you’re not used to having a dog look you square in the eye on his hind legs, they can be intimidating but sweeter dogs you’ll never find. Just don’t be a bear, they’ll try their darndest to chase your fat bum down. #stupiddogs 😆

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    • Honest to gawd. They are so friggen tall. On their hind legs they don’t even have to stretch to rest their font paws on your shoulders – and I’m 5’9″. Sweet, yes, absolutely. Nothing worse than when they spot something they feel they should be chasing because they egg each other on. Poor Sonya has luckily not had her arm ripped out so far. 😳

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        • Yes! That’s what I said. Look at ’em gallop! They are only allowed to run free on the lake. Get the frolic out of them so they are calm, cool and collected back home.

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          • They’re quite impish about it. I can’t tell you how many times they got into the pantry and hauled bags of flour around the house. The poodles can be clever, but because they are ‘normal sized’ and well exercised, they (generally as a rule) don’t create chaos like that. Plus I’m fanatically opposed to dogs eyeballing my food. Homey don’t play that game!

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          • Oh hell naw. I would blow a gasket.
            Zeke approaches the table and gets a look and a get back. He’ll take a few steps and plop down. Of course will stand up and plop down closer when he thinks we’re not looking. He snagged a piece of meat off the counter once. Unfortunately for him, Iain was making himself an omelette with super hot peppers. Never stole off the counter again.

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          • 🤣I wonder if either of my Knuckleheads would learn that lesson after one time. Elsa has eaten multiple socks, eyewear and managed to filch a couple of counter items when not placed well out of her reach. I have since taken the ‘trust but verify’ approach with her now. LOL

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          • 😁
            We are not talking about little jalapeños – that’s candy in this house. We are talking reapers or ghost or bhut jolokias – mean SOB peppers. Poor Zeke was licking his chops for a good half hour. I highly recommend his technique…

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