Today’s Birthday! (Reading between the lines edition)

You are extremely clever, (as opposed to being smart . . which requires you to use your brain more than twice a day) and oftentimes mischievous (hell, this week alone you scored a cashier at Whole Foods . . a real estate agent with a foot fetish and a waitress who loves all things tantric) – a trait that keeps you youthful in spirit throughout life! (bourbon helps. lots. and that tantric shit doesn’t hurt one bit. combine the two and you might very well have discovered the secret to life) As intelligent and talented as you are, (according to you) you see so many possible paths to take that it can be challenging to focus on only one. (no . . this doesn’t mean a three-way. that shit has more complications than the iPhone SE. focus!) Fortunately, you are versatile enough to make more than one life path successful. (no. shit.) You tend to attract non-traditional relationship set-ups. (so make sure the dead bolts are locked and loaded and the back door is clear when you get an early morning visit from a pissed off husband).

34 thoughts on “Today’s Birthday! (Reading between the lines edition)

  1. B,

    Ya kill me. That said, let me share this with you, via Raylan 😉

    “I never really developed a taste for tequila. Kinda hard to understand how you make a drink like that outta something sharp, inhospitable. Same reason I never understood the fascination with artichokes. Now bourbon is easy to understand. Tastes like a warm summer day.”

    Must be why it helps you get through your days… especially ones like today is calling for 😉


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  2. If I had a week including a scoring with a Whole Foods cashier, a real estate agent with a foot fetish, and a tantric-focused waitress, hell … no bourbon, wine, or whatever would be required …. Then again, what if alcohol led to the touchdowns … keep drinking!

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  3. I really like these short pieces of yours twined in with Heroes, etc. There’s something to be said for the neat and clipped. I know I try to edit like there’s no tomorrow. When I look back at my early blog essays, they’re like War and Peace. Less is more, and I truly see you have the gift, one of your many.

    My two, possibly three, cents.

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    • I enjoy the short pieces as well.

      As for the longer ones, I used to abide by the 500 words rule. Keep it within that limit. I’ve veered from that, especially with the Heroes posts. The thing about the Heroes posts is, they’re good skimmers. And if a topic doesn’t interest the reader, easily navigable.

      It brings to mind a quote. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Brevity IS Godliness,”

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        • I got the 500 rule from a blogger who swore by it. But yes, there is that. Lots of skimming going on across WP. Let’s face it, the place is a social media platform within which, if you’re really lucky, you might cull some literary finds.


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