Heroes Of The Week!

This week’s Heroes entry is slightly more hushed than previous episodes. Maybe it’s the season, I don’t know. I was tossing with doing an abbreviated version but then the stories took the wheel and before I knew it . . I had myself a traditional five spot. And so it is . . .

Like Father, Like Son: When Aric Tegtmeier took the stage today at his graduation ceremony, it was the culmination of a lifelong dream. For him, and for his father too. Aric officially entered the brotherhood of the FDNY at the age of twenty four. He will be assigned to the West Farms section of the Bronx, a short distance from Ladder 46 where his father served. Paul Tegtmeier was thirty nine years old when he joined the department- just under the age cutoff for new hires.

Paul was forty one when his company was called to the World Trade Center in 2001. He was one of 343 FDNY first responders who answered the call, and never came home. Aric was six when his father was lost and he says his dream of wanting to follow in his footsteps only grew stronger after  September 11th.

Now Aric will take the place of his old man, almost eighteen years removed from the day when his life and the lives of so many were changed forever. When all those bumper sticker proclamations of never forgetting began getting lost in the rear view, there were plenty of sons and daughters just like him who were abiding. They never forgot the one true thing, and they never will.

Mueller Report, Schmueller Report: Much ado about bupkis, and I’m not surprised. Seeing as how the report contained more redactions than an Applebee’s menu, what were we supposed to gain from this? Will the calls for a ‘free range’ report ever be taken seriously? Or will our children’s children have to wait to find out the what’s what on Trump and his bed mates?

Oh, and having Attorney General James Barr dish up sonnets in the lead up to the release of the report is some extra crispy bullshit right there. But once again, it’s a matter of being told our eyes and ears are deceiving us. That we are the ones in the wrong if we don’t go along with the party line.

Columbus Day!: I do understand that to celebrate the Columbus Blue Jackets‘ victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning is mostly counterproductive. Both teams are more of the same as per the expansion era Americanization of a Canadian sport. But . . . at least Ohio gets four seasons. That’s a rule of mine. If the city gets snow, it can get hockey. Florida should stick to trying to get football right, because it’s doing a shit job of it right now.

A Disney Cruz: Remember how Ted Cruz was supposed to take the reins from the crumbling GOP after Trump laid waste to the other front runners during the primaries? And remember how that never happened? You know why?

Because Ted Cruz is a schmuck.

I guess old Ted was sick and tired of having been rendered a Trivial Pursuit question. And really, in today’s politics? Making the news is all that really counts, so mission accomplished. Cruz decided to throw some shade at Disney after the company announced it was donating $5 million dollars to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral. Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, Cruz sent out a tweet that would’ve had Mickey throwing down both middle fingers.

“Wonderful! Will we see Disney princesses in the new stained glass?

Of course, Ted would have had to read up on the fire which ravaged this sacred cathedral in order to learn that the stained glass windows were saved. But hey . . why do your homework when making machine gun bacon gets you elected?

It’s a good thing we carry with us the hope that the good days will outweigh the bad ones, and that loss will be served with rebirth. When the horrible truths of the world bring us to our knees, it’s important to have faith in something . . in someone.

Father Jean-Marc Fournier is the chaplain of the Paris Fire Brigade. As fire laid waste to the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral, Fournier insisted on re-entering the structure in an attempt to retrieve some of the priceless artifacts housed within.

He was joined by a group of rescue workers who formed a human chain in order to save the Crown of Thorns- believed to have been worn by Jesus during the crucifixion- and the tunic of Saint Louis which was worn by King Louis IV when he brought the crown to Paris.

Fournier has a resume of doing this kind of thing. He served as a military chaplain in Afghanistan before joining the Fire Brigade. In the aftermath of the 2015 Bataclan terrorist attacks, he helped to evacuate the victims. He also gave absolution to those lost in the attacks.

Holy Week always feels quiet to me, but never more so than after this trying week. That hush of appreciation for the mysteries that might hold answers, it speaks to me this time of year. And I do hold to the idea that all is never lost.

Only misplaced.













54 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. Outstanding, Marc. Ted Cruz has always been a schmuck. He now is a petty schmuck. The story of the firefighter’s son was heartwarming. His dad is proud of him. Father Jean-Marc Fournier makes us want to believe in sainthood. Meuller report? I wonder what that whole process cost.

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  2. In an odd way, I think you’ve captured indirectly yet perfectly examples of why the rational and adult among us feel such a sense of ennui at so much of what is going on in the world today.

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    • The news cycle isn’t so bad most days. But the ‘big story’ overkill is too much. That’s why people don’t care, because they tune it out after hearing the same shit a hundred times.

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  3. B,

    I’m sure Mama Tegtmeier is torn with her son following in his father’s footsteps. That push and pull of fear and pride. Good for him. Following in his father’s footsteps. In this case, a most beautiful thing.

    Mueller Report, Schmueller Report – that says it all. Musta cost a bundle. And for what?

    I agree with you. Only cities who get snow (and no, the few times Florida has gotten some does not count – that’s an odd and rare occurrence and does not qualifiy.

    Ted Cruz is a Schmuck with a capital S. What a friggen maroon. Honest to gawd.

    Bravo Père Jean-Marc Fournier. His actions were a beautiful thing.

    Your closing paragraphs say it all.


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    • Q,

      His Mama will be equal parts worry and proud, as a Mama is wont to being. But the brotherhood is such a fascinating dynamic. The life, passed down from generation to generation. It’s one of the last vestiges of a bygone era; the idea that livelihoods get handed down this way.

      For bupkis. Trump isn’t going anywhere. They won’t find a smoking gun. He’ll be re-elected. They won’t find any connection until he is long gone from office. Like I said . . . it’s bullshit.

      The Snow Rule would be great. Like . . if you can’t host one of those outdoor games because the temps are too warm? Sorry . . . you can have a minor league team. Only prob is I like the LA Kings . . so maybe they can be grandfathered in because of having been Gretzkys team once . . .

      Cruz can’t help himself. He’s a sitcom. Without the funny.

      What a great human being he is. The perfect hero for Holy Week . . .

      Gracias ma cherie.


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      • It is a beautiful thing that brotherhood.

        You know it. Re-election… wouldn’t be the first time a twit passed twice. Only this one is the worst evah.

        Hmmm. Maybe. Just coz of the Great One. Maybe.

        Seriously. Such a farce is Cruz.

        Perfect for Holy week without a doubt.

        Mon plaisir querido

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        • I remember we paid a visit to Firehouse 288 a couple times after September 11th. We would stop by and drop off pies and jams . . . they LOVED shoo fly pie. Those boys suffered horribly. But they held to what their lives were about, best they could.

          Nope, it wouldn’t be the first time. But ugh!

          I think the LA Kings should have to play their playoff games- if they make it- in Canada as part of the deal. And if they win . . it’s Canada’s. I think that’s fair . . .

          Do you remember the machine gun bacon stunt he pulled? When he shot up some bacon that was on a target until it was ‘done’?

          You say the sweetest things. . .

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  4. “All is never lost … just misplaced” That. Is. Good. Totally gives me a better perspective on hope in times of redacted truths we need to see and people like Cruz who are complete morons, but people voted for him, which makes his existence even worse. I mean people out there like this guy. But then again people like a lot of dumb things like wearing socks and sandals. Very cool firefighter tribute, sending that kid some strength and protection. Have a good one buddy! Sunshine and waves 🙂

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  5. Holy Week always feels quiet to me, but never more so than after this trying week. That hush of appreciation for the mysteries that might hold answers, it speaks to me this time of year. And I do hold to the idea that all is never lost.

    Only misplaced. Love this.

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  6. (1) Bravo to Aric! May his dream be everything he hoped for and may he stay safe for years to come. (2) FINALLY…someone else who thinks if a city doesn’t get snow, they shouldn’t get NHL hockey! Especially Florida teams. With Dallas and Arizona hot on their skates. (3) I’d love to say I was surprised at the reaction to the released Mueller Report and AG William Barr’s holding on to the clean end of the turd, but…
    (4) could the Dems stop whinging about it and move on? It didn’t change what we knew to be fundamental flaws in the despicable cretin one bit. The whining and gnashing of teeth for the next two years is a sure fire guarantee to re-elect that bozo. Instead I suggest they focus on areas where they might get some support from across the isle…reducing drug prices, healthcare, infrastructure and maybe even come to some consensus regarding the immigration problem. Those DACA kids are still trying to figure out if they can actually contribute and be part of the society they grew up in.
    (5) Ok, I’ll climb off my soapbox now and just wish you a Happy Easter. 🐣

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    • 1- Amen to that!
      2- No Florida teams. The rosters can be put into a pool for the other teams to draft. Agreed! 😉
      3- Yeah . . no surprises there. Ugh!
      4- They HAVE to be the adults, which isn’t that hard when you consider who they’re up against! I forget who it was who said the Democrats have to challenge what he says but then move on. Don’t get into a war of words with him. Challenge, offer a more measured and intelligent response, keep moving forward.
      5- Oh please! This was fun. 🙂

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  7. I’ve just reread about the firefighter, indeed a hero in this New Yorker’s…lest we forget…eyes.

    I remember living next door to the funeral home hosting many of the funerals for cops and firemen. I’ll always have the indelible image of a little boy standing nobly next to his mother, trying not to cry, holding his dad’s hat.

    That’s what came to mind after reading what you wrote. Sigh

    I’m sure is dad would be mighty proud.

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  8. Cheers to the chaplain and the fireman. Ted Cruz is a peckerhead. Reds are in last place … but Dolphins-Bengals the season battling for the top playoff seed on the one week from the end. Hi Marc.

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    • Well if it isn’t the return of the Cincinnati Kid.

      Yeah, but Puig trashed his former club (on the field) and Joey Votto made history by popping up to a fellow first baseman! For the first time in his career at that! I wasn’t aware that Votto only has eight (count ’em eight!) infield pop outs in his career. Greg Bird has a couple all by his lonesome in a single game.

      Hey, I think the Bengals are crushing on local guy Haskins. And I kinda hope they get him so Miami isn’t tempted to go QB when we have needs everywhere and the kid would get killed back there next season. You might be right about these two teams battling . . . but for the number one pick next season instead . . .

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      • Bengals have glaring needs at LB and OT, so I think they pass on first round QB … but hey – stranger things have happened.

        Votto is a professional hitter … in the mold of Ted Williams, just not as good. Meanwhile, working my way back into the scene.

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        • These teams go for the QB even if they’re mostly reaching. And it makes zero sense because the needs are everywhere else. I understand it’s a QB driven league, But why drive your rookie QB into the ground?

          I would prefer the Dolphins trade down and get more picks. Load up. Oh . . and get them right! Not asking for much, am I?

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          • Not asking much at all – I’m still stinging about the John Ross selection two years ago – now that one came out of nowhere – and has (so far) flopped.

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    • His constituency consists of the Fox News patriots. They sit in diners and solve the problems of the world as they see fit. There’s enough of ’em to keep Cruz in business. But he did spend a ton of money to defeat O’Rourke for the Senate, so maybe the vise is finally tightening.

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