The Zen of Katharine Hepburn, Dragons and Tigers and Canada’s Best

I was watching Bringing Up Baby earlier today and thinking to myself that Katharine Hepburn possessed the rare ability to play opposite any leading man. No matter how aloof (Cary Grant), scene stealing (Jimmy Stewart) intense (Bogart) or intimidating (Spencer Tracy) the personality, Kate made ’em look like pups once the director yelled ‘Action!’ and the match got lit.

For some . . it be that way.

It got me thinking about how damned comfortable some people can be in their own skin, while others spend a lifetime searching for that precious real estate. We’re adaptations whose chapters are constantly being written and re-written. Here on solid ground, we’re graded on the shit. But I like to think the cosmic plan is a tad bit more understanding. As I watched her nail the landing in scene after scene, chasing her pet leopard as well as the man of her dreams, it felt as if Kate and the Universe were on a first name basis. Handling her lines the way Ted Williams used to hug a curve ball. Smiling in a way that made you wish you were the reason for it. As if the secret to life truly was black and white.

Those thoughts of mine begat more thoughts . . .

  • Like, I plum forgot what last season’s Game of Thrones was all about, so it was a good thing I watched the two minute catch-up before tonight’s season premiere.
  • It was an ayt first inning, with plenty of table setting shit happening. And even still, I was literally gawking as I watched the first few minutes with the gang all there. It was like a class re-union, if my class was full of really cool ass kids whose drug of choice was Valyrian steel.
  • The best part is, I didn’t even need my special edition Oreos to enjoy it.

GOT Oreos

  • Just a couple, three fingers of Knob Creek and cold Sams on demand.
  • Oh . . what? Like you don’t treat a season premiere as if it’s a sporting event too? Puhleeze!

Sansa Stark: What do dragons eat anyway? 

Daenerys Targaryen: Whatever they want . . .

  • Yup . . they still got it.
  • Hey, Tiger won a major for the first time since Trump was bossing around interns and not an entire country.
  • I don’t watch much golf, but when my son texted me that Tiger had won the Masters, my official reply was Holy fucking shit!! I missed it??? I mean, I behaved as if I had a set of golf clubs. Imagine that.
  • Oh, and do yourself a favor? Don’t be like me and go chasing Gypsy Blanchard documentaries with Chris Watts documentaries on YouTube. Lest you find yourself watching Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem at one o’clock in the morning whilst taking communion with an Italian sub. I do not recommend it . . .
  • Of course, that YouTube spell also introduced me to Billie Eilish, whose wicked hatchet of a voice sings songs of death. Gloriously.
  • And Pluto TV should be called Satan Woo. Which is my way of saying I likey.
  • Every time I see someone vaping, I feel as if I should tell them to donate their lungs while they still got ’em.
  • So the lesson for all the kids out there is to stay in school, and if you’re gonna smoke . . go with nicotine. At least you know how that’s going to work on your insides.
  • I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t know that vines were a big deal until they were no longer a big deal.
  • I had a sausage McGriddle sammy for breakfast last week, and as far as best inventions of all time go . . it’s right up there with the wheel and the light bulb in my book.
  • As you can probably tell, I’m not a tough grader.
  • My new running playlist includes Grandmaster Flash, Salt ‘N Pepa, Public Enemy, Queen Latifah, the Sugarhill Gang, N.W.A, Dr. Dre, and MC Lyte. Its like I’m pumping morphine into my dogs whilst French kissing a turbine. Chill fixed, plunge ready . . coo.

And last but most certainly not least, is a shout out to my blog pal Dale Rogerson over at A Dalectable Life. I call her Q, and she calls me all sorts of names. But I leave her to that, because she’s usually spot on in the doing. And while she doesn’t have maple syrup running through her veins- that’s an urban legend- she is still plenty sweet. And totally real.

She happens to think Les Habitants will one day rule the hockey world again (I hope she’s right), and that George Ezra can sing the daylights out of a full moon and that every kitchen has a soul and that the Universe believes in her, most days. Which gives me a leg up on the great big forever, because I believe in her . . like, all the time.

Today marks the birthday of our Queen to the North. Who celebrates her life, one cup of Joe at a time. With a smile that lingers, and a laugh that prospers and a heart that beats to a rhythm that is contagious and true.

Here’s to Canada.

59 thoughts on “The Zen of Katharine Hepburn, Dragons and Tigers and Canada’s Best

  1. Once again … there is far too much here for me to even know where to begin.

    What a wonderful way to pay tribute to your friend Dale.

    I’ve never been much of a fan of breakfast at the fast food restaurants. But may 12-15 years ago, I got a sausage egg McMuffin at McDs. I thought I would be fine with having one of those every day for the rest of my life. Of course, I don’t think I’ve had one since.

    Your running playlist is most definitely not mine. 😉

    Billie Eilish … I’ve heard snippets and there’s something intriguing about what she does. Simple, stripped down. But when I pulled her album up on Spotify, I just couldn’t get into it. But I’m still intrigued.

    Game of Thrones … around four or five years ago I considered watching the show. I read the first two books first instead and was pretty much done with the story at the end of the second book. As a result, I am one of three people in the world who has not watched a minute of the show. Same thing with The Simpsons.

    Curious to know what you think about Luke Walton, if you have any thoughts at all about him. As a Warriors fan I experienced his brief time with the team. As a Sacramento resident, I have a bit of an interest in what the Sacramento Kings do. I’m just kind of gobsmacked by the idea that he’s the coach to take them to the next level. His run as interim coach with the Warriors proves absolutely nothing about him as a coach. And his time with the Lakers doesn’t really mean anything either because it was just so dysfunctional. I keep hearing about how he is just a great guy with the right personality and whatever. None of it means he’s a good coach. The Kings continue to amaze and stun.

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    • Mark . . .

      I might have to break this comment into sections, because you made me do it.

      First off. I’m glad you don’t frequent the fast food establishments, because that means more McGriddles for me.

      I grew up on the music that fills that there playlist. It’s like a dialect, and that was what I was raised on.

      Let me give you the full transparency on my Billie love. It was way past my bedtime. I had several beverages of choice swimming around in me belly. She hit me smack dab in the kisser.

      Okay . . . Game Of Thrones I can understand because it’s fantasy. But not a a single episode of the Simpsons? Even by accident? I mean, come on brother.

      Luke Walton scores an incomplete grade in my book. He led a Warriors team on a spectacular run, but hey . . I think you and me might have been able to do some damage with that squad. I hope he’s the right guy for Sac Town, because it’s a promising young team. But I dunno . . .

      Dale rocks.


  2. Ahh gee B!

    I cannot agree with you more on Katharine Hepburn. I actually had me a mini binge session of her movies with said leading men! She definitely had more than “that something”, I dunno that aura is strong enough. And she kept it all the way till the end.

    As we discussed, Paul Newman, Robert Redford had that same quality as she did of knowing exactly who they are and being comfortable in their skin.

    I’m telling ya. That Game of Thrones – I will. One day I will watch it. Then I can give my two cents’ worth.

    Tiger Schmiger. Just kidding. No, really. I really don’t care. 😀 But hey, for the golf aficionados out there it is impressive to come back after 11 years…

    Whatever did happen to vines? They were there, EVERY-friggen-WHERE and then POOF! There were gone.

    What a wild playlist! I’m going to have to check a few out for meself.

    And back to my salutation. Ahh Gee, B!! You’re killing me here… I’m definitely not as sweet as maple syrup but I’ll definitely take the real.

    And yeah. I might be dreaming in Technicolor but why the hell not? It could happen. Right? And George Ezra.Yes, please. Kitchens do have soul. The Universe is a funny thing and I believe in you, too, yanno.

    Thank you for your birthday love and here’s to great Canada-US relations!

    Lotsa and lotsa and lotsa love,


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  3. Enjoyed the ramble today, Marc. When I hear of McGriddle I should try one. Never have. Kate Hepburn? My favorite. A nice tribute to Dale. She deserves a happy birthday. I’m glad I don’t run with you. Your running mix would confuse the hell out of me. Happy day. 😀

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  4. Such a lovely vid for our even lovelier queen to the north (tho I did send digital birthday wishes and a snail mail greeting). I’m kind of late to this here party (laptop was in intensive care and I’m going through 870 emails, one at a time). So Tiger wins and yesterday I heard that #45 plans to award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Ummm…seriously. 😳

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